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   Dec 01

Nablopomo 08 Comes To An End…

The 2008 edition of the National Blogging Month included 10,912 blogs from the world round. I wonder what the final number is for those who actually wrote each day and howthat’s kept track of. Somehow here at Oraeley.com the 24th of October was skipped so in keeping with the whole 30 days straight deal I […]

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   Nov 29

Finally Smiling Again

Deeder with Auntie Cadet And more importantly, eating and drinking. Diederick went two days with no interest in water or food, and with a temperature of 103.5 at night. During the day he had this clammy, sweating and coolish feel to him; his face looked flushed and he was sluggish and quick to cry. The […]

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   Nov 28

Faithful Blogging

All I feel in shape for telling you tonight is that I’m well suited for discribing myself as TIRED. Visit my mom over at Mom’s Musings for a nice read. She writes great poetry and is so good at fulfilling her mommy house busyness that she’s beem fitting in some fun writing. Click here for […]

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   Nov 28

Table Time

Our family has always enjoyed board games, card games and all that other stuff, seems Deeder is following in that family favorite foot step. While we had the games out he was able to forget for a little while how miserable he felt with his high temperature and stuffy nose. His temp is currently 103.5 […]

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   Nov 27

More like reading

Deeder’s been fever-ish the last couple of days, we’re thinking he’s caught whatever bug it is that Aunties have been fighting off. Hopefully he too will shake it off soon, without antibiotics maybe? GrammaMomma took us out to Costco to help her do a little pre-Thanksgiving feast grocery shopping, that was nice. Both Carly and […]

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