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Goodnight, Moon

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

My goodnight moon routine has expanded over the past few days. Boxes line the halls, being continually rearranged as they are filled and set in order according to what order they are to packed in the trailer. Deeder can’t get to sleep unless his room looks the familiar that he knows; I have to move them out of his sight and put them back when he has gotten up so I can get to work again. My night time house hold routine has expanded too with the dishwasher now broken I have to do dishes by hand and keep up on laundry and my other bits of cleaning.

The “old lady whispering hush” comes so late now, or it feels extremely late. How do people move with more than two kids? The whole thing is exciting, but it’s nerve wracking for us too in this stage. Our only chance to really get working on actually loading the trailer is every other Saturday.
We’re getting so close, and with each bit I feel a little embarrased by how much we have. It looks like much more out of storage spots throughout the house, odd how that works.

Anyway, as I was washing dishes I was thinking of that old favorite bedtime book that just about every kid in America knows going years and years back. And since just about every thought is bloggable, here’s Tuesday’s post.

Althought there are no children actually depicted in this story children of all ages may understand it, feeling the same way in their own hearts about the precious things in their lives

If you don’t know the Goodnight Moon book and want to continue considering me to be a sane person, click here. Or you could check it out from the library sometime–I guarantee that they have it as it is a must read. :)

Perhaps the Goodnight Moon-ish feeling is so here because I know that shortly I wont be able to see this house and all the things neatly in their places. There’ll hopefully be a security and neatness somewhere else for me, shortly though this one will be gone–no more goodnights in this room.

Written 8/2/08

The Cozy Place Factor

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

When I moved away from my family I remember saying that I’d miss my bedroom as it was my relaxation and thinking spot. To try to keep that room with my I did the most logical thing I could think of to preserve my special place–packed the works up and towed it across the country in a UHaul. We unloaded the boxes into Darren’s place in New York. The things that I thought were my identity stayed in their boxes, so did my books and my bed too stayed unassembled all closed away in a room never unfolded to create a pleasant part of the past. And you know what? Even though it was sad to walk by that room full of my things it really didn’t matter so much to me–kinda like an old favorite stuffed toy that a child believes that she can’t sleep without.

I guess I wasn’t aware of the importance that this whole cozy place business has on blogging. It really does matter! My thinking doesn’t feel like it unfolds in any beauty, the relaxation bit isn’t there–not quite yet anyway.

The writing happens in my head during my day but pulling it out is a chore now rather than a fun way to wind down the day. All the same, while I hunt for the cozy I enjoy the privilege to be able to blog still being mine.

PS: We have five computers in the house and the one pictured above is the one put in the basement for me to use. :)

Photo Explanations

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

You may have noticed that I’m not putting up as many pictures as I have in the past. The truth is I feel lucky to even be online–putting up pictures isn’t as easy as you’d think it should be. My mom and dad live just outside the high speed internet access zone so their connection varies with the weather and other little things that the average user wouldn’t even have to think about.
So this is my explanation on the absence of the rehearsal pictures I mentioned a while ago and the other daily happening snaps that I used to include on a regular basis.

An update on how we’re doing:

Deeder has a cough that keeps him up at night–that’s been hanging on to him for an annoying length of time. Also his nose is producing a running lake of snot, that is the best and most vivid way of explaining why he has to carry with him a bundle of Kleenex wherever he goes.

Carly is doing a winning job of adapting to her new surrounding. For her where there is food, clothing and comfy sleeping happiness abounds.

Darren and I are now Costco members! I feel like a real grown up now. :)


Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Hurray! Good news!

Daddy has a job already! :)

Orientation starts Wednesday.
The sad part is that it’s just 28 hours a week.

Worth celebrating and being very thankful for despite it not being the absolute ideal. Now we’ll hope that God bless Darren in this so that he might get a position with more hours.


Wednesday, September 17th, 2008


We came in last night at fifteen minutes past midnight.