Terrific Tuesday?

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I wonder if I have a blog post what title before today? Because I’m real here, I have to admit to you really that I feel like skeletal remains when I’m here. I remember the room that I was in when I first wrote, the excitement now so stale yet so easily recaptured which is the beauty of knowing the placement of my fingers on these keys and knowing where the search bar is. I can recall the titles of my earliest entries, read their words and enter into that bit of my soul again. I hope you have that ability to capture your former you too. One of my favorite songs is in on Youtube to help tune my head in. It’s me. I’m 29 now. My wedding was coming up on nine years ago. Four spunky spirited kids have the last name that I share with my husband. These are lives that we’ve made together in private and share together in public, proud as punch when stranger recognize that Willie is such a shadow of my husband and that another one of our children is my mirror. The other two are, “50% you and 50% you” Every marriage should involve procreation. These blessings are the most powerful, incredible gifts that we could ever not deserve.

8pm. Bedtime was half an hour ago. Willie and Cath are sleeping, Deeder and AJ are on their way. I am the mama who goes through the bedtime routine and gives them that time to settle, the “You guys can talk, just keep it quiet”. I’ve put away the laundry that goes in their rooms and brushed their teeth after their last snack of the night. Two books have been read to the boys room and two to the girls room, we’ve said grace together and hugs and kisses have been given.

My youngest child is 27 months old which means she has a full mouth of teeth to brush, feeds herself the same snack that everyone else does and goes to the bathroom by herself. She’s been sleeping in a toddler bed since her birthday in February, she’s out of the onesie stage and now has a drawer full of undies of which she’s quite proud.

Sunday night I put 12 dreadlocks in. It’s what I need right now. Recently I noticed that my mane is far too ordinary. Life is too fleeting for blah hair. With time never taken anymore for blow drying and straightening blah is exactly what I’ve been inadvertently giving myself. I love that my hair’s finally past my shoulders and also really like the color that I had done a couple months back. This time I’m going to do what is called neglect dreads, rather than gridding my hair out into one inch sections and backcombing 81 1inch strands of hair only to take off the bands and have them unravel or be just held together by dreadlock wax. Neglect means really just letting the hair do it’s own thing–according to theory it should section out on it’s own and eventually dread up. I just have to be careful to use a residue free soap. My mom’s comment was, “Well you did always have to have something to look forward to.” Hum.

Well. It’s 11:30pm now. A.J is finally asleep. I have more laundry to fold, and another general mess sweep through to do before Darren’s home in half an hour. My looking forward to is actually a complete revolving around his leaving and coming home and how much I can do or fail to do in those hours.

Terrific Tuesday is followed by Wonderful Wednesday, my volunteer at the school day. This week I’ll be in Cath’s Kindergarten. Hope all your dreams came true today, phantom reader.

Shadow Play

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It’s great to be home my on my original blog where I have thousands of blog posts after having months of no access.

Oh darn…somehow I just lost three paragraphs that I just wrote.

So I guess the issue with the blog here on oraeley.com was an absence of an update which my bro was able to catch and put in.

Peace. Time Out

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cira 2008

I’d nap, but that’d take effort. Sore back, sore throat, cabin fever kids. I love them all so dearly, but lets take a break. Everyone. Go. To. Your. Room. Just. For. Ten. Minutes.

Mama wants to close her eyes. Just. For. Ten. Minutes.

When you come out, my dear children. Play quietly together. That is all.

UPDATE: So I decided to take that ten minutes and sent the children to their rooms telling them that they could come out when a beeper went off that I set in the kitchen. I admit that it was to my surprise that they listened. Unfortunately for me, it was one of those naps from which I wake feeling so many times worse. I could hardly move for aches and my throat felt so swollen that I could barely squeak. It was time to make dinner, but hardly able to stand and with a pounding headache it was all I was able to do to get to the kitchen.
I got a bag of pizza pockets out of the freezer and a thing of apple sauce. I offered that as their only food option. Two out of four kids wanted it and as I looked helplessly around I realized that tomorrow is school and I need kids clean. When in need call mom. And so I did.

My mama never fails to show up when I’m incapacitated. She’s seen my most embarrassing moments, including two labors. She cleaned up the kids and took care of everything that I needed done.

There was one thing that I missed. I should have had A.J put to bed rather than left to hang out in my room.

11pm Willie woke up and went to the kitchen. He filled a bowl with like an inch and a half of chocolate syrup and got a glass of buttermilk. He set them both on his bed and went to the living room to get a stuffed toy that he wanted in bed with him. Hearing him move around A.J came out of my room and got into his food while he was down the stairs. Was his heart ever broken over this. Chocolate and buttermilk everywhere.

My head was pounding and my bones aching but I was able to sit up then stand and get across the hall to see what had happened. Sticky baby and frantic preschooler. He said that he hated her for wrecking his “special recipe” and she was equally tearful saying “ea!! ea!!” I guided her to the kitchen for some dry cereal, when I came back Willie was sprawled out clinging to his sticky stuffed animal which was covered in baby wipes that he’d used to try to fix up the mess. I felt like a terrible person for not … I’m not sure what.

cira 2008

cira 2008

May I say my mom was terrific for coming over.
I know she was tired and had a nice quiet evening planned. Sometimes a gal just has a 29 year old daughter who can’t handle her own children. Willie and A.J are asleep now and incredibly their noise did not wake up the school kids. Here’s just to hoping that everyone will wake healthy and happy. Deeds was telling me that his ear was itchy and did stay home from church on Sunday. Illness is so unfair!

It does fill me with a lovely high level of appreciation for health and nice people though. My nurse husband is home now, it’s wonderful security having him around.

When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.

PS: Tomorrow’s A.J’s second birthday and I don’t have a cake! Life never stands still around there; there’s always something that needs doing.