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Weekly Winners: Week 22

Sunday, June 29th, 2008


6/23/2008 thru 6/29/2008

Her Perspective.

What the baby sees :-)

My Little Butterfly.

He’s back!

Taken shortly after Deeder’s arrival home from Washington.


Opinions on the sepia? Since I did everything black and white last week, I thought it might be fun to put all of this week’s in sepia. :-)

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They’re home!

Friday, June 27th, 2008

The first thing Deeder had to do was go stand in the broom closet. Then he got his truck and took it for a spin around the kitchen and through the hall, then up to Baby’s room and into his where he asked to get in the bed.

Did Deeder grow over the past week? I think his legs are the same length as Carly’s whole body!

Here he is playing with his John Deere set in his room before settling down for a nap that so far has lasted an hour and a half! As much as he enjoyed his stay in Washington he’s glad to be back to his familiar collection of toys. I can also tell that he and Daddy have grown to be even closer friends than they were before, good stuff!

I didn’t cry like I thought I would I just kicked into must-feed-my-kid-and-get-him-down-for-a-nap mode. Daddy ate left overs then fell into an incredibly deep sleep. They must have had a rough flight.

Thanks, Washington people, for taking care of the boys.

My blury happy toddler, alive and well.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I missed writing his “Diederick Dale: 23 Months” post, didn’t I?
What would I have said…

More happened between the day after his 22 month and this day that I am typing than ever has happened in one month. Since I missed writing that, I’ll try to cram it into one post, just before his second birthday.

He saw his sister be born, yes an eye witness. Then he saw her come home and stay, then he got on a plane and flew across the country to be with a family that he hadn’t seen in a year. He was loved and accepted by them, made some animal friends then was packed up again and brought back. As I think about all of that sitting anxious awaiting the return of Darren and Diederick I think about these things. Deeder didn’t choose any of these things, we chose for him as parents do. This is OK and I’m thankful that he’s been able to adapt.

Thankful that my mom was there to take care of him when he had a 102 fever and to feed him when he didn’t want to eat; thankful to all my siblings who watched him and played with him this past week. And of course to Daddy, for being there all along!

He’s going to be walking in these doors in just a few hours, home to Mommy and Baby. I’m happy to hear tale of him looking for me and asking about baby while at my mom and dads. I hope that this means that he’ll be better with her, considering that he’s been thinking of her along with me.

Parents always wonder what their children are thinking, I already wonder that as I look at Carly’s big eyes. Her eyes sight is limited to an arms length, or so research tells us, but she’s seeing something and thinking about it. I do the same as I’ve been looking at pictures of Deeder this past week on my mom’s blog.

What’s inside?

OK. Maybe we all would wonder that when we see a toddler petting a 25lb cat!

Cat: This is annoying but I’ll put up with it.
Baby Boy: Wooo feels interesting, this is kinda neat!
Background: This cat death swipes anyone who comes near her; she has a paw the size of an adult’s fist.

How about this one, boy on dog.

Why do children sit on dogs?

They just do. How the dog reacts may be a different story! But young children must sit on dogs, or try to anyway. It’s like written into their programming. Thanks, Lassie Dog, for letting Deeder sit on you.

Weekly Winners: Week 21

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008


7/16/2008 thru 7/22/2008

Sleepy Sissy.

Missy Strong Legs.

Working on those crawling moves already!

Pretty Woman.

Nap Time.

Silly Squirrels.

This one’s for you Deeder!

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The Paranoid Parent

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I’m getting better, and I’m proud of myself for it. From the moment that Darren and Deeder left I worried that something terrible would happen. The feeling wasn’t so bad when Darren called and told me that the flight had gone smoothly. Unexpectedly the emotion of worry was replaced with a heavy duty case of missing Deeder. I’m thankful to the people who keep me informed on what’s going on with Deeder and find myself really being able to get things done around the house and to pick up extra time with the whole resting business.

Today as I was doing some cleaning downstairs I was thinking about what I’m learning as a parent and what my actions and attitude really mean.

It’s always been my intention to raise children who learn how to think rather what to think based on what someone else lays out for them. I never expected this to be any easy thing, since I do want my kids to embrace the same principles that I do. The trick I guess is to explain why I believe what I do and hope that it makes sense to them–secret motive: having them rise above peer pressure and be like me? Eh. Still sorting that one out!

Deeder’s at an age where he’s learning to respond properly to being told “No” or asked to “Wait” or maybe eventually he’ll even learn “Be gentle”. Since he’s a little parrot, he often just echos the word “No” right back and proceeds with what he’s doing! Anyway, it’s a beginning.

This morning I talked to a friend of mine who hasn’t met Carly yet. She asked me how Deeder likes his little sister. I explained that he treats Carly a little roughly. He does smile and laugh when around her but sometimes I feel like he wishes she hasn’t even come. To this my friend said, “Hmm, maybe he’s a little possessive of you and will just take a little while to adjust.”
I thought that was pretty insightful.

I could turn that around and apply it to these weird feelings I’ve been having with him away.

Nothing bad will happen to him with all of his watchful aunties and uncles about, and with Daddy there too. But in some part of me I want to be me who is making the hard situations easy, to have him need me–Mommy.

This is helping me understand what Deeder must think when he sees me being Mommy to his new baby sister. He wants to be the center of my attention, not to have to share me.

Of course now all I have to do is figure out how everyone can be happy. How will I manage when Darren returns to work and I have both kids to myself?

The first thing is to baby and toddler proof everything. To clean like I’ll never clean again and to organize to perfection! And then have energy to rest and relax like Daddy told me to. :)