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   Apr 11

Saturday, and Blogging

I’m really a little too sleepy to write, but isn’t that the best time? I’ve decided that I want to write every day so I’m going to at least put something in here to start it all going again. Our Saturday. My brothers Mitch and Philip came down from Seattle for a little visit. They […]

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   Apr 22

Happy Earth Day :)

Today I make the resolution to… Keep Carly in cloth diapers (something I have fallen out of the habit of doing since we moved to NewHouse And work extra hard on getting Deeder to “go” on the potty. How are you honoring the day? Any special plans to be especially Green today?

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   Feb 18

Deeder, Carly and I spent the day at our new house. I brought my camera along to get some snaps of us in the place empty. As long as it doesn’t last too long eating on the empty kitchen floor and napping in sleeping bags is fun and ought to be remembered. We were also […]

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   Feb 09

Picture Perfect

The quality of these pictures is horrible–grainy, dark, over exposed. But check out what’s going on… Deeder’s playing with Carly–hey, SHARING with Carly! He sees me taking pictures of this amazing moment. And then goes and gets his camera to do what he’s seen me do so many times before. Capturing the moment. Slight difference […]

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   Feb 01

Beautiful Boy

Carly’s baptism was a couple weeks ago. Deeder’s face beamed with pride when I put his vest on, and by the time the whole getup was on he was giggling with delight! His pride and satisfaction in the outfit made him, in my opinion, outshine his sister. She wore the dress that Darren picked out, […]

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