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   Sep 12

Cat Man

Have you ever noticed that when a guy (or girl) doesn’t want to hold a cat, said cat seems to want to do everything possible to get near that individual. So is the case for my wonderful husband who has some sort of allergy to fleas. Our two cats, Tony and Norman are just the […]

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   Feb 07

Do You Hear Me?

Jhn 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me Darren and I tell the kids sometimes that they’re our little sheep, actually we haven’t in a while. I’ve more been telling them that they are a team and need to stay together. Never the less, the principle applies. Jesus […]

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   May 02

When she first came home

We were given two photo albums by Darren’s co-workers and one of those Your Baby by the Month books that’s like a calander with cool little stickies (thanks, GrammaMomma!). As I take pictures of my new little girl I try to make mental sticky notes on “This one’s a save” or “That one is a […]

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   Sep 01

Carly Says

Carly: Mommy don’t do that! Me: What, honey? C: Crossing your arms! That makes you baby cry. She says WAAAHHH when you do that! It hurts her bunbun.”

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   Apr 11

Saturday, and Blogging

I’m really a little too sleepy to write, but isn’t that the best time? I’ve decided that I want to write every day so I’m going to at least put something in here to start it all going again. Our Saturday. My brothers Mitch and Philip came down from Seattle for a little visit. They […]

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