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Some news from Laura!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

It’s a little after 3pm here in the Pacific Northwest. No; the news isn’t about Darren and Laura’s arrival here. As a matter of fact, they are still in Jamestown, North Dakota. (sigh!)

Darren became ill a few days ago with the flu thing – fever, chills and cough. Now he’s better, and Diederick is going through the sickness ordeal. Laura says she’s working hard to get liquids down the little boy. All he will eat so far today is fishy crackers. Carly is still well, although working hard on drooling and teething. Laura is dosing herself with vitamin C powder in an attempt to stay well. Hope it works, and that the sick ones get well quickly!

Today Darren was feeling well enough to unload some of the heavier items from the trailer, which include:

  • his motorcycle
  • the washing machine
  • the dryer
  • an amplifier/speaker
  • some canned goods

Of course that meant he had to rearrange the load, too, so the weight of it is rightly distributed. Hard work for a guy just on the mend.

Darren and Laura plan to resume their travels Thursday night, heading to Montana, where they plan to visit his sister and her family for two days. Then comes the last leg of the trip, ending here. Time frame: in time for Laura’s twin sister Sarah’s wedding on September 20th!

Today Laura sent off eight blog posts and some pictures via “snail mail”. Once I receive those, I’ll start posting them for her.

Thanks for stopping by to check on Laura’s whereabouts. Bye!

Oh where oh where are Laura and family now?

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Laura called a couple of days ago, while I was out, wanting to dictate another blog post. It was too late to call her back by the time I got home. I didn’t try calling on Sunday, because I figured the little family was probably on the road to Carson, ND to visit Darren’s old church. Or, that maybe they were on the road back to Jamestown after going to church there.

Now I wonder if Darren and Laura are on their way to Montana to visit Darren’s younger sister. I’ve been so busy that by the time I think of calling, I’m afraid it’s too late to call Darren and Laura. :(

Anyhoo, Laura won’t have internet access until they arrive in Montana. So, I was thinking that you, her loyal readers, could surprise her by leaving a comment on one of the recent posts, wishing Laura and Darren a happy third wedding anniversary on September 10th. :) Only if you want to of course.

I hope Laura calls soon, or that life slows down a bit so I can call her at a decent hour!

Another Moving Update

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Good Morning, Laura’s friends! GrammaMomma here, with a little more moving news for you.

Laura and Darren, with the lovable Diederick and Carly, are resting up this week with Darren’s family and friends in North Dakota. I believe Darren is planning on taking his little family to the church he attended for many years in Carson, ND, next Sunday, which is about three hours west of Jamestown, ND, their current location.

Darren is busy putting new shock absorbers on the truck, and making sure that all is ship shape with the vehicle. One idea Darren and Laura have that might prove exciting is for one of us here to drive to Billings, Montana (where the little family is headed to visit one of Darren’s sisters), a journey of about 14 hours duration, to pick up Laura and the children to bring them here more quickly. With the mountains to traverse, Darren is foreseeing a slow road ahead (poor guy!), and wants to spare Laura so much time in the vehicle with the little ones. Grampa Rick (or should I say GrampaPoppa) is ready to make the trip, so we’ll see what happens.

Now, just for fun, I’ll show you an old picture of Laura.

That’s Laura on the left, and her twin Sarah on the right. :)

They’re in North Dakota!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Hello, Laura’s friends! GrammaMomma here, with the good news that Darren, Laura, Diederick and little Carly have arrived safely at Grampa and Gramma Harr’s place in North Dakota. Congrats, Darren, on doing all that driving from Vermont, hauling a houseful of possessions in that huge trailer.

I can’t wait to hear Laura’s account of the journey. I understand from some quick conversations with Darren that the children enjoy traveling. It will be great to hear some details about all that, from the mommy’s perspective.

I do believe Laura is going to do a little blogging while they are in North Dakota, as a matter of fact. :)

They are truly on the road!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Hello, dear readers of Laura’s blog. This is Laura’s mom here. :)

I just had a phone call from Darren and Laura, letting us know that they left Vermont at about 8pm this evening, and are nearing Albany, NY.

Laura was telling me that their former landlady, Lynne, has been showing them the most extraordinary hospitality during this time that travel has been delayed by the repair of Darren’s truck, and then the repacking of the very heavy trailer. Thank you so much, Lynne!

Laura decided not to do the survey or quiz after all; sorry about that.

Our phone call was really short, so you will have to wait for Laura to write the truly interesting account of their doings.