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  • September 4, 2015 9:41 am

fridayEveryone loves Fridays. But this one’s special. Why?

Because. “Homework will begin the first full week of school.”
Our district began classes for the 2015/16 year on Tuesday for 1st thru 5th, and Kindergarten will start on the 8th, next Tuesday, which will include my Willie, at which point things REALLY will be real for me. Deeder and Cath will be bringing home a pack of homework and are each to read for a period of time per night.
Last night was the first night that the children were asleep without complaint at the real bedtime that I want, I was so amazed I didn’t know what to do with myself. I paced around the house for a bit then lay down in bed, a few hours too early causing myself to want to be up at 4:30 in the morning. Incredibly, the children didn’t wake at 4am, in fact, they slept until I woke them at 7:30.

If you’re a parent trudging through those first months with an infant, years from school yet, liken this to what you’re going through. I’m as excited as you are to have feeding every two to three hours at night extend to waking, “only once or twice at night” Getting the right amount of sleep is a big deal. If this post is super boring, I’m super sorry but this what’s exciting right now!

The challenge now is to keep calm and consistent through the weekend. Get to bed on time as if school were tomorrow. Maybe I can hold off on them showing up groggy and dreary eyed on a Monday til college when it’s their own fault? Hopefully with good rest and maybe some healthy food, they’ll be on their way to a good second and third grade year.

I mentioned Willie starting Kindergarten on Tuesday, right? Maybe I can make being Child Number Three not so hard on him and treat him right as well. One day at a time. I’ll be sure to count everyone as they leave, come home, eat, do their homework, clean up, etc. And poor AJ at #4. We’ll get this, kids.

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First Days

  • September 2, 2015 11:44 am

10321510_10155786416500425_1869342511928047000_oThis doll, my darling AJ, youngest of four had her first visit to preschool this morning! Guess what. Mama’s camera is…OUT OF BATTERIES. It’s true. Have I always missed first day pictures? My son Deeder and his sweet sister Cath had their first day of elementary school today as well–again, did I mention no batteries?! I hope so, because I feel horrible about failing in this aspect. Of course, what I’m going to do is get a refill and take pictures of them with their backpacks on and take a line up picture on Willie’s first day, which is also AJ’s official first day of Preschool. That’ll work. Perhaps I’ll get lucky enough to get a little video of them singing a new song or talking about their favorite subject.

Willie’s “Creation of Food”

  • August 31, 2015 9:06 am

DSCN0927My second son loves arranging things in an artistic form and asking for a photo to be taken. Actually as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if his vegetable sandwich introduction photos ought to be combined with the seaweed wrap instruction video that he had me make this past Tuesday. What do you think, reader?

DSCN0930Yesterday afternoon he did something new: cut up fruit and vegetables, butter some bread and stick it all together in a structure that he imagined when he saw the food for free at church. Darren was originally not going to let Willie pick some up, think that we ought to leave some for other members, but when I pointed out the vast amount available he changed his mild and let this little guy grab a bag and make a selection.

DSCN0929Willie took two bushels of grapes, one small cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes, touched the summer squash but decided, “My car wont need those.” I found it quite marvelous how in one second he could go from crying on the church lawn to walking back into the church in quiet order, picking out a bag and selecting a bag with an idea on what his project would be.

Cath and AJ also picked out grapes, choosing between purple and green, which they snacked on during our commute home, and promptly put in the refrigerator on our arrival home. They planned to share at dinner with our meal and perhaps share the bounty with our pet rabbits the following morning if any of the sweet treats remain.

We do have a, “You make it, you eat it.” rule applying to edible stuff like honey on tuna, as a terrific example.
DSCN0931While I don’t flaunt that before a project such as this starts, I do remind once they’re letting me know that the final touches are coming on, or when a combo is announced that I’m pretty sure they’re unlikely to practically desire.
Food isn’t just for fun, it’s for eating–in a perfect world the two shall meet.
Here’s my gorgeous guy and again, his food that was consumed in full.

Also, that seaweed post will be coming up super soon.

Oh! Happy Monday. AND. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful youngest sister, and one of our favorite aunties. Thanks for all that you do and for blessing so many people. May you have an amazing year.