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New T-shirt and birds

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Gramma Momma sent this cute T-shirt, it arrived on Saturday. :)

I had a hard time getting these pictures because Deeder wanted to see each the instant I took it–he’s absolutely in love with the shirt and fascinated by the camera. He can now say Camera and it’s just so sweet. He says, “Mra”

He’s been doing much better these past couple of days on managing melt downs, and I’m so thankful for it! This morning when I wouldn’t let him have the camera he cried a little but was willingly redirected to playing with his blocks. Excuse the messy bedroom! We actually do clean up quite a bit, it’s just that making a mess is so easy–and by his judgement so much fun! And why not? Toys are meant for playing with.

And birds…

Darren says they’re mourning doves. I’d never seen one before. They came to our yard just yesterday and have been making themselves at home–bravely visiting the bird feeder and walking along the parking lot pavement. Deeder tries catching them like a little kid at the beach chasing after seagulls.
They have the most beautiful call, you can’t hear them in this little clip because I took it from inside the house…perhaps I’ll do better another day.

In other news, both Deeder and I seem to have come down with a cold. Part of life I guess. He’s congested and sneezing, the occasional cough too. My eyes are all runny (yick) and I have a sore throat. Fun stuff. Weird that we’d get sick just as warmer weather is finally coming.
It’s noon now and both my boys are sleeping. Darren got home from work three hours late and Deeder’s extra tired because his stuffy nose kept him up last night.
I have an easy lunch planned–I’ll get that together as soon as Darren’s up. For now I think I’ll go lay down for a few minutes.

I hope all of you are having a good Monday so far. :)

ouchies and congratulations

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


The Congratulations first! :D

My friend Camilla from the church that we used to go to is getting married…

I love weddings! The date exact date is yet unknown, sounds like a June wedding though.

Elliott Neff is the lucky groom-to-be. His mom taught Sarah, Michael and I how to read. Cool, huh?
That was a million years ago, well…not quite that long ago, but yeah…I’m very grateful for her for forcing me to learn, for some reason I was bound and determined not to. You can tell, right? I mean with my persistence on using run on sentences, fragments and loads of comma splices! I do know how to write correctly, I just never do it. Adds a bit of spice.

I believe Elliott has been my brother Philip’s roommate at some point or another. I’m pretty out of touch on that kind of thing. My mom and dad met Dr. and Mrs. Neff eons ago, my mom even used to babysit for their kids. Dr. Neff was/is our family chiropractor for many a year. He used to give my mom adjustments daily when she was pregnant with my twin and I–feel free to correct me, Mom, if I’m remembering that story correctly!


The newly weds!

Camilla and two of her sisters (Samantha and Hannah) helped a lot with my wedding–joining forces with my sisters in the department of hair curling to music and everywhere in between! Lots of good memories. I think I had a whole bottle of hairspray in my hair before the girls finished with me! I wish I had more pictures that I could direct you to, but I can’t seem to find any. The music that they provided was absolutely lovely! Piano by Camilla and her sisters during both the wedding, and at the reception. All of the guests complimented us later on how wonderfully they did.

So congratulations, Camilla and Elliott and to your families too. I hope there are plenty of pictures put up online after the event, I know it will be grand! :D

Now for the Ouchies.


Lets just say I’m glad it’s me who has the doctors appointment tomorrow and not Diederick! The story for that bleeding scratch on his cheek:

I had him outside and he bent down to touch to pick up a glob of snow and then slipped on the solid sheet of ice he was standing on and …
when his cheek hit the frozen chunk of snow his soft baby flesh split open.


This happened yesterday when I took him out after nap, about 4:30-ish. The slush of the parking lot had frozen over and we were being careful to stay off it. The lighting outside was awesome so Mommy was having lots of fun snapping pictures of things, frozen dirty and cold things. Deeder was walking around and blabbering cheerfully about things that he was seeing and touching.

I thought I was keeping an eye on him. Somehow though I wasn’t for an important second in time. There he was off on the ice of the parking lot. I was afraid of falling myself so I just stood there and tried to coax him back to safe ground. He spotted a snow ball shaped hunk of frozen snow and bent to pick it up. It was stuck fast to the ice and his unsuccessful tug at it set off his balance. Down he went smack on his face. The evilness of Mommy for not grabbing him up in the first place, for taking her eyes away at that one moment! The potential danger of the ice to my own person didn’t matter anymore and off I skated across the ice to my little dear heart. In we went to the house for a warm cup of cocoa, some crackers with cheese, and a nice long tubby time. He cried while I cleaned his owie, wailing “oggie…oggie…oggie”. So of course I let him sit on lap and watch his favorite YouTube doggie video over a few times on the computer.

After bath we must have sat and read in his room for at least half an hour before he asked to get in bed. This morning he seems just fine. I hope it doesn’t leave a scar! In future outdoor adventures I’ll be MUCH more careful.


A lovely lifeless plant poking itself out from the snow covered porch

feeling like a flashback…

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Today’s rainy and just plain ole messy. Rather than writing about that again for the millionth time I thought I’d just do a flash back post; I’ve never done one of those before. Oh and we’re expecting up to seven more inches of snow tonight.

This one comes from August 6th, 2005:


This afternoon my mom and I went to the grocery store and the music store. When we were getting ready to leave our parking spot downtown a little boy who had been walking along the sidewalk waved at us and said hi. We waved back at him. His parents were engaged in conversation and didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t right next to them.
“Wait Mama!” he called to his mother and took a couple steps towards the car, close enough to touch me through the open car window. He handed me a pink flower that he’d been clasping his hand.
The mother, then aware of her child’s absence, came back with a don’t-talk-to-strangers expression and hurried him away. I recognized the little flower blossom as one that would come from the large hanging baskets that are near the shop entrances along Front Street, but the boy I had never seen before. To this my mama said, “Well you’ll have to tell Darren that a young man gave you flowers today.” At home I found it a little glass, filled the glass with water and sat it near the window.

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough to remember that…

CONGRATULATIONS, you really rock!
Thanks for sticking it out with me for so long :)

Isn’t that a cute story though? I still remember it.

I Am Pleased to Announce…

Monday, October 10th, 2005


To view them go to then click on “View Your Wedding”
Another window should open…

Just look for our names, you should be able to view the album there.

Btw, these will only be online for a month.

Moving Day

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

Darren and I were married on Saturday and left on Wednesday. It took five hours total to box up all of our things, load up the UHaul and completely rid my room of all Laura-ness.

Yep, that’s right. My much loved room is now stripped of carpet, furniture, and wall paper. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Sort of sad too.

For all I know, the room is now full of my dad’s things. I imagine it now containing his computer, drafting table and plotter. He’ll be in there with clients soon. It’s his new office.

Oh well. It’s good to use the space. Now I’m looking forward to meeting my new house and putting my furniture in it.

The travelling has been ok. Nothing too eventful. Darren says that we’ll be in New York by next Friday. Currently we’re visiting his family in ND.