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Just a video today

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday. But there was this really sweet video!

Darren gets today off! This will be the first 4th of July he’s had away from work since we’ve been here. I totally hope we make it to the fireworks display. :)
They don’t light it over water or anything, just off a huge hill and people crowd together in a park. How Vermont typical, huh? Um, if you live here feel free to correct me. I haven’t really ever gone before.

Hope you like the video of the kids in Deeder’s room. And maybe if we do go to the fireworks I’ll get to try for some pictures. I’d be super proud if anything turned out!

Back to the video: I thought that it would be a good test of how comfortable Deeder really is with Carly if I were to casually put her in his beloved bed while he was focusing on another activity in the general area–see if he’d notice.

Oh hey, please stand and say “I” if you live in California, er, type it, um, not say it…that wouldn’t be helpful since I can’t actually hear you. Why do I care? Because you’re almost ALWAYS logged on! So you must like visiting and I just wonder who you are. :) I’m not trying to be mean or anything by asking. I know I claim to, “just write because I enjoy it” but really that just sounds good.

So does hiding in a cupboard half your size. Until you want to get out!


Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Naps have been getting long, yesterday both kids napped for three hours in the afternoon. It was pure lovely ness. Made even more lovely by my being able to nap too which made the waking nice for all of us.

Ah naptime. For mommy’s that means a chance to breath in and out, perhaps this feels like the first deep in and out breath that you’ve had all morning.

Next: Decide what to do.

Clean house, do laundry, check email, call somebody, exercise, or try to lay down for a snoozy too. That’s my list and usually I just get one or two of the things done. I’m sure every Mommy’s list differs here and there, same general idea though. The list is half things that are work; half that are play.
If I’m being mature and reasonable I consider what would be most useful, you know…benefit more people than myself. Then there are those times when I just do whatever I want, which today was what I did. I lay down and tried to put on snooze. It didn’t work, so I went into the TV room where I fully intended to work out, but opted for watching a movie rather than popping in the ole Denise Austin tape. Yeah. Another day, right.

Carly woke up ten minutes into the movie so I fed her and settled down with her and put the movie on again, Deeder woke up half an hour later and the game was off. No more TV for mama!

And with that, the list of nap time possibilities off for the day.

However, if the momma really did want to accompish something during naptime she may bring this list out again after bedtime. I rarely do this. There have been the times when I’ve cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed and scrubbed floors after 8pm but I can’t claim that I do that every night, or even weekly.

Deeder and I did get two loads of laundry done (thank you automatic washer and dryer inventer person, you rock my world!) and put away. OK. I still have to put away the second load.

Thank you to those of you who prayed for my sanity on having Darren go back to work. We’ve all felt your prayers! Deeder’s been so good, Carly has been her usual baby self and I’m keeping my cool which is super good. We even went outside today–Deeder only ran away twice, both times he *didn’t* get run over by a car. I thought of telling him that we had to go inside because he didn’t listen then I decided that this time that wouldn’t be fair because it had been so long since I’d taken him outside to play.

Darren’s first day back was a little hard for him, I can tell that Deeder and I need to do a better job with making sure that Daddy gets his needed rest after getting home.

Wondering why this post is so long? It’s because I’m putting of working out. Oh why does that have to be in my procrastination pile?

In Focus

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Deeder’s new word. :)
Unfortunately, he’s not always gentle–not yet.

Today’s Darren’s first day back to work. Everything’s fine so far, pray for me if that’s something you do!

Right now Deeder’s upstairs in his room talking on the old phone that Darren gave him, totally cute. Why do children enjoy things that are old rather than the new toy version? I remember as a child being the same way. Anyway, a good start to our day…everyone is fed and dressed.
A good start.

first time playing

Monday, June 30th, 2008

with the trucks since he’s been home…

Taken just a couple hours after he and Daddy arrived home. Visiting his toys in each room that they’re kept was just as important as locating and greeting Baby. :)

He slept so well that night, and the next night and all the nap times in between.
Yesterday morning I found him totally zonked out laying on the hardwood floor next to the couch that Darren was napping on. I thought that was ever so sweet–the trip must have really been a bonding experience for the two of them!

Life since Deeder’s return has been non-stop. Between the two kids Mommy and Daddy are constantly kept on their toes, no doubt about it. When Deeder hears Carly upset he gets worried and has to come to whatever room she’s in (even if it’s 2AM) and when she hears him being loud she wakes up too. Ah yes, life with two! :)

Oh, and Daddy’s going back to work on Tuesday.