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To Bed Early

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007


Dear People,
I am going to bed early tonight so I have nothing interesting to say for myself!

Here’s a short summary of the day:
Deeder’s teething. He was cute this morning but turned sour around noon :P Poor boy.
He wore his new John Bear shirt from GrammaMomma with a new pair of Carters shorts. He looked so sweet, within moments he’d customized it with his favorite cookie mush.
We went to the library and read a train book with a little girl who looked like a boy.
I still have ants, we even caught a mouse last night. Darren said that he saw mouse droppings on the stairs…I couldn’t believe I hadn’t.
The sun was out but we didn’t go swimming because it was really windy.
I bought Deeder some t-shirts even though he already has lots.
I saw some of my maternity shirts that I bought off ebay on the maternity rack today. This was funny because I donated them to the second hand store on the other side of town last August.
We checked out Tails from the library.
Tomorrow we’re going to story time at the library with a little girl named Amanda and her mom, Audry.


I wrote this just because I crave your comments! I’m feeling glum. Glum and ecstatic at once!

I’m so happy that I feel so crappy because it means my Little One is fine.


Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Deeder’s going to have a baby brother or sister March 2008!

Ready for the pregnancy ride again? All the prenatal visits and baby name lists?

Lets just pray for a healthy baby :D

Wow!! I’m so excited :)