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A Peaceful Morning

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

We had a good morning. I’d write about it but I’ve already spent an hour of the kids naptime looking around at the NaBLoPoMo site, finding friends and visiting some new blogs, joining groups and adding applications. Lazy me. :)

Later I’ll fill out this post, for now a couple snaps of the kids from this morning just in case I don’t get back on the Net today.

It doesn’t look like much

Monday, November 10th, 2008

But at the end of the day it feels like a lot.

Today actually was a busy day. My mom and dad had friends over from church, and my youngest sisters had friends from school. The dinner menu was sloppy joes made by GrammaMomma with coleslaw and something else that was really yummy, recipe found here. For dessert she served brownies and vanilla icecream.
If you read that post on her site you’ll see how lucky I am to live here–I have a model efficient cook lady around to watch and learn from! She’s great, and I do try to help here and there.

Sometimes, OK, quite often, at the end of the day I slump down feeling exhausted and wonder what it was that I just did that caused me to feel so tired.

Then I close my eyes, open them again and the clock says 2:10. Then it says 4:30, next 6:28 and 7:42, it’s time to start again on whatever it is that will crash me again.

What do I do all day?

I think I spend those 24 hours feeding, calming, burping, changing, reading, playing, coaxing and conversing.

Even though it feels the same sometimes, each moment is different and special. I think of the memories Deeder might be forming of these days and hope that it’s good things that he’s learning and cheerful thoughts he’s having.

I can’t write this post without mentioning the thankfulness I have from my sisters and brother, mom and dad in giving me that set of extra hands that every parent wishes for! There’s always someone around to hold or watch one of my kids while I help the other with something.

Time for bed.

You know, I really should start writing at another time than the evening–my night time reflections always fall out the same way.

Weekly Winners: Week 37

Sunday, November 9th, 2008


11/2/2008 thru 11/9/2008

Stairway Snoozer

Looks like Deeder’s ready for nap…

Laundry Lady.

Nowhere to set the baby while loading the washer?
Try the laundry basket!

Supervision Required

because you never know what might happen

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Photo Hunter: Together

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Reading that today’s photo theme on’s PhotoHunt this November 8th I thought of this picture, a recent favorite, easily fitting under the category of Together:

My two year old son Diederick, and his little sister Carly, five months old. I love the peaceful moments between them–it’s beautiful. :)

Also, my mom and I together for the first time in months–fellow bloggers and lovers of memes: and Mom’s Musings


Friday, November 7th, 2008

Today I woke up and decided to be Happy. I found that telling myself that I was going to be happy really helped.

I was up frequently during the night and usually that bothers me all day; I feel sluggish and am sort of sad even though there really isn’t anything sad. Then I dringk a lot of coffe until I feel half way alive–today I napped instead.

My boy had a cheerful babble thing going on nearly the entire day, easily pleased and fun to play with. And this despite the cold that has been hanging onto him for the past few days.

He and I decided to take on the task of rearrange the basement this afternoon.
Now it’s more of a play area rather than the comfortable place to hang out and watch movies that it has been.
I really want to get Deeder out of the mega movie intake track he’s been on and back to reading books and playing with his toys. It worked today, hopefully we’ll be able to make this engaged indoor play a consistant part of our cooler weather routine like we did last year.

My little Carly girl has been crying, not anything terrible but we can tell something is bothing her. Maybe tooth pain or an unhappy tummy– Deeder’s quick to her aid when the cryinging happens, patting her head and saying “Cary, Cary” as if to bring her back away from her tears to smiling at him the way she does when she’s happy.

She’s sleeping now, soundly and looking beautiful.