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Mommy Fest 2008

Monday, May 12th, 2008

This week I’m linking up to a bloggy party for mommies all over the vast world of Internet land. This one is hosted by a site called Mommyfest and is similar to the Ultimate Blog Party that I joined a couple months ago. This one is celebrating it’s 5th year running, pretty cool. :)

I was so addicted to blog hopping during the Ultimate Blog Party that I stayed up at least an hour past my bedtime each of the seven days that it ran. Now that’s silliness!

If you’re here for the first time let me give you a quick low down on the author of “Oraeley: My Site” and say Welcome!


me and my one year old co-author

My name is Laura and I’m 23.
I graduated from community college in 2005 with an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. It was incredibly time consuming and at the end, although I did learn some pretty cool things, I felt like I’d been cheated. All those hours and months (adding up to three years) of my life had been spent training for an occupation that I couldn’t even make a living wage on!

I tell people that I plan to go back to school, but I think that’s just for looks. Looking at in an eye of honesty and reality I don’t know when making something out of myself would happen. Or even what I would do! For now I’m Honey, Babe, and Mommy and that’s OK with me! It’s a good occupation, high paying in every way that counts for me right now. It’s energy draining but the emotional highs that I get from this job are hard to beat!

September 10th, 2005 I married my husband Darren. It was a beautiful wedding, as close to perfect as I think we ever could have wished it to be.

The following summer our son Diederick (Deeder) was born. And now, less than two years later we’re excitedly awaiting the arrival of our daughter, Carly.

Blogging has been part of my life coming up on 3 years now.
My brother bought me this domain name for my 19th birthday but it wasn’t I became engaged and wanted to write about my wedding planning that I began using as a blog.

I also enjoy taking pictures. I’m no real artist with photography, but I sure do enjoy it! Taking pictures helps me glue moments into my mind–the kind of tiny things that I’d otherwise forget.

Well that’s a quick run through. Please do feel free to stay and browse around a bit, I totally hope you come back sometime. Maybe even subscribe to my feed and make me part of your daily reading?

Comment and I’ll be sure to drop by your site. Thanks so much for stopping in!

For other MommyFest participating bloggers, click here.
Did I mention that there are prizes involved?? You know how crazy I am about those! So this one is running May 12 thru 16th.
If you’re a mom and you blog, go on over and sign up. It’s bound to be fun! :)