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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The Week’s Best Photojournalism
…incredible photos from all over the world.


img_72811-448x336Back 2006/2007 I used to post at the end of the week my favorite photos from the week. I should do that again. There were quite a few other blog keepers that participated. It was a fun snoop into each others lives once a week. Compliment them on how nicely they photographed a drop of water falling from a faucet or a bubble leaving the wand, how quickly children were growing up.

My thoughts are stale right now, as I’m coming down with some kind of health bug and my brain is a little sleepier than usual after a night spent awake with a little one who didn’t want to sleep!

I’m writing to say WELCOME FEBRUARY!! I’m back again and 29 this time. I am tired and find myself not in a sense of homelessness but alone despite being with people and happiness, sadness and routine. Everyone has moments of quiet where their mind echoes. That’s me right now. February is my birthday and each year I look back and forward and down and my toes and say that I’m still here and think about the things I have and it’s more than last year. GOD’s still here, he hasn’t forgotten me and as far as I know there’s tomorrow. I plan to click on my camera and at the end of the week to have memories to be proud of. Smile mama. This week a family of eight kids and their mother died in a house fire in Kentucky; only the dad and one of the 9 children got out…hearing a story like that it’s hard to imagine what the big plan was. God’s love abounds and at the beginning of a new month, and for me a new year of life for myself and my youngest I look forward to seeing what he has in plan for us and for the world at large.

Since this is my blog post, I’m going to tell you what I want for my birthday. I want my kids to live the day listening to what they are told, being a team for good. Going to bed on to bed on time, helping with clean up as they’re supposed to without protest. OK, judge me. So your kids do this every day.
Well mine don’t and that OK, we’re working on it.

Weekly Winners: Week 41

Sunday, December 21st, 2008


12/15/2008 thru 12/20/2008

Ever had a kid so sick of being in the house that he turns his attention to following you around seeking to make you equally crazy–this usually involves a whole lot of wining, a sound extremely tiresome to hear. Anyway, I was under such opression the other day and decided to give Deeder something out of the ordinary to do. He got a plate with ice cubes on it, each with a drop of blue food coloring. He had so much fun, and I got a cool picture. It’s my favorite this week.

Ice Art.

Then we got our first snow of the year. It was beautiful. Probably amounting to be just enough to cover the grass in our yard. Two days after it fell my sisters took Deeder out to play, here are a couple snaps I took through the window:

Wintery Winds

With Auntie’s Help

staying afoot is possible

Carly of course stayed inside. Not only because she’s little but also since she’s been battling a bit of a cough and respiratory congestion (tune in tomorrow for the story on that).
Here are two pictures from a happy moment in her day this week; she loves playing with Deeder’s stuff, especially this ball:

Eye On the Ball

Sweet Slumber

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Weekly Winners: Week 40

Sunday, December 14th, 2008


12/7/2008 thru 12/14/2008

A Last Piece of Autumn

Mossy Hoops

The Swing Thing

The Ole Stick to Water Trick

On Appetite

Deeder’s a picky eater while his little sis would eat anything

No Naps Here!

Happy Walker Lady

Someone tell me when it was that Carly got to be so big…

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Weekly Winners: Week 39

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


11/17/2008 thru 11/23/2008

Sibby Lovins

Carly the Tubby Babe

New Tradition–the kids love having their evening bath together

Good Reads–Deeder and Uncle

That’s about all that I can find right now; my favorite is the first one, Sibby Lovins, so special for me to see them happy together like that.

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Weekly Winners: Week 38

Sunday, November 16th, 2008


11/10/2008 thru 11/16/2008

Tree Clouds

Leaving Leaves

You Know that Look…

It’s the Poopy Baby Face!

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