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Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, April 10th, 2008


13 Things I’m Glad We Bought for Baby


Gone are the days when all you needed were diapers and clothes. The list items that are marketed to parents as being baby essentials is virtually endless, and *so* costly!

Here’s a list of the things I’m glad we bought:


I think I’ll get more use out of it with Carly than with Deeder since we bought it when he was a little older. It came from Darren’s co-worker Jen, she sold it to us for $40. Certainly worth the price! We lived in a really small apartment and I didn’t have much space for baby things–it’s very compact.


Deeder spent so many of his early months in the walker. It was a highchair, a comfy place to nap (accidentally), and a safe way to explore the world all in one. This one was from WalMart. $44.96


Sets. While Deeder loves all of his toys–he even continues to enjoy the toys that came with his baby gym! He especially enjoys the toys that come in themed sets. Pictured above is the very first one that we bought him–it’s a block’s carwash, in case you can’t tell. We bought it on sale at Baby’s R Us for $14.89


The time did come when we decided that we should buy a highchair. Sadly, the walker didn’t quite do the trick forever. We went for the Fisher Price Healthy Care Highchair, retailing at $90 from Babies R Us. Deeder refuses to be put in it anymore, but even so…I think we got a good deal of use out of it. The snap off top of tray makes for easy washing and it’s just all in all a no-nonsense-no-extra-frill design which is what I wanted.


The baby gym. I think every child should have one. At that stage where they are attentive to their environment and interested in everything but aren’t able to roll are scoot their way to the things that capture their fancy. Also, the toys are positioned at the perfect procimity from the child for them to see (young babies have limited eye sight–they can see from about the distance from laying on your lap or cradled in your arms to your face) but not grab.


The Bumble Ride! Since I don’t drive Daddy said that I should have the Mercedes of strollers. We did our best! This stroller retailed at $450, so far it’s been totally worth it. The Bumble Ride Indie is our second stroller. Our first was a Graco, back when we thought that a stroller was just a stroller! We paid $90 and I wore down the plastic tires before even getting a years worth of use out of it, that wasn’t good. So I’d say if you do a lot of walking, skip the plastic and go for something sturdy–if I were to wear through the tubing on one of these tires I could just go down to the bike shop and get another, that’s cool.


Teddy. He was a gift (from Grampa and Grandma Harr) so I don’t know what his retail value is. His emotional value is beyond anything else Deeder owns. He carries Teddy with him all around the house and absolutely must have him at bedtime. Teddy’s hair is matted and his once sparkly black bead eyes are dull and turning grey from months of baby snuggles. He smells like Deeder and I love him too.


The red chair. I paid $1 for this at our local thrift store. It’s Deeder’s place to sit downstairs where he feels like a big person. Isn’t he sweet? I think it’s important for kids to have a few things that are child sized…just think how frustrating living in a world where everything is too big could be. Granted, a kid who loves to climb as much as mine does finds fun in it, but still, a spot that’s just for you is nice.


We finally scored on the perfect sippy for Deeder! It’s almost too perfect. He’s as attatched to it as some kids are to their pacifiers. $4.39 from Walmart.


Used clothing. All of Deeder’s baby things, actually even some up to size 3T, have come from garage sales in North Dakota. I really appriciated having used things when it was the stage of leaky diapers! Since the clothes weren’t new I wasn’t incredibly obsessed with keeping them stain free. Also it was a lot cheaper than new and really, most of them were in pretty good shape since kids who wear 0-3 aren’t outside rough and tumble playing! A huge thank you to Deeder’s Aunt Kim for doing the shopping for us! If you have a relative who is addicted to send hand stores or yard sales, totally employ their services!


When Deeder was a baby the Bumbo chair was all the rage. You HAD to have it. Pretty much it’s a booster seat for infants. It’s marketed for 14 weeks to 14 months. I didn’t get much use out of it when Deeder was small, even so I do think that I’ll be buying the now available tray that attaches for use with Carly. The seat retails at $30 from just about any marketer. We bought ours at Target.


This was another must have. It’s a baby moses basket and can be found at many chain stores and all over the internet. They’re surprisingly expensive. They’re between $50 and $200 new. I bought mine off ebay for $20. It’s as basic as they get and the included bedding was torn a little and the mattress stained. Despite the cosmetic flaws my son loved it. All his daytime naps were taken in the moses basket. It was the perfect place for him to stretch out on a hot day (no air conditioning in our apartment and what a hot summer it was!). The dream ended as soon as he learned to roll over.


Battery powered toys. I planned to be the kind of parent who supplies their child with imagination powered toys, unfortunately at some point in time the tables were turned and imagination powered wooden toys became more expensive than the plastic battery operated ones. This is an incredibly sad thing! Of course I could simply not put the batteries in. Hmm. That didn’t happen. Anyway, I wanted to end in a word on that. Deeder enjoys his toys that do something very much. He’s careful with them and uses them correctly, it’s a joy to watch really. They are just really annoying to maintain because they run through their batteries so quickly.

Speaking of toys check out this give away on FiveMinutesForMom

The truth is, Deeder has far more than 13 things on his toy shelf! And I would have a very hard time making any kind of give-away pile even worth mentioning if we were to decide to downsize what he has for the move to Washington. I’m glad that he plays with all of his things, at same time I don’t think that having every single one is requisite for him being a happy well adjusted child. Anyway, there’s my list…I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun writing it! Building this Thursday’s Thirteen took at least double time compared to the list I made on Darren last week–mostly because I had to search through the bloggy archives for pictures!
Happy Thursday. :)

Thursday’s Thirteen

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


13 Things about Darren


Deeder’s daddy was born May 18th, 1968.

As a boy he wanted to be veterinarian.

He loves to drive. His first vehicle was a pickup truck that his dad bought for him. Darren’s very fond of telling the story–he was 14.

As a kid, Daddy loved dogs, just like Deeder. His room was full of stuffed dogs, dog figurines and plastered with dog posters. He got his first puppy 14 years ago from a farmer in North Dakota.

When we want to eat out but aren’t sure where to go, we often end up at Pizza Hut. Daddy says it brings back memories from home.

Photography is Daddy’s official hobby. I think he has three film using cameras that sit up in his office, nearly aniques by today’s digital world. He owns the Nikon D200 which is a digital and so stoked with amazing capabilities that he feels that he hardly has a grasp yet for what it can do.

He enjoys cooking, and will even give “clean up” a go! Knoephla is one of his favorites.

Daddy loves to sing! Mommy is impressed by how many 70’s and 80’s things he has deeply ingrained in his music soul. She can’t help but laugh since they’re all so before her time! hehe.

Daddy isn’t a morning person. But he lets Deeder jump on his head in the way too wee hours of the morning!

At work Daddy is a psychiatric nurse.

Daddy doesn’t plan to blog for Mommy when she’s down and out. Uncertain future for Blog 365.

Deeder’s daddy was a farmer once. He hopes that someday we can have a hobby farm, so that the kids will “learn to work.”

Most of all, Darren loves God. He says that what’s really important is that we live near a good church so that Carly and Deeder can grow up with Christian friends and know that there are other people who love the Lord. I think he’s right and I’m thankful that having that is a priority for him!


thanks, Cadet, for the pictures!

Thursday’s Thirteen: trying it out this week

Thursday, March 27th, 2008


13 Things about Oraeley


I’m blogging instead of excising and may later feel guilty about it.

I don’t feel weird about bringing in the trash bins from the side of the road in my pjs and bathrobe though I know people might second glance me.

I eat icecream at night as if it were calorie free.

I can’t spell but write anyway–with much help from so that no one will notice.

I have only one child and feel swamped.

All my friends live online, and I’ve found that stay-at-home-mom is more common than I previously thought.

img_3794small.jpgDespite attempts to not do so, I constantly compare myself to other people, and take advice that I don’t really agree with deep inside.

My hair doesn’t have highlights because I know I wouldn’t take time to get touch ups.

I think of going back to college but have no idea when I would do it.

The life I live is a dream that I didn’t know I had.

In my opinion baby toes are adorable; I photograph them far too often.

I went to college but have forgotten a significant number of scientific facts and math formulas that I supposedly committed to memory.

Sometimes I wish I had a “real” job despite having made the decision to stay at home with my children (at least until they’re in school!)

Opinions on this meme? I know many of you participate, but am I doing too many memes already? Scroll down or click here if you missed this morning’s post. :)