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   Apr 24

My Why: Tubal Ligation

cc81ad4fc3baa3652a78ec234cd14bd1 Three year ago I made the choice to get a tubal ligation. At different times I wish that I had not, despite my busyness with the children that the Lord already gave me I do feel an emptiness, which I knew that I would.

I first started thinking about tubal ligation 7 years ago. My view on birth control is simple: I always knew I would not take a pill or put a foreign object in my body to weaken the natural lining of the cervix. To be 100% pro-life IUDs and all forms of “the pill” are out. To space my children I used Cycle Beads and I knew that when I emotionally and physically believed that I was done having children I would get a tubal ligation. One week after my 27th birthday it happened. My fourth child was born and after a wonderful, normal delivery I had a 1 inch long incision made right below my belly button through which my life altering surgery was performed.

Inside I cried a little and I’m fairly sure a few tears fell down my face as my body was numb from the ribs down, but I can’t quite tell as I was in a state of heavy lethargic peacefulness. I’d had a good run: Two children born on the west coast and two on the east coast all within less than a decade. I had a 22 month gap, a 17 month gap and a 26 month gap. It just seemed so right. My husband 17 years older than me and epilepsy in my body, it seemed like our story was full and ready to get moving beyond the baby stage. In all senses of reason, it was time to go beyond the baby outfits, bouncy swings and cribs. Soon we’d sell the stroller and become, well just continue to evolve with the children’s interests. Perhaps get a couple cats and some day a dog.

2012 is ancient history now. My baby is potty trained, and while she can’t put more than two words together yet, she’s sassy, spunky and believes herself absolutely equipped to take on the world. We have two bunk beds instead of toddler beds, pack n play and a crib. We no longer own clothes under size 4T and donated even my favorite baby carrier over a year ago to a family bringing a child home from Ukraine.

8324111e5cc0c52d06afb4031b3779d3One reason I wanted a tubal ligation was that I didn’t want to be hurt by loss again. This was not a selfish choice. God gave me a son, second child who was not born alive, a daughter who came full term, a second son who made full term and a fourth full term pregnancy, my youngest. That’s 4 healthy and one waiting for me on the other side. I absolutely went into the surgery knowing that God is bigger than any plan that ever I could have. My child that died had a name and a face to me, and I expect to know her when I’m on the other side of the physical world. I think of her daily and know God is using her to help me forward in my earthly journey to strive to be present for my kids here. Perhaps that only makes sense to someone who has lost a little one preterm.

Going into tubal ligation I also knew myself. I am someone who does not stick with decisions. That being so, I had to have an escape route to fix my eyes on should I ever change my mind. That answer was then, and is now Embryo Adoption.

My doctor did not want to sign on my Tubal Ligation because of my age. He said he’d be much more comfortable with it if I were over 30, but I was very adamant about my choice and had it written into my hospital plan way back in the second trimester. He did assure me that my interior workings were perfectly intact, with the exception of being “cut tied and burnt” which rendered my fallopian tubes unusable which is just what I wanted. I did not want tubes that would grow back together with heavy scaring likely resulting in a tubal pregnancy which would statistically be likely if I didn’t have all three measures taken in the ligation.

bba329bdc574d113d7f573069d25c117If you’ve already judged me as someone who plays God, get this. I remember when I first was talking about getting a tubal ligation I said, “God will probably give us a child with severe birth defects as a result of my wanting this.” What a thing to say! Three months after I had the surgery, 5 years after making that statement, I discovered Reece’s Rainbow, the organization that helps parents adopting internationally pair with children who have special needs. God put it on my heart to want to be involved, and from the day I saw that website I became an avid advocate of exactly what I once wanted to act against. I so craved having a child in my life who needed a home. I’ve not gotten that, and accepted that it does not look to be part of our family’s story. But how wonderful that God put on my heart something to balance out my heart.

When the subject of Tubal Ligation comes up on parenting groups, I say that it’s the option to take when moms decide that they are done having biological children. I believe it’s a healthy choice.

406023_10151933086335434_992388590_nI believed that my plate was full with four children, and I knew about Embryo Adoption and had the promise from my doctor that little known option was a healthy possibility. God had now given me the heart for International adoption which I dedicate every November thru December 31st to. I am content, blessed, loved and appreciate the gifts that I have from God. My choice is not a cornered in dead end. I haven’t played God, I am and always have been open to His will in my life. My testimony continues to grow and my faith develop daily as I ebb and flow through this present realities changes and challenges.

   Jan 21

Right here.

So. It’s the middle of January. What have you done?

I’m doing what I always do. Keeping up with my kids, needing tomorrow to finish today’s To Do list and feeling that there’s something missing.

Darren and I are so blessed! We’ve made it across the country, and are actually coming up on 10 years of marriage. The children are growing and while we have our points in which we see such room for improvement, we have every day opportunity for thankfulness.

The gusto of new years ambitions are waning and the reality of true success being keeping consistency what already works has strongly set in. I’ve dropped the direct marketing company “It Works” as it was not working for me. I broke in tears when I didn’t get people to sign under me to receive the companies products. I think my husband saw how ridiculous that was before I did. Making my way posting graphics of peoples bellies under toned then in better shape just really isn’t what I want the majority of my postings to be across social media. That said, however, I have not ceased to imagine that I may find my place in direct marketing.
Whatever I do, I have to make sure that my energy is first to my family and then to business.

There are always kids to get up, dress, feed, get out of the house, house to clean and kids to feed again and to put to bed. I need to fill my time with something awesome that helps people live a happier life and I’d love for that to extend beyond me. Why? Because there’s nothing healthy about a life that begins and ends with me.

   Jan 03

It Works Global: Loyal Customers!

10678625_10203429435511716_3246753733328095786_n I signed up, responding to this graphic. Named my web page after this blog because I was certain that it was a business that the person I’ve always been through here would approve of. The products that It Works Global sells put a name to all the life hacks that I’ve sought to create through the years as my body has changed through pregnancy, child birth and the aftermath of change. Getting healthy again and strong, building confidence and energy without being a world champ athlete.

“From our one-of-a-kind body contouring line to our premium supplements to our botanically based skin care line, there are It Works! products to fit all of your health, nutrition, and beauty needs.” You really do have to see to believe. Their signature product is the Ultimate Body Applicator which really defies what we believe about body contouring. Four wraps are the compete set that It Works Global claim can change, well, flab into fab if I may put it like that. The pictures seem to silly to be true. Like diet plan before and afters that you just know are outrageous. Even at my favorite body weight I’ve been putting on elastics to even my waist line. In pregnancy mamas where a brace to keep their back in line and after the baby is born, I bought into the marketing of baby wraps which help the baby stay close to mamas body. All were fantastic! What’s next?
My business starter kit came with the four set of Ultimate Body Applicators. I had the box for a week before I found the confidence to try it. I was afraid that I’d be the one person allergic to the lotion inside, or worse, that I wouldn’t lose any inches. I couldn’t believe how thin the wraps were. I carefully read the instructions twice over measured myself and took a before picture. The instructions say to drink water and wear the wrap for 45 minutes. Check. Moment of truth. Just half an inch difference. I was disappointed. Instructions say to keep going with the water drinking and check again in a couple days. I dropped 2 1/2 inches by the time that segment of time had lapsed. The scent: Menthol-y, and then as the time wore on, I actually was smelling chamomile. Supposedly the results are different for everyone. Search, “It Works” on YouTube and you just wont know which way to look! People really do have all sorts of experiences. The community has been wonderful, they’re supportive and educate each other as they personally grow as reps and beyond.

The reason that I signed to be a rep rather than a Loyal Customer was because I signed back in Vermont to become a loyal customer of a program, that I don’t even remember the name, and found it impossible to change my shipment. I did lose 60lbs, but felt that I had no control over what I was getting. I got a recipe book, a vitamin regime and a powdered shake mix, along with pamphlet that outlined a weekly exercise pattern to follow. While I obviously was happy for the changes, I was not happy for the charges or lack of control over a program that involved actually a six month commitment. This was before computer was utilized as an online ordering system custom to customers.

untitled (2)Today I’m looking for Loyal Customers for a program that you can trust to be flexible for you. It is a monthly commitment, but just a three month monthly commitment. I’m waiving the $50 registration fee, and giving you the prices on products that I get as a distributor. Not home when your order is due to come? Delay it, as long as it comes in that month you’ve held up to the Loyal Customer program. Why does it pay to be Loyal? You’re trying amazing products that you can’t just pick up at Costco or the local drug store. You may also refer friends, sharing the It Works love and get perk points be referring them to order through your customer website where you have the freedom to make product adjustments.

Thinking that vitamins idea sounds neat that I described getting from another company back in 2006? You can get it for $69 as a LC. The normal retail cost is $115, which is about what I paid back in the day from another company. The packaging wasn’t quite as awesome, but if you were to ask my husband he’d remember as clear as if it were yesterday! There’s nothing fun about having unexpected costs. Forgot your auto shipment is coming? It Works doesn’t allow opportunity for that. You’ll get an email reminder that it’ll be shipped in a few days and what you currently have on order, at that time go ahead and log into your personal account if you want to make any changes. Find the individually packaged specific to morning and evening vitamin supplements under “Life Style” in Our Catalog. They’re called, It’s Vital: Complete Nutrition Pack. Since you don’t have a personalized site as a Loyal Customer yet, find that on my It Works site.

Today I’m just so wanting you as my Loyal Customer, because as a distributor you make my world go around! Loyal Customers mean good people who keep me in business! When I have 4 LCs in 30 days I get $120 in free products. I’ve been amazed by the Ultimate Body Applicator, now I want to try some other products and buy some samples to help promote the It Works Global love so that more people can discover this incredible product line.

A fellow distributor posted this terrific graphic: 10347641_607452584470_2601396758103484050_nWith it she wrote a short story about demoing It Works wraps for a party of four and leaving without anyone signing to buy the products. She’d held a give away which meant she was short one on rep materials. She said as the moral of the story that she could have left feeling like she’d just wasted two hours of her life, but could also make the choice to view this as a opportunity seized to plant the seed of these unique products, gained two Facebook friends at the end of the day and had one person to follow up on who said she’d talk to her husband about the product line. A story like that with such a sweet graphic just makes me smile and feel a little more sure that I still have a chance to win over some interest and those two more Loyal Customers. Remember, it’s a two month from this month period of trying out products that you can get no where else.
Visit Oraeley.myitworksshare.com, please! And go ahead and message me on any questions at all. I have until January 8th! Products that I want to try: Essential Energy bars, found in Lifestyle, New You, also in Lifestyle, and Ultimate Thermofit. All items that sound like they’re pretty much made for me. While I’m at it, I might as well buy up the whole Lifestyle section. I know I’ll continue to move on to the Skin Care pages. That $120 in products will totally help in beginning my journey with It Works. I need you though!

Last year I actually started off the year with a graphic similar to the kitten one. It was an old lady sitting in a wheel chair, looking quite old with her white hair up in a bun and her shoulders hunched in. In the long oval mirror in front of her she saw a beautiful ballerina posed in a graceful pirouette. The meme read: “You are who you dream you can be.” Her face had a smile as she looked into the mirror and there were no words beyond that necessary. I got a couple comments that, boy, hopefully she doesn’t stand. How can I advertise a product that I’ve only seen unexplainably bring in my four times over stretched out belly? I was amazed. Other people noticed, and I just can hardly wait to try more products! I dream I can do it, so I can? Maybe!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Visit my site and ask me anything. If you sign with me today, March will be your last month on the LC program. Maybe you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to join my team! If you renew your Loyal Customer subscription with me you’ll get extra perk points. I see this as being a fantastic deal!