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Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Project: Carly’s Closet

Wednesday Deeder and I organized Carly’s clothing into my dresser which is housed in Daddy’s office. When we moved here I put all of my things into the closet in Darren and my room, makes more space for other things to be in the room–plus I’m scared of it falling on my climbing monkey child.


(Knob broke off during our move from NY.)



Top drawer: Newborn size onesies
Second drawer: New born size sleepers
Third: Dresses and sweatsuits
Forth: 0-3M clothes
Fifth: diapers (not bought yet) and blankets
Bottom drawer: 3-6 clothing

Pack N Play bed: to be made up right before Carly’s born. I don’t want to put in the level up thing until I need it–Deeder loves to sit and read in the Pack N Play as a playpen.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

In other news:

We’re supposed to have a 47F high for today! I’m so psyched!! Deeder and I plan to walk downtown and go somewhere, don’t know where yet. We do want to go to the post office to mail bday gifts for Debra, Seth and my mom. :)

But we’d also like to find something extra special to do to celebrate warm weather. Perhaps to the icecream shop? Or should we wait until it’s warmer? :P

In the summer we used to go out for lemon sherbert twice a week, without fail. Good times! We’d buy a medium sized dish for 4.50 and savor each bite–expensive but so worth it on 90 degree days. The other days of the week we went to the swimming pool during the day, and the park in the evening.
When we move to WA (planned for August) I’ll miss the outdoor pools, those rock. It’s nice to have the sun on your back while swimming–rather than fluorescent lights.

Tomorrow Daddy has daytime training classes, that means he’ll be home for dinner–maybe even get a lunch hour!! So exciting. :)
This is a rare treat for us.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Project: Carly’s Closet

This is the Tuesday Two follow up from early Feb. :P

I said I’d organize Carly’s clothes and posted a picture of the closet that I intended to hang them up in.

With a big Carters shopping behind me and in honor of nearly 30wks I’ve decided to finally organize little girl clothing.

Aided of course by my darly Deeder!


He’s helping me sort through the “Baby Girl Clothes” box from the attic. The items in there are from Darren’s sister Kim who enjoys going to garage sales.

We sorted out the 0-3 and 3-6M outfits and put the rest back in the tote.

Washed and waiting to be folded…


In the Pack n Play next to a stack of brand new Newborn size.


I gave up the idea of using the closet when I noticed that it had a bad smell to it which I can’t quite identify–that’s not a good thing!
Instead I’ve decided to use my dresser from back home. It’s in Daddy’s office right now.

There isn’t room in my bedroom for the dresser, pack n play and my big lazy boy chair. Think I can get a system set up?

At least another seven weeks before Carly’s born. I have time. ;)


Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Project: Carly’s Closet


Yes, 4 months before she’s actually here, but I’d still like to get her closet organized! Better now than when I’m feeling ready to explode.

Aside from finding a new home for the random things that you see here, I would like to get her newborn and 3-6 clothes hung up. Deeder’s closet is a good example to work by. I say I can get it very nicely organized for $20 or less.

Check back next week for an update!

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