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Miracle Makers

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

It’s time for MACC (Miracles of Adoption Christmas Campaign) which was originally called Angel Tree when I started following it back in 2012.

The premise is that waiting children are sponsored over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, ending new years day to bring individual attention to little in overseas orphanages who can easily become such an ambiguous cause if not talked about specifically. There is of course always much debate over if the young children in orphanages should even have photo listings before adoption commitment, some countries absolutely prohibit showing children’s photos which can make raising funds for their future adoptions quite a bit of a challenge.
Sponsoring a child comes in all forms with a universal goal among those who commit to sponsoring, which this year we’re calling being a “Miracle Maker”

The goal is to raise upwards from $1,000 for That Child. Two years in a row I sponsored a little boy named Kolya. The third year I intended to signed up for raising 1K, he’d died and his fund had been gifted to another boy with Down Syndrome waiting in the same country. My heart was torn into so many pieces and I really was brought to the brink of wondering if raising a thousand meant any more than donating a dollar to that child’s “future adoption” Kolya never knew anyone knew about him, it could be he wasn’t even able to see beyond his day to day minimal care or reason anything as there was nothing else to compare in his perceptions any other reality to that which he lived and died in.
While I cried over the loss of Kolya, I knew too that it was because of him that I needed to sponsor another child. Last year I picked a boy and girl sibling set. This year that set has been split up, I’ll apply to be Miracle Maker for the remaining child who has severe epilepsy and just really is not doing well.

When I say that there are many ways of being a sponor I mean this: Some warriors go all out, setting up an awareness fundraising table at the mall selling baby booties and washcloths to profit their MACC child to organizing a spaghetti feed while others get their church to pray and share on FB a few times. Online auctions is another way pull in a bit of money for building adoption funds.

The questions I get asked is, “If this is so great, why haven’t you adopted?!” Simple answer is that God’s plan doesn’t include that for me now, maybe ever, but He sure can use me to bring awareness to the need of orphans even aid in finding the perfect placement for a little one near to my heart.

Through all the changing tides that my life has taken, either written or not, adoption is one that I forever come back to here. My hands are always comfortable typing out words on this subject, I can have the balance of peace, plea, grief and sorrow safely and come out with a smile knowing that God sees all these little kids and takes care of them in his own timing and perfect plan.

I’ll announce shortly which child on Reece’s Rainbow I’ll be participating in the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign (MACC) with.


Monday, May 1st, 2017

This little lady has epilepsy, well a brother too, but he’s been adopted and she’s left waiting for a family. While it seems so sad that Rhett’s been brought into a new home without his sister, I’m not sure if they were even together in the orphanage where they lived prior. Rhett, the older of the two in this Eastern Europeon sibling set is only 7 years old, Scarlet is 4 years old.

Scarlet is noted to have sever handicaps in her development and in addition to a non specified seizure disorder she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

View her video here and her Reece’s Rainbow page, which updates according to any information that the orphanage may forward on to the adoption agency. Scarlet and Rhett’s page

Busy, at last!

Friday, April 28th, 2017

(Unable to insert any photos…maybe my blog needs an update)

Much of my life feels like chugging through stuff, same routine, mind mulling through different things while routine pretty much really is the same ebbing maybe with the kids stages of life. Currently we’re at ages 5 through 10, which is pretty big considering that in the fall I’ll have everyone in school for the first time–AJ in Kindergarten, Koen in 2nd, Carly (who has been homeschooling this year) in 4th, and Deeder in 5th grade. As for me, I’m subbing now in schools without our district which puts me so far in three elementary schools and the high school.

Learning to drive still remains a goal that I haven’t achieved. Last summer I got to drive quite a bit, but it wasn’t super residential roads much less the highway. Darren tells me that everyone gets in an accident, which I’m really not into considering I kinda have a lot at stake with my mama duties and all, the whole balance of risk and benefit really isn’t super in favor of driving.

I am ever thankful for Darren. He really keeps the boat of life afloat. Not only does he take the kids to their activities, he does the grocery shopping, works hard to supply us with everything we need, keeps us on track spiritually and is a true and faithful husband and friend to me. And life carries on, comfortable, blessed and with a future just full of growth and blessing.

I’m happy, health really could not ask for more.

Now That It’s Here

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

264942_10150688542940425_5036507_nI’m absolutely trigger happy to always say the right things–always to write what is true and keep just the best things priority and care for everyone including myself for the short and long run. This morning I was woken by kids wanting to snuggle in bed with me and read books we’d just fetched from the library. The day before that was pretty flawless, or able to be remembered that way anyway. Life with my four loud, ambitious, rambunctious children is an ongoing adventure…that if you’re paying only partially attention can be just hard to listen to. They can get carried away and talk over each other–interestingly, however, by the end of the day when it’s officially lights out and closing time they’re at peace with each other and accept I love yous and hugs.
Our world goes around and around, and this year is a building piece off 2015. Hopefully better, hopefully happier and more focused on our goals, our passions properly placed and our learning curve in a beautiful swing. I am a believer in the idea that New Years resolutions should be realistic. I think it’s totally realistic to try to occupy minds in books and outdoor play as much as we do video games! Or strive to thrive at subjects that we’re not getting financial reward over.
Now that it’s here. I am going to keep doing what’s worked in days past: making use of my energy, working out to build more physical energy and keeping close to Christ spiritually to keep that hype up. I need it. Also. Now that it’s here. I want to write every day. That’s awesome and I know from experience that no matter the flavor of my day, writing about it is communion with myself over how ready I am for the next.


Thankful Time!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

8724370ca882690ab5a13ff52cbdca462015. I’m not where to categorize you in the 30 years God’s carried me through. It’s been a prayer journey in which I’ve just been filled with such feeling of guidance, been thrown insane curve balls and been whirled around to find myself in the same place. As we’re at Thanksgiving and siblings are coming into town to be together over this blustery autumn holiday my minds brought back in a flash to a conversation my twin and I had in the kitchen about our 19th birthday. She asked me where I thought we’d be 5 years from now. I peered into the fridge looking for the last ingredients to a fairly epic sandwich I was making and replied with, “probably eating out of the same fridge that we are now. How wrong I was. We were at a pretty pivotal point, whether we realized it in that second or not. Graduation from community college was right around the corner for both of us, my twin coming out before me as she’d started classes through the summer and hung back until fall. The guess about where we’d be eating, it’s answer in short would be that soon my sister would be be leaving for New York with little more than pocket change and a suitcase of favorite outfits; she would find herself in precarious living circumstances there, then move to Colorado also with a pretty bare checking account. Day to day life was a victory and struggle and a testament of God’s provision. I’d stay home, and work at the local YMCA and marry a man that I met online directly after graduation then embark in a cross country drive leaving my family for 3 years. She came home to stay that year when I left and married someone local, living across the county (not the country) from where we grew up. She now has full enrollment at a self made in home daycare. I’ve come back from Vermont and live 3 miles from that fridge that we talked about our futures. Nearly 31 we still talk about that conversation and giggle a bit about how we can plan but it’s God who knows that full picture.



Thankful time. What would you write down on a slip of paper if you had family tradition to reveal gratitude in that way? We don’t here as everyone has taken on their own path and have become caged and private in their own ways as the months and years have stacked up.

As for me. I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful that someone knows the path, and hope that I’ll keep praying and faithing until my heart stops beating. When I think about thankfulness I think about death. I want to be the first to die, selfishly. Some people plan who they want to be around them when they die, my thankfulness says that I just want God there–I’m all in on Him being in control. Is it weird to think about death on thanksgiving? Life and death are in the hand of the Lord, that’s pretty good assuming that he designed this whole maze which I trust in. Where there is trust there’s gratitude.

Romans 8: Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

2015 has had pain, but it’s had discovery as well and growth in so many ways. Bring good things, 2016, please. Answers are a life long discovery, I get that. And yes, back to the fridge. The one I have now…I want to replace it, but as for the address I share with my husband and children…I fully plan to thankful for it for many many more thanksgivings to come. My sister too. I know she loves her address. We’re good, bumps and bruises along the way, we’re good.