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   Jan 27

Baby5: Pregnancy Update

Still pregnant here. I’m 38 weeks with Abegayle, and certainly feeling Any Day Now-ish. But haven’t I been saying that since 36 weeks? This waiting period isn’t any easier than ever it has been. I actually thought that being a Winter pregnancy the wondering and waiting wouldn’t be as big of a deal. So. 38 […]

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   May 31

Photo Hunt: Self

“Yourself or Part of You” is the description of today’s Photo Hunt picture assignment. I thought I’d put up my 39 Week Belly Shot. My due date was yesterday. As you know, right now I’m in the hospital holding this baby. :) Her name is Carly Annalise. I must admit, I am one of those […]

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   Jul 16

One Year

Until I put this slideshow together I hadn’t realized how much has happened in the past year. Isn’t amazing how such a small life can become so big in your life? Thanks, Wendy for the great idea! I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did putting it together. Happy birthday, Diederick Dale!

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   Jul 07

39 Weeks

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   Jun 29

38 Weeks

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