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   Sep 11


My heart has been excited for September 10th 2015 since September 10th 2005. Because it marks double digit anniversary with Darren. I couldn’t stop smiling that day. There was no appointment for a spray tan, plans to sit in a salon chair and have curlers in my hair or get my nails done. There’d been […]

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   Sep 12

On this day that we mark 9 years

Life gets so congested with the same things. The same arguments resurface and re-mend. The anniversaries approach and pass. The little girl who was my flower girl is a gorgeous 8th grader now and recently statused, “Never Regret Anything that Once Made You Smile” I’ve thought of asking her where it’s from, with each word […]

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   Aug 03

Them Lily Trees

I mentioned the lilies trees that are right outside my house yesterday, so of course have to share them with you, in so much as is possible. A photo is worth a thousand words, but neither can quite describe the scent, only experience holds that treasure. None the less, they only last a matter of […]

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   Sep 26

Save the Date

There are tidbits in time that I hold still continually wishing to remember so that I can write on them. One of those tidbits is the time my sister married her Justin and my grandpa and grandma came from California. I took pictures but missed the wedding. I want to write about it tonight, for […]

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   Jul 29


This is my sister and her boyfriend Justin. They became engaged this past 4th of July and are planning a September 20th 2008 wedding day. If it weren’t 6:30 in the morning there I would call her and tell her how cute I think this picture is! How nice it would be for us to […]

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