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Faith in Things Unseen

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Me: “When do you think Abegayle’s going to come, Car?”

Carly: “I don’t know, Mommy. But I’ll ask God.
God, when is my Baby Sister going to come to Mommy?”
C (in deeper voice): “In four weeks, Dear One.”

Then to me, Carly said, “Mommy, God says you have to wait for a while.”
I asked her if she talks to God a lot like that and she replied that, “Yes, because He fixed me.”

The faith that a 3-year-old can have in things unseen, while adults struggle to find that something deeper and bigger than themselves. Carly just accepts and believes in a way that fascinates me.

And when was it that I told her there were four weeks left on her sisters gestation? Anyway, she’s right. I do (Lord willing) have a while to wait yet for that second daughter.

But, in case Abe’s early–the bags are packed, and I’m a ready to go. Right now Darren and I are just asking for a healthy baby and a safe delivery like the others. Carly says she has faith in God because he’s taken care of her–I have faith too, he does care for his dear ones.

Thursday: Big Girl

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I couldn’t believe I was leaving Carly! And she was fine. Infact, she had so much fun that she just can hardly wait for her next day at Preschool!

Diederick’s getting ready too, practicing writing his teacher’s name. His first day of school will be tomorrow.

It really was like this was the first day she’s a big girl, I guess in the same way that she seemed so grown up when I brought her baby brother home from the hospital or when she wasa really officially potty trained. So I mark this Thursday as a day that she grew up, just a little more than she was the day before.

PS: I have no idea what the password is here. Or how that was set up!

New Years Resolutions

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I’m with the millions who list “loose weight” but it’s not on the top tippity top.

My resolutions kind of evolve as the year goes on as my challenges change. Pretty much over all of it I need to be content, happy, appreciative and patient.

Prayer and faith need to continue to be bigger in my daily walk through whatever it is I’m doing.
GOD is in control and I’m nothing more than a servant here, not any sort of boss at all.

I want my kids to learn the same things and I so make it up as I go along.

(This isn’t sounding as good as I thought it would!!)

How about I skip to what I hope are short term goals or at least more specific goals:

Get Carly potty trained.
December09 124
She’s working hard at it, and I’m really trying to be patient. I’m still overwhelmed with relief on Deeder being *finally* done with diapers and just so hoping that Carly wont take as long to train as her older brother did.

For Koen I wish to continue helping him be healthy wealthy and wise.
December09 123
Early to bed, early to rise equals health and weath…in the case of a baby, lots of “booby juice” <--(Deeder word for breast milk) Koen is happy, just now starting to smile for us and make those precious ah goo and uh boo sounds. Although quite prone to upper respiratory wheeziness and cough he’s healthy. And the sleeping is no problem…he does that all the time, gradually spending more of the day light hours awake.

And for Diederick:
December09 125
A long term and always present challenge:
Keep him challenged and involved in an attempt to keep him out of mischief. I see already that he’s totally the role model for Carly (and no doubt, for Koen as he’s older) so keeping him in line is hugely important.

What else?
I’ve just bought more cloth diapers. I am vowing to never again by disposable. OK, I know better than to vow a thing like that. But really, I’d be quite proud of myself if I could pull that one off.
Also, I think that those of you who learned to cut hair before having kids were very wise to do so! My poor Deeder suffers regularly from my neglecting to aquire hair snipping skills.

For Daddy:

He’s on my list, but that’s none of your business. :)

Carly Annalise Taryn: 10 Months

Monday, April 6th, 2009


Carly’s such a character. It’s certainly that age where her own personality bubbles forth and she’s more than just a baby who cries when she needs to eat or have a diaper change. She now complains when attention isn’t being paid her. She doesn’t want to miss out on any chances to discover the world and is positive that I ought not miss the honor of witnessing her findings.


Carly loves to eat, cookies in particular. With the addition of two teeth this month her chewing abilities have doubled with now two teeth on top and on bottom. We really think that she out does Deeder in eating capabilities, even their difference in age considered. Weeks ago she outgrew Gerber foods, now she only eats what we do–I don’t even need to do much of a mushing up job on her food, she loves texture in her meals. She’s never been quite the picky eater that her brother was, I find that it’s me who limits the amount and variety of what she has.


Carly’s a friend. She smiles at anyone, usually getting a smile and compliment back. Who can’t love a little angel like her, she just has sunshine and love radiating from her sweet baby face.

Carly can pull herself up to standing and crawls everywhere in between. Along with pulling herself up to look out the window or up on the couch she’s begun clinging to my pantleg in effort to be picked up.

Carly wants anything that Deeder has and can really turn on the water works when she doesn’t get it. He knows how this game is played and how to handle it–eventually he just gets as far away from her bringing his toys with him because she isn’t happy to have just one toy, she needs them all.

Carly Annalise Taryn: 8 Months

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


This month Carly cut two teeth.
She also fussed plenty, smiled and is learning some words.
She seems to have read the baby language development book and is starting from the top. With smiles, gooing/cooing. One of her most applauded is “DahDah” she says it when she sees Darren, I’m sure it entirely makes him feel like a million bucks. :)

As she has since she was born, she adores big brother. It doesn’t matter what he does she loves him–he hasn’t been bad really, I just know that even if he were she’d still want to be as near as possible to him. She currently enjoys grabbing toys away whenever Deeder looks like he’s really involved with it. She laughs in her little way and waits for him to react.

Carly is a ball of energy and frustrated that she can only sit and reach. She wants more than is physically possible–she wants to fly.