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Life According to Cath

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Filing through old photos I came across this video. It’s my oldest telling some sort of story about her older brother, filmed by her little brother, they proceed to find him upstairs in the incredibly messy play room that shortly was converted into an office for me.

This is just such a tiny itty bit piece of what she goes through every day. All of her choices are creative efforts with the mere goal of making life just a little more magical.

She’s a great kid, and I’m super thankful to be blessed to be her mother.

….uh oh….the camera man just got kicked in the shin. dang!! well…I feel like I should go apologize to him for not getting mad at Deeder for that even though it was months ago now…

More pictures of my dear daughter, being a little mama.
She just loves holding babies, rocking them and whispering sweet things about their tiny hands and growing up.

Cath enjoys putting toys in babies faces and helping them look at stories when they’re older…until of course when those babies start fussing, in which case she just calls for the real mama and moves on as soon as she’s rescued!

Have I mentioned she gives pretty good hugs? It’s true!

morning snuggle!

morning snuggle!

Never is a mood bad enough or a pain deep enough that a hug from my daughter cannot easy that hurt. She can bring a smile and just be such a kind presence. She has her own challenges, but when anyone she loves needs some tenderness, she’s there. Every morning I get a tight hug around whatever part of me is closest to her arms reach.

House Tour

Monday, April 13th, 2009




Living room

it’s called split level…view of dining/kitchen from the living room

Deeder’s room

Carly’s room

(No picture of Mommy and Daddy’s room because Darren was busy catching zzzzs for the night shift when I was picture snapping–we sleep across the hall from Carly)

Down to the basement…



Room to the right: full of clothes totes and toys also housing the computer and door out to the backyard.

Room to the left, full of random stuff…some requires organizing, some I wouldn’t miss at all.
Some day it’ll be Deeder’s bedroom

And entrance to the garage is downstairs too…
Someday our cars will be in here.

The back yard, accessed through Room Right…

The front view isn’t as bad, actually it’s kinda cute.
We just need to customize a bit.

Perhaps we’ll paint the front door red and plant sunflowers in the front garden bed. I have all kinds of hopes and dreams for this house, for now I’m just at the level of being happy to keep up with daily mess…development and improvement will just happen in time.

This is It!

Friday, January 16th, 2009

There’s that saying about putting carts before horses and counting chickens before they’re hatched.

Right now I feel like we’re so close that it’s just hard to have an objective attitude.


Darren and I standing in the doorway looking like responsible grown ups who think of everything.


Carly and Deeder sitting by the living room fireplace




(Porch is off the kitchen and dining area)


on with the tour through the hall and on to the three bedrooms and bath. Sorry about forgetting to turn the lights on in the bedrooms, kinda weird of me.



For some reason I didn’t take pictures of the closets or anything, but I’m sure you don’t really care about that, or the bathrooms. They’re certainly nothing huge, but totally fine.




Next back down the stairs and into the basement which has a bathroom and three rooms that could be converted into bedrooms/play room space. The washer and drier hook ups are also down there.






Neighbors behind the house…

And to both sides

Our monthly payments including everything would be about even with what we paid in rent at our last place in Vermont. Darren called me on his cell to let us know that he got approved for the loan that we’ll need. Just a couple more steps and this house could be ours.

I’m praying that this will work out.

As for the carts before horses and chickens hatching–I’m watching and trying to be the best wait and see kind of person that I possibly can be.

Going in Tomorrow

Friday, January 16th, 2009




This may be the house for us, folks.

Darren looked at it as well as two other homes in this new development earlier today. The kids and I will go in tomorrow morning to see what we think.

I’ll be bringing my camera so that you people can go in tomorrow too. Be ready to comment. :)

This house looks so big! Darren and I could raise Deeder and Carly and our other 10 kids here, right?

Finding Home

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Um. Too annoyed by my slow computer problems to write anything…
Tomorrow I’ll try again.