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Saturday, March 15th, 2008


The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 has ended.
Final assignment:

Sometime next week, publish a post introducing a handful of the cool new blogs you visited. It’s hard to pick just a few… but try to spread a little link love to some of your new favorites.

First, a Thank You to the ladies who stopped by my blog. I don’t have an official count on how many people visited in this past week who weren’t usuals. There were 17 who commented.

It was nice to have some new people, some of you have come back and continued reading my stuff–pretty cool.

Here’s my list of people who I added to my blogroll:


All About the Three

A mom of three kids. Her two oldest two are adopted and the youngest is a girl, she’s three years old and sounds like lots of fun.

Live, Laugh, Blog

Christian mom of two little girls. She writes about daily life and has plenty of picture of her two little beauties! This mommy is just three months into the whole blog addiction and doing pretty well at picking up the practice.

Memoirs of a Mommy

Another busy stay-at-home mom. Her four kids are all girls, it’s funny that that seems like a lot to me even though I am one of six girls, and had three brothers too.
My bloggy friend Wendy won a really cool bag via Memoirs of a Mommy about a month ago. Cool, huh? Small big world.

My Life As A Book
This lady’s name is Corie and she’ll be a first time mommy sometime in June. We actually have the same due date, June 2nd. I wish she were a Blog 365 gal. :(
She’s needing help with baby names, so if you have any great ideas drop by her site and let her know. We sure had a tough time with Deeder!


Because I love blogs about multiples!


There were 1493 blogs submitted to this years party. Can you believe that??
I spent a total of about six hours looking at them and can’t have even touched a third of that! Out of only 150 prizes the chances of me winning anything are slim, slim, slim.

If you’re someone looking for my list of prize picks… ;)

Click here.

The only ones on the list that I really don’t want/need would be the blog makeovers–I think mine is just perfect! Right? It is, isn’t it? :P

Speaking of things being perfect. Today I did a huge shopping at Carters. It was their big 50% off baby sale–I couldn’t resist.

No one buy me newborn size baby girl clothes! Well, OK. I always accept gifts–but how about a bigger size than Newborn? Wouldn’t it be funny if she turns out to be a 9lb baby. Hmm. Well, I guess I could just use all of this for gifts then.

I think Carly will be totally stocked for the time that she’s that tiny. Now all I have to do is organize my little baby things (I already set up her bed) and sit back and wait. What’s the count down number now? Oi.

Come join the fun!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

It’s 9PM on a Friday and I’m in my usual seat. The one in front of the window into Internet Land, I’m almost always here at this hour but tonight’s different.

Tonight I’m joining the Ultimate Blog Party 2008!
And I’m feeling nervous…
The nervous when you’re in a room of people who are together for the first time and are subjected to the host’s icebeaker games. They are taking turns introducing themselves. You’re up next but you can’t think of one thing unique or cute that someone else hasn’t already said.

The nice thing about partying on the Internet is that I don’t have to worry about my voice sounding weird. That always happens to me.


So if you’re here for the first time…


My name is Laura.
I’ve been blogging since spring of 2005 when my husband asked me to marry him. We’ve been married about 2 1/2 years now and have our second child due in June. Our son, Diederick (Deeder) is 20 months old.
So what’s my blog about? I started writing as a way to help myself stay organized during enagement and wedding planning. When we got married my blog turned into a way to stay in touch with family who I’d left behind, it’s just kept growing from that day.

Since this is my first year on The Ultimate Blog party I am not hosting a give-away, perhaps next year I’ll do that! This time I’m just hoping to make a few new friends.
And possibly grab a great prize before the week is over? Or would that be too much to ask for–great blogs and prizes?!
Come check it out!

I’ll be back later to update this post with a list of prefered prizes. Really!
Not only is there a *huge* list of prizes for The Ultimate Blog Party 2008. But you get to write down which ones you’d like to win. Yes. I know I never win. But I’ll still do it. ;)


My Top 10 Prize Picks:

87 — Orange and Blue Beaded Necklace
Provided by: Autumn Daisy Studio
Totally cute necklack! I mean I think I could wear this every day.

97 — diaper pouch, changing pad, printed bib, & personalized burp cloth
This one is from Island Baby Boutique
Very hip designs and I love personalized things! :)

22-Nursing Cover
They’re giving away one nursing cover of the winner’s choice. My fav: Geisha Fans. It matches the bag from Darren and is totally cute! The Peekaboobaby people have a really good design for their covers–I’ve been by their site a couple times before.

27 — Custom Tie Dyed Layette Set
I love tie-dye but never learned how.
Stephanie is giving away a tie dye baby cap, gown and blankie set that I can imagine would be totally cute on my little Carly Annalise. :)

99 — Clip-on Baby Blanket
from Secure2Me
It’s a blanket that you clip on to your stroller.
Click here for a pics. What a great idea for someone who walks as much as I do!

80 — Scripture Doll
Carly’s first doll? This is really neat. :) I’d love for this to be her first toy! Anyway, certainly belongs on my Top Ten list.
Thanks, Jill, for donating it.

85 — Noah’s ABC Stacking Blocks
I think Deeder would love this! It’s Alphabet Stacking Blocks
Bloggy mommy hosting the give-away: Sarah from sassyfrazz.

59 — $25 Cash
Gift certificate to :)
Thanks A Cowboy’s Wife for this one. Who doesn’t love Amazon?
60 — $25 Gift Certificate
from Judy another bit of Amazon money.

94 — Book Light
My best time for book consuming is after bedtime while I wait for my nerves to calm down enough to sleep. Laying awake listening to the baby breath is so much more relaxing with a book in hand, and how better to see your book than with this little lamp? Looks good to me!
This give-away hosted by Thrifty Jinxy


Alrighty. I’ve been up and down through the list of prize give-aways and I’m now pretty sure that these are my picks!

Think I might win one? Oh that would be so cool!

Anyway, it’s just been fun reading other mommy blogs–I’ve even made some blogroll additions.
It’s amazing how many girls are living a life nearly identical to the one I go through every day. They all are unique in their own little ways–their own pasts, their own passions that they try to keep alive as hobbies. Some of them wish they could go back to work, some do, others really are living their childhood dream of being Mommy and absolutely love it.