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   May 16

Happy 50th birthday, babe!

Happy birthday to my man! We’re still going strong, and while I believe the shirts we bought for you and the cards the kids drew are awesome…I really believe the gifts that are the best of all are the ones that we made together. I hope that you’d agree, and that your year is amazing, […]

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   May 15

Don’t Stop

I wrote a post September 3rd, 2005 that I’d like this to be a Part 2 for. My heart is broken, but not as broken as it could be, looking at that post because while it’s all true, I feel uncomfortable to one of the people who agreed with me is dead–his life was cut […]

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   Nov 01

Nov 1, 2017: Because

So it’s November. I said I’d blog every day in November, so here I am!! Today I… Put in an order for some of my favorite teas, because it’s certainly the season to have a warm mug of tea in my hands all day every day. :) Rumor has it that we’ll have a dusting […]

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   Nov 20

Breath, Speak, Love

Morning’s do stress me out. There. I admit it. If you live with me, most mornings you know this more certainly that others…be you one of the three or four that I’m getting ready to leave the door on time, or the one who needs to sleep through it in preparation for his day. Yesterday […]

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   Oct 07

Farm Time

We visited a family farm this past week to pick out a pumpkin, and ended up with a bag of potatoes and a squash as well. There were organized games, none of which my children ended up staying with as they’d just lived through a whole Thursday of school and were pretty spent up on […]

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