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Angel Tree 2018

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Made it. Yes!!!!

Angel Tree, 2018

Monday, December 4th, 2017

So it’s Angel Tree season. That thing where I pick a child to sponsor in an effort to raise 1K by New Years.

In years past I’d cry and pray, think of nothing other than how I could raise more money.
Last year the name of the fundraiser got changed to MACC, which stands for Miracle Adoption Christmas Campaign, or something like that.
In 2016 the little boy who is called Kolya on Reece’s Rainbow died. My heart was torn in a million pieces and came back together not the same. Instead of believing I could raise money and save lives I grew seeds of bitterness and suppression, which really works out for people around me since being mad, sad and disappointed is a lot quieter than what I was doing before.
It used to be that ornaments with the child’s face and country on them cost a donation of $25. Now they’re about 1/3 the size they were, aren’t sent out for anything below a $35 donation.

Perhaps it was the fundraisers change of name, the decreased quality in last years ornaments, jacked up prices or Kolya’s death that changed me, either way, I still signed up. This year for a beautiful little boy from Kolya’s country called Franklin. Today’s date is December 4th, and the only money in his “MACC” account is the cut of the $35 donation which comes to $27 for the child. Doesn’t seem fair. HOWEVER, from years of being a sponsor in this fundraiser I know that as the season closes, magically annonomous donors show up and fill the children’s accounts…kind of like Santa for the kids whose parents can’t afford to put gifts under the tree.

I’ll be thrilled when/if those donors fill Franklin’s proverbial stalking with whatever remains to be put in there to meet the 1K goal. Like the child who hears that Santa Clause isn’t real, I know that that money that I’d literally beg for truly isn’t going to bring this child home.

Boy am I ever glum tonight!! Perhaps it’s just more present issues, like that the trash didn’t get taken out and is entirely full…that the kitchen isn’t clean, lunches aren’t packed and maybe a bit of regret that I’m subbing for a week at the high school. At any rate, tomorrow will come and the day after that.

Nearly December

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Well October zoomed by! It’s December 27. This month I subbed a week at an elementary school and this Friday begin a week at the high school where I’ll work for a para educator who I haven’t met before. This month also begins my adventure of homeschooling Diederick. Busy times!

I hardly keep up with my housework, but not in the way I used to. How it is now is so much nicer than when the kids were younger. In those times I spent at least 80% of my time at home alone with the kids, broken apart only by Darren’s days off. I could easily go all day without speaking to another adult. Now that I’m hired to substitute teach I have such a nice variety of experience and scenery less mundanity in pace. So even though my house still cannot clean itself, with the children in school and myself away it doesn’t get quite as cluttered.

As for Diederick beginning homeschool. School has become so fast paced that he’s lagging behind. Darren and I decided that since we are able we ought to give him the opportunity through homeschool to slow down where he needs, and even move quicker in areas that he has built up a strong base understanding. Having schooled Carly at home last year for the 3rd grade we feel pretty well prepared to do 5th with Deeds. Hopefully that all comes together nicely. Today we did a lot of pretests and got to meet via phone his new online teacher who will be with us throughout the year, reachable to the phone, email and at the end of the year we’ll meet her at the annual school picnic. There’s also a special ed program which should help us make the accommodations in the state mandated academic testing that comes around in May.

That’s all for now, I guess. Obviously, the ambition of blogging every day of October is once again out the window. However, you know, just being here for 12 years in whatever level of participation I am is pretty neat.

Every Day

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Long gone are the days when I wrote daily. Or the times that I came home to to write about the birthdays, the anniversaries and the small details that make life worth waking up to. However, it is November, which is national blog every day month. So! I’m going for it.

The two biggest things I’ve missed writing about are my 12th wedding anniversary and Koen William turning 8. Our anniversary was September 10th, this year on a Sunday. We literally had no unsupervised time together…the morning was our usual rush to get to church, then when we arrived home my sister’s van was parked in the driveway. She was already digging into our food and had all the kids toys scattered around for her children. Darren had to shower and get going for his evening shift and didn’t get home til midnight.

Koen turned 8 last Friday. All the pictures are on Darrens phone. We had pumpkin pie, and were super successful in gift picks. Turning 8 for Koenig meant a new skateboard, a RC Jeep, pajamas and two card games from Grandma, a storybook and plush Scottish terrier from me, a day in Vancouver and hockey game with Darren and donuts at school with his second grade class.

Also, since I last wrote, my mom was diagnosed with and beat cancer. Praise the Lord for early detection of what could have cost my mom her life.

So the journey continues.

At Zero

Monday, August 7th, 2017

When your stat report says that there have been no visits for weeks I feel that I’m alone with my privacy. It’s been 12 years now, and forever counting I hope, that this blog sits available for anyone to look at should they remember that I’m here, and even better, for me should I ever need to type and remember that every day lived is a chance to be whoever I need to be just that once that I can’t take back. When no one’s visiting my blog I’m that much more free to say and think whatever is on my heart.

Another Monday, another load of dishes to put away and clean load of laundry to fold and put away in drawers and on hangers ready for whomever may need them–all that changes is the now absence of baby clothes, the increased number of breakable dishes as the children grow up and no longer need plastic bowls and sippy cups. No more load of cloth diapers to watch, or board books on the shelves–next year the house will be empty for 6 hrs out of the day, as everyone will be in school which I assume will mean that the kitchen will be clean and it’ll be quiet as nap time all those years back when it was just Deeder and I.

My baby boy is gaining in height, only a matter of no doubt fleeting time he’ll catch up to my 5ft8 stature and I’ll wonder how time passed by so quickly! Ten years and my youngest will be 15, that’s crazy. Further while I have only to look in the mirror to realize, I’m growing up. HAH!