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Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


Reasons I Blog

1. For relaxation
At the end of the day I like to sit down and ask myself what on earth I just did. Was my existence worth while today? Turns out it was good that I woke up and made coffee and food, but sitting down and thinking about it and hitting “publish” just completes that nicely.

2. For enjoyment
It’s just fun. Read on for more on this. :)

3. To be connected
My family lives far away and I find blogging to be a great way to keep touch–of course the phone is good too, but this is a little extra something.

4. As a creative outlet
I have so much fun hooking my pictures up with words; it’s the closest I’ll ever get to scrapbooking. No glue or mess here, just little remembries.

5. Blogging helps me collect
I like to lay away my memories here on my own personal piece of web land. Sitting down each evening and writing down the latest wonders helps me separate out and organize the collection.

6. To share
My mommy heart bursts with pride each time my child does something new, or repeats a behavior that I just find particularly adorable. I love having you there to react the same way I do! And of course I love visiting your blogs too, and sharing in with the fun things you’re seeing your kids do.

7. To shake away the lonely
While I am happy being married, pregnant and having a 22 month old to keep me entertained, I do get lonely! Your comments and happy attitudes, advice and suggestions totally brighten my day.

8. Because it’s easy
Like all habits, it takes a little while to grow into. But once hooked, blogging regularly can’t easily be shaken! It’s like brushing teeth in the morning.

9. As a Get Away
My life is very much here and now. I often feel like I rush to have to do what I feel I need to keep going, it’s the same thing every day and really could get dull.
While blogging helps me refocus on what I’m here for, it’s also a break. I get to read the stories of other people and learn about a world outside of myself through the eyes of others. I’ve become completely addicted to reading the lives of people who I would never have known of if it weren’t for this thing called blogging.

10. It distracts me
OK. We all know I crave those real labor pains! Enough with these crazy Braxton Hicks. But when I tell myself that I need to sit down and try to write something interesting at the end of the day I’m able to go through it keeping an eye out for the funnies and sweetness that I might pass over with my natural tendency to just become absorbed in my own physical discomfort.

11. Because I wanna be famous
No, not really. I want to glorify God. That’s the chief end, right? According the Westminster Confession of Faith anyway. :)
But it’s true, sorta. Deep inside I want people to remember me when I’m gone. Back in the days when people used physical journals–you know, wrote in actual binders on paper with pen, I secretly hoped someone would find my private thoughts and read them.
Thanks to blogging I can be famous now, read by people all over the globe. And, if the Internet world doesn’t go into oblivion, these thoughts of today will be there somewhere forever.

12. I love you
Each and every one of you are dear to me and I love that I can reach out to you in my own little way. Hopefully I bring a smile to your face, I know you do that for me when I read your stories or get your feedback through comments. I love you. :)

13. Because I can
So far I have no reason not to.

Inspiration for today’s Thursday’s 13: A quiz my mom posted on her blog.

If you’re a bloggy person too, or even if you just imagine what you’d write about if you were, this is a fun one to do. It takes like five seconds.
Here’s the results that I got.

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful

You’ve got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog.
Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.
A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.
You blog for yourself – and you don’t care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!
What’s Your Blogging Personality?

Kinda neat, eh?

And get this: For the first time in my nearly three years behind the keyboard I’m finally WORTH something:

My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?

I know…you think that’s just a randomly generated number. And yes, I know it doesn’t mean anything, I’m not that crazy! But I’ve probably entered my URL in there a dozen times over the past year and always come up with zero.
Maybe they just know my blog anniversary is coming up and are being nice?

Happy Thursday everyone! :)
And thanks for reading my blog.

Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, May 8th, 2008


Deeder’s Diet

Thinking of Deeder’s upcoming week long stay with his grampa and gramma in Washington I wanted to make out a list of things that my little dude likes to eat. So, here it is: 13 things in 5 categories, just to keep it simple!


Juices. Darren buys frozen juice concentrates a lot and Deeder completely enjoys them, especially the blend flavors.

Milk. We get organic whole milk by the gallon now because Deeder goes through so much of it! He always has a sippy cup nearby with milk in it throughout the day.

Water. Deeder likes to drink it from water bottles or a cup, he wont take it in his sippy–don’t know why.


Oatmeal with raisins in it and honey or a little brown sugar on top.

Scrambled eggs with cheese on toast

Blueberry pancakes with apple sauce on top and bacon on the side


Peanut butter and jelly (or honey) on wheat

Grill cheese sandwich with ham and tomato soup

Bean and cheese quesadilla, with sour cream for dipping


Breakfast or lunch items, depending on his mood. Example: if he had oatmeal for breakfast I make him eggs for dinner. Sometimes on Daddy’s day off we go out to eat; sometimes that gets complicated and I end up feeding him at home after we get back.


Potato chips.

Junior Mints.

Sierra Mist.

As a bonus, I think I’ll add on the bottom here a little list of things he used to love but wont touch anymore:

Cheese sticks
Mash potatoes
Green beans

I think I’d classify him as a kid who will eat anything. Just because nothing seems to really bother him–if he’s hungry he will eat what he’s offered, even things that I would guess might be spicy to a young child’s taste.

Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, May 1st, 2008


Image Answers
(snagged from my mom’s blog)

here’s how it goes:

* Start at PhotoBucket (or any image search)
* Type your answer to the 13 questions in the SEARCH box.
* Choose a graphic from the first page that comes up.
* Insert the picture into your weblog.

1st Q: What is your current relationship status?


2nd Q: What is your current mood?

Procrastinating (one of my top qualities! ;) )


3rd Q: What is your favorite band/singer?


(really I hardly listen to music anymore–other than Deeder’s stuff!)


4th Q: What is your favorite movie?

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run

5th Q: Where do you live?



6th Q: Where do you work?


7th Q: What do you look like?

very pregnant

8th Q: What do you drive?

I walk

i walk alone

9th Q: What is your favorite TV show?

We don’t have TV, but I did like 3rd Rock.

3rd Rock From The Sun

10th Q: Describe yourself


11th Q: What are you doing today?

Going to music class


12th Q: What did you do last night?


13th Q: What is your name?

my mommy's name

my life as a mommy !

Pretty simple, kinda cute too. Hope you didn’t mind! :)
Feel free to copy this idea over into your next Thursday’s Thirteen if you like the idea.

I think this took me a tops of 20 minutes to finish…that’s way less time than I spent on the Thursday 13 with all the old Deeder baby pics, goodness that took forever!

Anyway, happy May everyone!! I’m so excited for this month…
Darren’s birthday’s coming up, so is Carly’s due date.

Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


Baby Anticipation

In lieu of my excitement over Carly’s approaching arrival I thought I’d share some things I’m looking forward to.

Maybe help myself not concentrate on the daunting approach of once again going through one of the most painful things that womanhood has to offer! It really is worth it and once all said and done, I don’t mind.

So here’s my thirteen.

1. Hearing that first cry. It’s beautiful musical and pure. It says, “Mom, I’m OK. I’m breathing and I’m here.”

2. The moment that the doctor hands her to me and tells me that she’s perfect and that she’s mine.

3. Kissing her little baby lips and telling her that I love her.

4. The first feeding. I hope it’s easier than Deeder’s was. But really that’s one of the things that makes motherhood feel real to me so it’s totally up there on things that I’m looking forward to!

5. Snuggling her next to me and sleeping. Exhaustion after giving birth is immense for both the mommy and new baby, sleep is feels so wonderful then.

6. The first diaper change and bath. Here’s another moment when you think Wow, this little thing is mine and I’m responsible.

7. Coming home. The three days in the hospital with meals brought, and clothing changed and washed by someone else and (almost) uninterrupted bonding time is great, but being home again is wonderful.

8. Watching Deeder with Carly. I know he’ll be great!

9. That day when Carly looks at us and smiles. :)

10. Waking up in the middle of the night. It’s tiresome, everyone knows that…even you who don’t have kids can imagine! It’s a sign too that the baby is healthy and that’s important, there will be time later to sleep.

11. Taking pictures! I’m so looking forward to bring Carly’s little face and fun personality to you. This Mommy will do her best to capture the special moments on “film”.

12. When she learns to say our names. That’s jumping ahead a bit, I realize that. I do have to list it though! I remember how tickled we were when Deeder first said mom and dad.

13. The pride she will have in learning to move, reach and grasp. Oh there’s little like that for a young one! The thrills of beginning to do it on their own!

Interested in helping us celebrate Carly’s birthday?
Click here to visit our Target registry!

Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Favorite Childhood MemoriesThere are far more than 13, but this should give you an idea!

Playing outdoors.

We spent endless hours playing outside in our big yard (and in the woods behind) this is such a rare thing these days for kids. I’m thankful I had it!

Imaginary Play.

With no TV in our lives most of what we did was make-believe. In this pic Sarah and I are giving our stuffed animals a tea party–um, I guess that’s what’s up with the tea cups being stuck on their snouts!

New babies.

We had a new family member just about every eighteen months. We were always over joys to have a new beautiful brother or sister. I even remember the birth of the brother who is right in line after my twin and I–he was born during naptime! Or perhaps I’ve just heard the story so many times that I think I remember.


We always had lots of animals, and although sometimes the feeding automatically became my mom’s job all of us children participated in the loving. A dog, cats, chickens, goats, rabbits, gerbils (at one point I had 99), fish, birds, hermit crabs, etc.

My brother Philip.

We were best pals as kids and continued to be close thru the teen years, and in college. I think I was always proud of him for how good he was at things and figured that the more I hung out with him the more I’d be like him, and he let me. If that was my plan, it didn’t really work! He turned out to be a super smart computer programmer person, and I just turned out to be a person. haha. Oh well! Thanks for always being such a good friend to me, Phip!

Those last years.

The few years before I got married and moved away; I got to see everyone growing up into young adults, embrassing their talents and interests and growing in their faith in God. Pictured are my twin and I at age 20 (Sarah in pink and the really goofy looking gal is me).

Family Vacations to Grampa and Gramma Tarons.

Every other summer my family would drive up to Inverness California and stay for a week with the paternal grandparents. My grampa restores old boats as a hobby and would always take us out sailing.

Story Time.

My mom would lay down on the floor and we children would gather around her in the fashion shown above. That’s me next to her holding the doll (JamButter), little Debra is seen bringing another story. As I recall, there wasn’t any rule about how many books were read…we children would just bring the books and my mom would read them out loud. We frequented the county library, checking out huge piles on each visit.

My dad playing the guitar and singing for us.

It’s one of those memories that I’ll treasure always. It’s hard really even to tell you why this was so special to all of us, it just was. My dad worked long hours as a carpenter during our growing up years and we loved when he could be home. His singing and playing were very comforting and loads of fun. I can’t do either, the best I can do is appriciate.

Folding Laundry

Can you believe I’m listing that? Really though, it was fun! Since almost as far back as I can remember it was the job of us girls to sort the clothing and fold it. We’d dump all the boy clothes in a basket and fold the other stuff. :P

Riding Bikes

I never was any good at biking beyond the riding a kid does, in fact I haven’t been on one in years.

Motorhome adventures!

We never went really really far, but it was loads of fun!

Being a favorite!

This is me at 11 with my brother Seth. As tale has it, Seth had a special love for me; I could comfort him when he was feeling teary as a baby and almost always was put in charge of supervising him. People who didn’t know us would ask if he was “mine.” While that was pretty insane, considering I was only 11, I felt pretty special. In my 20th year happy birthday card signed by my whole family Seth wrote, “I still love you, Lars.” That made me cry. So cute! Fond memories…

PS: I have to add that I love each and everyone of my siblings—that would have to be a whole separate post.

Back row: Philip, Sarah, Michael, Dad, Mom, Kayla, and me holding Deeder. Front row: Rebecca, Lydia, Seth, and Debra.

(early photo credits go to my mom for remembering where they all were, and to my dad for taking them)