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Friday, September 11th, 2015

DSCN0996My heart has been excited for September 10th 2015 since September 10th 2005. Because it marks double digit anniversary with Darren. I couldn’t stop smiling that day. There was no appointment for a spray tan, plans to sit in a salon chair and have curlers in my hair or get my nails done. There’d been no painful exercise regimen gone through over the period of weeks that had made up my engagement. The dress that I bought through an Ebay seller for our day was gorgeous beyond measure in my eyes and went wonderfully with my sequin flip flops from Payless that I’d found (and still have to this day) the sun was shining and the sky was blue with hardly a cloud in sight.

Since we’re Christians I absolutely love tying Bible verses through our marriage, and I think Darren does as well.
He bought me a little wood cut out that says, “Love is patient…Love is kind…Love never ends.” 1 Corinthians 13. It’s shabby chic style, and the word above the those stenciled on pieces of 1 Cor is LOVE all cute and quilty. I’ll keep in in my office window sill or on my tea shelf next to my main desk.

Anniversaries are a terrific opportunity to reflect, be they anniversaries of jobs, home purchases, or in this case, marriage.
All the glory is to God, all the thankfulness for the blessings and just everything that has made us a stronger unit is His doing and worthy of praise. Everyone accustomed to Christianity knows that words, Husbands loves your wives/wives submit to your husbands.

This year my scripture meditation is Proverbs 18:22.

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,
and he receives favor from the LORD.

As I celebrate TEN I don’t celebrate perfection. I celebrate being called a gift from the Lord, which is what I hope you do, reader, as you move through life and commemorate what the Lord has brought you to and through. Another time in scripture that God says that you’re a treasure even before you’ve done a thing is when you’re conceived and born, that’s what Psalm 127:3 says.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.

No matter who you are, whatever stage you’re in, know that you are worth being celebrated. Loving yourself at anniversary, be it 5 or 55, is part of honoring your marriage vows, believe it or not. If you aren’t appreciating who God made you, how can you honor and love the one that the perfect Heavenly Father has placed in your arms?

Honor her or him, with your whole heart. Treasure the moment, capture not just ever year, but take each, not knowing how the next will be.
Tonight, as I sat at dinner with my husband of ten years, I wasn’t excusively thankful for celebrating this monumental moment, I had more. Tonight I didn’t need a lot of words, or big huge smiles. What I needed was mutual appreciation, and we have that. I love the team that Darren and I are together as parents and partners under Christ’s headship.

DSCN0992Two lives coming together to make kids and a story together is huge. This is indeed a precious thing, thought of as common maybe, but to me, prized that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Yes, we can grow.

But God’s word says that this is already a good thing, before growth has been made or a check list of annoying behaviors minimized. I’m prized, I’m love by my Creator and that makes me even that much more able to treasure now, to love yesterdays and to be so eager to celebrate more and more of these anniversaries.
May the moments, days, months and years pile up. Many moments yet to be experienced, memories to be made, and photos to be taken.

Speaking of photos taken, the flowers above are from the flower shop owned and operated by the wonderful woman who did the flowers for our wedding, ten years ago. She’s been arranging flowers for weddings now on to 30 years. I know I took a picture of Cheryl Jackson with these flowers that Darren bought for me today, but I sure can’t find that photo right now! Anyway, I’ll add it if I do.

Congratulations, dear Darren, on 10 years. I love you and am so happy to be by your side. And to anyone else out there celebrating, God bless you as well.

On this day that we mark 9 years

Friday, September 12th, 2014



Life gets so congested with the same things. The same arguments resurface and re-mend. The anniversaries approach and pass. The little girl who was my flower girl is a gorgeous 8th grader now and recently statused, “Never Regret Anything that Once Made You Smile” I’ve thought of asking her where it’s from, with each word beginning in caps perhaps its something from a song or poem. Wherever it’s from, pure brilliance.

I can close my eyes and peal back to pure elation. My heart can dance with glee.

Nine years the day before yesterday, baby!

Darren brought me a gorgeous collection of flowers from the shop where we ordered our flowers for the wedding those days and months ago. The smell of roses and lilies and tiny splashes of more subtle pieces bring me back in a smooth somber way giving me such a thankfulness for the journey that God has given us to take together. I am so well cared for and I know that my being here is appreciated.

We had planned with permission to go to Bellingham for a movie and meal. Two kids were to get off the school bus at my folks and we brought the other two over. Turned out to be too much for the babysitters! The job ended up falling on the guy who was 9 on the day we said, “I do.” He didn’t even try to sugar coat the experience saying, “Dad lost a whole day of work” of dad who was gone to a prayer meeting when we got back to pick the kids up for bedtime…at this point it is completely an accident on my part that the kids became primarily his responsibility–I don’t feel like apologizing since that wasn’t my fault. Ignore it happened? I have done him favors in the past–like rock him to sleep when he was an infant and care for him the first few years of his life. My mom suggested buying him a coffee, I imagine he’d consider accepting a whole month of my allowance more worthy a gift! My brother starts university this fall and should be in an apartment one would imagine.

My sweetie and I went to eat crepes and quiche, at 3 in the afternoon. Why not?! It was just wonderful. Fresh organic locally grown fruit overflowing from a whole wheat crepe with whip cream dollop on top and chocolate zig-zagged across that. <---The diet starts tomorrow! We then went to a movie and strolled around downtown. We bought AJ a pair of little shoes since her boots are too small; we found them in a sweet children's clothing and toy store that we both imagined our children completely laying waste to, well at least we could see so vividly a jostle up of a few of the fancy displays being the fault of our fantastic four. Feeling so blessed to spend time together we headed up to be greeted by my mom just dialing our number to wonder where we were and AJ screaming diaperless on the floor. My poor family! AJ is quite the case! She wasn't to bed until 11pm. We're already planning for our 10th anniversary festivities and we love our kids but they're not coming along! We talked with the children in the morning about listening and being polite. They seemed to all think that they did well and completely viewed the day before as being a yesterday holding no consequences into the current time frame. Sometimes, that's how life is. It looks chaotic, but once you close your eyes and wake again there is nothing but room for another chance. Not because yesterday wasn't perfect but because today is fresh and new as it should be. I want to look forward, and love forward. Passing a tattoo parlor, by the way, on our walk around town I was tempted to go in and be one of those idiots who gets an unplanned permanent marking to commemorate the day. I found this hilarious photo stream the next morning: Feel Better About Your Choices.

Them Lily Trees

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013


july'13 112

july'13 107

I mentioned the lilies trees that are right outside my house yesterday, so of course have to share them with you, in so much as is possible. A photo is worth a thousand words, but neither can quite describe the scent, only experience holds that treasure. None the less, they only last a matter of days at best, two weeks. The lilies are gorgeous and taller and thicker every year; this season the kids could push their weight against the lilies stalk without it breaking. Each year the scent is stronger and the resilience greater. Is that true with your happy memories? Mine are, the further in the past happy points are, the more I appreciate them. In saying that I do not intend to imply that life should be lived inside out, looking back rather than forward, rather in my own way I seek to imply that fond recollections can build passion and belief, even in something elusive, stronger to the point that others can share that love and appreciation for a passion that began possibly before they were even born.

Drawing too much out of flowers when I should really be hitting the laundry? Yeah, OK.
These lilies mean a lot to me; when they first open the smell is intoxicating. Just as a candle might be in it’s ability to rekindle a favorite past time held in presence of such an aroma. For me it’s the calling back of high strung nerves, excitement and uncertainty. The biggest day of my life. Yes. The day I forgot to shave my armpits and said, “I do”

Coming up on 8 years, baby.

Save the Date

Friday, September 26th, 2008

There are tidbits in time that I hold still continually wishing to remember so that I can write on them. One of those tidbits is the time my sister married her Justin and my grandpa and grandma came from California. I took pictures but missed the wedding. I want to write about it tonight, for now I’ll put up the pictures that I snapped at the rehearsal, click here to see.

OK, I know I wont write about it again, so here’s a little of the story…

I felt really sick–like pukey and cold so I had to go to bed just hoping I’d be well enough for the wedding. Saturday morning I woke up nearly unable to talk and with an annoying tickle in my throat.

Kayla took Sarah and my mom’s sister to go get their hair done then dropped them off at the church.

Family photos started by the schedule at 1pm, we made it to the church for that. Sarah wanted to have me stand next to her for a picture and all of us were supposed to stand with the groom and bride in a big group snap. Diederick wasn’t cooperative on the whole family picture idea so we’ll just have to imagine him in when the pack of pictures comes back.

Carly, although not written into the program, started singing in her famous high trilly voice right as everyone was supposed to be turning to see Aunt Sarah come.

Hmm…OK. Not true, Carly and I didn’t see anything at all–not my dad walking Sarah up to the alter, or the exchange of vows.

The truth is that Carly started crying as soon as we were directed where to sit at which point I had to take the baby out.


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

This is my sister and her boyfriend Justin.
They became engaged this past 4th of July and are planning a September 20th 2008 wedding day.

If it weren’t 6:30 in the morning there I would call her and tell her how cute I think this picture is!

How nice it would be for us to get to Washington in time for the wedding. I’ll make sure I tell them that I hope they get a good photographer just in case we don’t make it. congrats, guys!