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   Jun 04

Photo A Day Plan

I keep emailing myself a photo with the subject line of whatever I’d like the blog post to be about. Because, reality is that I cannot sit down and write a post in the moment I’m thinking of. Even more reality, sometimes I never reach my desk top computer at all in the space of […]

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   Feb 09

33 years old.

Happy birthday to me in 2 days. This year Darren and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage. My gosh. When I look in the mirror and smile, I see right there the person who was posting regularly here so many years back. I remember writing, “where will I be X years from now.” here […]

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   Nov 10

One Click

Yipes. The fewest words can mean the most. The smallest searches can yield the most meaningful results. Staying in pajamas rather than getting dressed first thing in the morning can change the whole outcome of a day. Reading a scripture verse that means a lot to me rather than thirty minutes trying to find the […]

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   Apr 28

Busy, at last!

(Unable to insert any photos…maybe my blog needs an update) Much of my life feels like chugging through stuff, same routine, mind mulling through different things while routine pretty much really is the same ebbing maybe with the kids stages of life. Currently we’re at ages 5 through 10, which is pretty big considering that […]

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   Mar 15

not enough yet

I’m going back tomorrow to get more hair taken off. At first I was thinking I’d have Heidy shave up higher along the side and try to convince her I ought to get her time and skill free of charge, but then realized it was more a case of my changing perspective than of her […]

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