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   Aug 19

Upside Down and Inside Out

Little One was born two days ago, she was an inch long, her head about the size of your thumbnail–her body curled up in that tiny way babies are. I touched her little head gently and ran my finger down the arch of her back while holding her in the palm of my left hand. […]

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   Aug 16

Life After Little One

After Doctor Bunker told us that Little One was dead he said that we had options. “Either you can let your body discharge on it’s own–this will take place anywhere within a weeks time. “I can give you tablets that will aid in the progression of the uteri cleaning process. “Or we can do a […]

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   Aug 15

Death before Birth

Little One died today. I was laying in bed last night, around 10:30 I felt wetness between my legs and all of the sudden needed to pee… When I reached the bathroom at the end of the hall and pulled down my pj pants I found red streaks of blood running down my legs and […]

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   Jul 31

“Are you happy

…about this pregnancy?” That’s what my midwife asked me after opening my file and scanning over it’s contents. “Dietrich, is what? 13 months now?” Heheh..I’m still wondering why everyone calls him Dietrich, even when reading my spelling. Yeah, I’m so totally psyched! Hmmm, no. I opted for something more mature sounding, “Yes, I’m so happy […]

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   Jul 24

To Bed Early

Dear People, I am going to bed early tonight so I have nothing interesting to say for myself! Here’s a short summary of the day: Deeder’s teething. He was cute this morning but turned sour around noon :P Poor boy. He wore his new John Bear shirt from GrammaMomma with a new pair of Carters […]

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