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   Sep 09

Some news from Laura!

It’s a little after 3pm here in the Pacific Northwest. No; the news isn’t about Darren and Laura’s arrival here. As a matter of fact, they are still in Jamestown, North Dakota. (sigh!) Darren became ill a few days ago with the flu thing – fever, chills and cough. Now he’s better, and Diederick is […]

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   Sep 08

Oh where oh where are Laura and family now?

Laura called a couple of days ago, while I was out, wanting to dictate another blog post. It was too late to call her back by the time I got home. I didn’t try calling on Sunday, because I figured the little family was probably on the road to Carson, ND to visit Darren’s old […]

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   Sep 02

Another Moving Update

Good Morning, Laura’s friends! GrammaMomma here, with a little more moving news for you. Laura and Darren, with the lovable Diederick and Carly, are resting up this week with Darren’s family and friends in North Dakota. I believe Darren is planning on taking his little family to the church he attended for many years in […]

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   Aug 30

They’re in North Dakota!

Hello, Laura’s friends! GrammaMomma here, with the good news that Darren, Laura, Diederick and little Carly have arrived safely at Grampa and Gramma Harr’s place in North Dakota. Congrats, Darren, on doing all that driving from Vermont, hauling a houseful of possessions in that huge trailer. I can’t wait to hear Laura’s account of the […]

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   Aug 26

They are truly on the road!

Hello, dear readers of Laura’s blog. This is Laura’s mom here. :) I just had a phone call from Darren and Laura, letting us know that they left Vermont at about 8pm this evening, and are nearing Albany, NY. Laura was telling me that their former landlady, Lynne, has been showing them the most extraordinary […]

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