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   May 02

When she first came home

We were given two photo albums by Darren’s co-workers and one of those Your Baby by the Month books that’s like a calander with cool little stickies (thanks, GrammaMomma!). As I take pictures of my new little girl I try to make mental sticky notes on “This one’s a save” or “That one is a […]

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   Feb 28

Abegayle’s Here

Abegayle Joy arrived on Saturday at 1:33pm. I started laboring at 11pm Friday night and went in what felt like 10 am in the morning. I didn’t take much opportunity to glance at the clock, actually I didn’t count contractions being a steady three minutes apart before getting in the car with Darren and my […]

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   Jan 27

Baby5: Pregnancy Update

Still pregnant here. I’m 38 weeks with Abegayle, and certainly feeling Any Day Now-ish. But haven’t I been saying that since 36 weeks? This waiting period isn’t any easier than ever it has been. I actually thought that being a Winter pregnancy the wondering and waiting wouldn’t be as big of a deal. So. 38 […]

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   Jan 10

Faith in Things Unseen

Me: “When do you think Abegayle’s going to come, Car?” Carly: “I don’t know, Mommy. But I’ll ask God. God, when is my Baby Sister going to come to Mommy?” C (in deeper voice): “In four weeks, Dear One.” Then to me, Carly said, “Mommy, God says you have to wait for a while.” I […]

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   Sep 22

girl names girl names girl names

Right now the baby’s name is Abby Joy. But for me it’s so simple, a little too simple. So I still spend time with my nose in the baby name book. Aanor Kharmen Kerstyn Lenya Maitilde Renae Dailen Phoebe Jocelle Abbe, Abby, Abbie, Abigail Joy, Joille, Jocelyn Some couples enjoy keeping the name a secret […]

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