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A Scene

Friday, January 30th, 2009

From our morning…



Deeder eating Grandma’s bread topped with raspberry jam and cream cheese, with a tippy full of milk.
Carly having Gerber yogurt drink diluted in one of Deeder’s cup.
Next to her foot is my cup of coffee, one of three, or did I have four this morning?

I woke finding myself in a not-too-promising mood yet again. Why do I find myself day after day opening my eyes feeling as I hadn’t slept at all. When noon came and shortly after it nap time I lay down and got a solid hour in.
It was rare to have both the kids asleep at once so I grabbed the chance and was so thankful that I did!

See that beautiful smile on Deeder’s face? OK. It’s a camera smile, but he was a happy good boy today and I was totally awake to enjoy it.

Why Carly has been crying so much at night is still a mystery. She cries All The Time. Afraid of the dark maybe? It’s that silly.

And so it begins. Day is done, now it’s 10:30pm and I hear her now–warming up for a busy night.

Update: 10:48PM Carly’s simmered down, in fact I don’t hear her at all. Could be that the new mobile Darren bought for her at Target is making a difference? Diederick has woken up and is playing in his bed. He’s bashing something together, making shooting sounds and talking about cows and dogs–hmm.


Walking Together

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Deeder loves to help Carly learn, I hope it’ll always be that way!

In this case he’s moving the walker forward…

Which Carly, like her brother before her, can’t do alone.





Weekly Winners: Week 40

Sunday, December 14th, 2008


12/7/2008 thru 12/14/2008

A Last Piece of Autumn

Mossy Hoops

The Swing Thing

The Ole Stick to Water Trick

On Appetite

Deeder’s a picky eater while his little sis would eat anything

No Naps Here!

Happy Walker Lady

Someone tell me when it was that Carly got to be so big…

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Crib Play and Fun Colors

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

The kids love playing in the crib together–on Saturday I got this sweet set of them hanging out in there…

Table Time

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Our family has always enjoyed board games, card games and all that other stuff, seems Deeder is following in that family favorite foot step.

While we had the games out he was able to forget for a little while how miserable he felt with his high temperature and stuffy nose.

His temp is currently 103.5 and he’s trying hard to stay happy–I do worry and am trying to keep a close eye on how he’s doing otherwise.

All of us are hoping that little Carly doesn’t get sick, she’s so small and hasn’t been vaccinated against any ills.