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A Day to Smile

Monday, February 9th, 2009

1. My brother Micheal’s eye is doing well after surgery. AND University of Washington has said that they will cover all the costs, which is huge. The surgery was on Friday and it was today that my dad took Michael to Seattle for the doctor to check on how healing is going–it’s fine and Mitch doesn’t have to be back for a couple weeks. We’re all incredibly thankful for God’s provision through this; 40 years ago (or less) doctors would have been able to do nothing more than apologize and tell him that he was blind for life. Click here for an explanation on what a detached Retina with seven holes means. In my brother’s case it was most likely brought on by his being extremely nearsighted.

2. We had our final “walk through” of our new house. Next time we come through the door it’ll be as owners–keys and all, ready to move in. The builder went through a detailed inspection on our new house, or Lot 9, marking little bits that need touching up before we move in. The closing on our new place should be complete within the next week.


Carly, 8 1/2 months old

This is It!

Friday, January 16th, 2009

There’s that saying about putting carts before horses and counting chickens before they’re hatched.

Right now I feel like we’re so close that it’s just hard to have an objective attitude.


Darren and I standing in the doorway looking like responsible grown ups who think of everything.


Carly and Deeder sitting by the living room fireplace




(Porch is off the kitchen and dining area)


on with the tour through the hall and on to the three bedrooms and bath. Sorry about forgetting to turn the lights on in the bedrooms, kinda weird of me.



For some reason I didn’t take pictures of the closets or anything, but I’m sure you don’t really care about that, or the bathrooms. They’re certainly nothing huge, but totally fine.




Next back down the stairs and into the basement which has a bathroom and three rooms that could be converted into bedrooms/play room space. The washer and drier hook ups are also down there.






Neighbors behind the house…

And to both sides

Our monthly payments including everything would be about even with what we paid in rent at our last place in Vermont. Darren called me on his cell to let us know that he got approved for the loan that we’ll need. Just a couple more steps and this house could be ours.

I’m praying that this will work out.

As for the carts before horses and chickens hatching–I’m watching and trying to be the best wait and see kind of person that I possibly can be.

Going in Tomorrow

Friday, January 16th, 2009




This may be the house for us, folks.

Darren looked at it as well as two other homes in this new development earlier today. The kids and I will go in tomorrow morning to see what we think.

I’ll be bringing my camera so that you people can go in tomorrow too. Be ready to comment. :)

This house looks so big! Darren and I could raise Deeder and Carly and our other 10 kids here, right?

Oh happy day!

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

We found the place that will hopefully be home for the next year or so. It’s a 3br, 2bath deplex in the city where Darren works, near shopping and our church.

Darren filled out the paperwork last night right after we saw it. Today we should find out if it’s a go–the people who are living there now have to be out within the next week.

Thanks so much, Zoae, for telling us about this house…we’re looking forward to being neighbors with you!

First Play Date at Our Place

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Today I was thinking of writing a Thursday’s 13 on Thirteen Things We’re Looking for in a Home. That’d be a timely post as we’re considering buying a house within the next few months, Spring time certainly may be a reasonable time to do that.

Instead though I decided that it’d be more fun to tell you about our very first official play date at my parents house. :)

One of my friends from church came over with her two little guys–
The oldest is going to be 3 in February and the youngest is around Carly’s age, a month older I think.

Diederick had enjoyed showing his buddy around the house. Our friends have come over before, twice already this week but this was the first time that they’ve been over without a crowd of other people.
The boys did share, but did require a few reminders.

I learned a lot from this play date, about two-year-old behavior management. It’s awesome to have another mom’s suggestions on these things. Deeder and I really are working hard on becoming cooperative Mom and Tot team, it takes effort to have all that ironed out in an effiicent way.

We had lunch together after nearly 2 1/2 hour play time. Then our friends headed home for naps. My Deeder is napping now too, Carly however got her down time in before they arrived and was pretty low key during the visit.

The kiddos woke up at 6:40 rather than their usual 7:30 to 8-ish morning rising today because we were thinking of going into town with Darren this morning to look at a house to rent–I’m glad in retrospect that that didn’t work, it would have been too crazy.

Anyway, that’s my story and your Thursday reading on Oraeley. :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, these are up from the archives. The first set are from March and the second are June ’08. Anyone want to tell me why it feels like I just posted these snaps yesterday?

The reposting of them is inspired by my sudden sweaping feeling of nostalgia. I miss my old play date friends as much as I’m thankful for the new ones that are here.
Nostalgia is defined as a feeling of wishing to return to a former time–that’s not quite it, it’s more of a a remembering fondly and appriciating.

Yep. Anyway. Diaper change time, stinky Carly!