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   Dec 31

New Years Resolutions

I’m with the millions who list “loose weight” but it’s not on the top tippity top. My resolutions kind of evolve as the year goes on as my challenges change. Pretty much over all of it I need to be content, happy, appreciative and patient. Prayer and faith need to continue to be bigger in […]

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   Feb 18

Deeder, Carly and I spent the day at our new house. I brought my camera along to get some snaps of us in the place empty. As long as it doesn’t last too long eating on the empty kitchen floor and napping in sleeping bags is fun and ought to be remembered. We were also […]

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   Feb 09

Picture Perfect

The quality of these pictures is horrible–grainy, dark, over exposed. But check out what’s going on… Deeder’s playing with Carly–hey, SHARING with Carly! He sees me taking pictures of this amazing moment. And then goes and gets his camera to do what he’s seen me do so many times before. Capturing the moment. Slight difference […]

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   Jan 23

You Ask Too Many Questions

Word of advice from my dad tonight: You ask too many questions I didn’t need half a second to realize exactly what he was talking about. During Diederick and my time together I continually ask him what he would like to do. In my mind it’s a cover up for shouting at him, insisting that […]

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   Dec 28

Walking Together

Deeder loves to help Carly learn, I hope it’ll always be that way! In this case he’s moving the walker forward… Which Carly, like her brother before her, can’t do alone.

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