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One Click

Friday, November 10th, 2017


The fewest words can mean the most. The smallest searches can yield the most meaningful results.

Staying in pajamas rather than getting dressed first thing in the morning can change the whole outcome of a day.

Reading a scripture verse that means a lot to me rather than thirty minutes trying to find the meaning of Leviticus can be so different even though they both come from the Book Of Life.

These are the things I’m meditating upon this morning as I’ve missed days on the Blog Every Day of November challenge and flopped on my goal to fast 48 hours at 32.

All of these choices can be seen or of be any consequence to anyone aside from myself unless I let any go on without alteration for too long.

If I end this post right now it’ll just be the ramblings of someone who had too much soy this morning, to her non existent audience.

Know what? I’m going stop searching the stereotypes of tongue piercings, realizing it’d probably be a waste of $60 and make people think I’m an oral sex addict if I had it done.
I’m going to take a shower and put on a cute, bordering on sexy dress, smile at myself in the mirror.
I’m going to restart my fasting app. I’m going to read Isaiah 25:8. I’m going to clean the kitchen, put away laundry and vacuum. I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, and sit down and read a chapter of Leviticus. Once I finish that cup of tea, I’ll close my bible and think about what I’m going to make for dinner. It’ll be something my family will love, something also that I can resist eating because I’m going to make that 48hr fast happen. All of this will happen, without anyone seeing or wondering why.

One click, one moments choice to take the day in another direction can mean everything to me and nothing to anyone else. If I stay in my pajamas, leave my bible closed, everything may not happen. If I followed that path then I would deserve being asked what I’d done all day and it’d be a thing. What did I do?

Oh, I’m looking forward to the mail coming, because I ordered some adorable earrings. In one click, because ordering online is that easy. <3 And now, non existent audience, goodbye. I'll see you back here next time. Make good choices, live an orderly day. Make someone smile, keep your environment clean and just stay happy. There's no second chances at today, and tomorrow's a story that you'll get to write...have the courage to make tomorrow's story amazing...only you have the power to do so, noticed or not. [caption id="attachment_9587" align="aligncenter" width="441"] A yesterday, 2015.[/caption]

Nov 3: Is It Bedtime Yet?

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

I’m rounding into hour 36 of my current fast and have to admit to being a little on the grumpy side! Which obviously is totally unfair to my kids, but really I totally wouldn’t mind if the clock said 9 rather than 7:12. Nine is weekend bedtime, they deserve extra play time. Play means loud activity with my kids, when all mama wants to do is curl up with my snuggly blanket and close my eyes.

Also, it’s snowing! In November.

Nov 2: Living on the Fast Track

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

It’s been nearly six years since I had a baby. Year after year I (and at least a million other Americans) put “Lose Weight” on my New Years Resolution list. This year I did, and not aiming for the next January, rather for my birthday. Then after that my goal would be to hold the weight steady and to lose another five which would bring me to where I was when I received my wedding dress so long ago. Kind of romantic, right?

Eat less, exercise more is what any doctor will begin with as advice for slimming down and staying healthy. I did that, and plateaued at about 20lbs above where I want to be which is pretty good, since it means that I’d lost 15lbs. But why stop there. I’m 32, plenty life to live certainly I can make it. With that in mind I looked for more options and came upon intermittent fasting and eventually water fasting. The thing about fasting though is that you become cold and lose energy around 17 hours with out food, interestingly however is that after hour 24 the hunger goes away. I have yet to make it past 31 hours. My knees get weak, a bit of a headache comes over me and all I want to do is sleep, none of which symptoms jive well with getting my work done around the house to go biking or volunteering at school. Fasting for prolonged periods of time isn’t meant to be a long term thing at all, just a boost in getting my body to use it’s energy that’s stored away as fats rather than just burning calories taken in through my usual food consumption.

Here’s my goal picture! We still have the truck, the husband is still standing with me…all I have to do is get my body back, well, according to me. He’s the type who will love me no matter what. :) I truly am blessed beyond measure. We’re living, loving and enjoying the family God’s given us.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. Ecc 9:10

Nov 1, 2017: Because

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

So it’s November. I said I’d blog every day in November, so here I am!!

Today I…

Put in an order for some of my favorite teas, because it’s certainly the season to have a warm mug of tea in my hands all day every day. :) Rumor has it that we’ll have a dusting of snow this weekend.

Today I put away a mountain of laundry, vacuumed, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, after the kids got home from school we did homework and had pizza for dinner.

Oh, also, I started the registration process of switching sweet Deeder out of traditional public school into homeschool. I’m not going to tell him until I’ve gotten through turning in all the forms I need to have together. If I do prematurely let the news leak he’d totally blow off school which obviously isn’t the attitude I want. Hopefully my intuitions about this being a profitable switch for him will come to fruition.

Time for bed, time to let tomorrow pick up where today left off.

PS: That picture’s old. My youngest is currently the age as my oldest in the photo. Mind.Blown.

Every Day

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Long gone are the days when I wrote daily. Or the times that I came home to to write about the birthdays, the anniversaries and the small details that make life worth waking up to. However, it is November, which is national blog every day month. So! I’m going for it.

The two biggest things I’ve missed writing about are my 12th wedding anniversary and Koen William turning 8. Our anniversary was September 10th, this year on a Sunday. We literally had no unsupervised time together…the morning was our usual rush to get to church, then when we arrived home my sister’s van was parked in the driveway. She was already digging into our food and had all the kids toys scattered around for her children. Darren had to shower and get going for his evening shift and didn’t get home til midnight.

Koen turned 8 last Friday. All the pictures are on Darrens phone. We had pumpkin pie, and were super successful in gift picks. Turning 8 for Koenig meant a new skateboard, a RC Jeep, pajamas and two card games from Grandma, a storybook and plush Scottish terrier from me, a day in Vancouver and hockey game with Darren and donuts at school with his second grade class.

Also, since I last wrote, my mom was diagnosed with and beat cancer. Praise the Lord for early detection of what could have cost my mom her life.

So the journey continues.