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   May 28

Seasons Come Seasons Go

Here’s my house, at least the front steps into it, and the big front window where I take pictures of the sunset through, capture images of the weather when it’s too windy or rainy to stand outdoors–or even just to grab a quick picture of the kids playing basketball without their noticing. Often when I […]

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   Aug 21

Life According to Cath

Filing through old photos I came across this video. It’s my oldest telling some sort of story about her older brother, filmed by her little brother, they proceed to find him upstairs in the incredibly messy play room that shortly was converted into an office for me. This is just such a tiny itty bit […]

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   Apr 13

House Tour

Kitchen Dining Living room it’s called split level…view of dining/kitchen from the living room Deeder’s room Carly’s room (No picture of Mommy and Daddy’s room because Darren was busy catching zzzzs for the night shift when I was picture snapping–we sleep across the hall from Carly) Down to the basement… ` Laundry Room to the […]

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   Jan 16

This is It!

There’s that saying about putting carts before horses and counting chickens before they’re hatched. Right now I feel like we’re so close that it’s just hard to have an objective attitude. Darren and I standing in the doorway looking like responsible grown ups who think of everything. Carly and Deeder sitting by the living room […]

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   Jan 16

Going in Tomorrow

This may be the house for us, folks. Darren looked at it as well as two other homes in this new development earlier today. The kids and I will go in tomorrow morning to see what we think. I’ll be bringing my camera so that you people can go in tomorrow too. Be ready to […]

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