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   Oct 29

Grain Belt Beer

Wordless Wednesday OK, nearly wordless wednesday… I think this one requires explanation. This was one of the snaps I took of Deeder when we were visiting the big buffalo in North Dakota–they have a little town there that’s supposed to be authentic frontier village set up, here he’s in the bar.

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   Oct 13

Photo For Today

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   Oct 12

Pioneer Post Office, ND

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   Sep 18

Blogging by Hand

In ND and our other locations my head was brimming over with blog post ideas and most of them I wrote out by hand. At first it was tough, since I’m used to capturing thought on keys on a board rather than with a pen and paper. Now here I am, back at the home […]

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   Sep 16

Messing With Nature

Remember Deeder’s friend Stone? Deeder used to sit next to Stone with his arm around the little black dog, talking as if Stone weren’t made of ceramic. While watching my son play outdoors the other day, I was reminded of Stone. Deeder was riding and rearranging Grampa’s lawn ornaments. My father-in-law adorns his little spot […]

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