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The Bed that Belongs

Monday, February 10th, 2014

My baby girl is coming up on TWO YEARS OLD!!!

What should her gift be?

We were thinking of a toddler bed. The other kids get a new carseat at this age, her big girl seat is Cath’s big girl seat. Big sis got a booster chair to replace the seat that her little sister inherited, we’re all safely seated!

Opinions would be great on what a good age is to move children from crib to bed. Or, for us it would be from pack ‘n’ play to toddler bed.

A.J asking to get out of her pack'n'play

A.J asking to get out of her pack’n’play



In the pictures you can easily see how relaxed my baby is in a bigger bed. She is not as miserable as she looks in the pack ‘n’ play. More upset at having her picture taken when she would rather be getting helped out. I am an attachment parent for breastfeeding stage, kids being close is awesome is that’s to be an issue broached. With the way our house is set up, the bedrooms are all crunched together, so even when there are walls between us we’re never far apart.

Which bed belongs? Baby bed or big girl bed? Obviously she’s grown a little.

Last year was my last ever 1st birthday. With each of these moving on to the next thing in my youngest child’s life I look both ways before I cross.

Take notice of my darling A.J’s gorgeous quilt! It is hand crafted and designed by the incredible mother and daughter team of Materpiece Quilts of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Two On Tuesday

Monday, July 14th, 2008

To begin with, I have to say that I can’t believe that I’m mom to a two-year-old. That’s like, almost grown up!

We were planning to take him to the petting farm where we went for his first birthday, it would be even more appropriate this year than it was last because now he really does love all things barn yard. Before it was just Daddy who was into farm things hoping that the love of animals would rub off on Deeder. The idea was to go on Monday since Darren has that off and then have an early lunch birthday party for him on Tuesday. Then Darren decided that he had better spend Monday looking for a trailer for our up coming move, and I remembered that I have my follow-up visit with the midwife this Monday.
Tuesday a volunteer from the Welcome Baby network at the hospital is coming over in the afternoon, and a friend from church in the morning. We decided that we’ll just buy a cake and whoever comes by throughout the day can have a slice with Deeder’s birthday ice cream. Then Friday (Darren’s next day off) we’ll do the whole homemade family birthday party. No gifts though since we’ve been buying him so many things already!

He’s two he wont know that we bumped his birthday a few days along in the week–all that matters is that we’re happy.

sand inside

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

When it’s raing outside, why not bring the sand inside?

The weather man keeps saying that we’ll have thundershowers, so at the end of the day I bring in the sand toys in case the rain really does come (last night it did). That way I can give Deeder the sand toys without needing to take him outside in a downpour. The neat thing is that he seems fairly satisfied to play sandbox inside the house. Maybe he knows that it just wont get any better and that he’d better not complain.
Whatever the case, I’m glad he’s easily entertained.

Building Trains

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

this train was a gift from one of the ladies at Darren’s work. Deeder is in love!

Add your own words…

Friday, July 4th, 2008