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Finding Home

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Um. Too annoyed by my slow computer problems to write anything…
Tomorrow I’ll try again.

New Mom

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

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Carly and I attended our first New Moms group this morning and I’m glad we did. After yesterday loosing my boys I felt completely down, sad and alone. Holding Carly’s little body close to me that day was helpful but she just isn’t the jabberpot that Deeder is, and even though I had her I missed him SO much. And Daddy too of course, I always miss Daddy when he’s not here–even when he’s just at work a few miles away!

Getting out of those few hours near depression slump began at 6:30AM when Darren called to tell me that he and Deeder had arrived safely at my parents. I could here Deeder’s happy busy voice churping the excitement and enthusiasm that makes him so beautiful.
How could I worry if I knew he’d brought that along with him?

The sun was already peaking into my room so I had to get up. I showered and looking in on Carly before going downstairs. She was sleeping like a little lamb so I left her to sleep while I went down and made half a pot of coffee and ate my oatmeal. It was weird doing half, no Daddy to share the coffee with and no Deeder to help down the oatmeal.

Carly woke at 7:45AM. When I heard her calling I went in to the room and changed her diaper and outfit, fed her and found a fresh blanket in the closet.

I looked at the clock. It read 8:10. I had planned to put her in the Moby but decided no to. What would I do if I got hungry and wanted to buy something. How would I eat with her strapped to me? Funny how I think of these things when in a rush, certainly it’s not normal.
Her carseat was in the downstairs hall and I decided that that would do. She was strapped in, hatted and wrapped cozy by 8:25 and we were outside. I remembered that Darren told me to take Heidi Dog out “first thing in the morning” this still counted as first thing, since I forgot when I just woke up. Heh.

The bus is supposed to go by our house at 8:40. I decided that I had time, just enough for her. So out she came and I let her get to the grass and do her business then put her back in the garage.

I did make it onto the bus. Only two people asked to see her, and thankfully they didn’t touch her. Never know where these bus people have been!

Within a few minutes we were at the place where New Moms meets. On the door was a sign saying that the gathering place had been moved to the nursing home. Deeder and I had skipped this day when we were coming about two years ago now so I had no idea where it was.
Carly and I got directions from the lady at the front desk and were on our way.

Thankfully we weren’t the only ones who didn’t know where the old people lived.

Once everyone had arrived there and were in the same room we got assigned places to go. The group Carly and I were in was to go to the hair dressing room and then to the 3rd floor where we were to take our babies in to the rooms of the residents who had their door open.

I didn’t know what to say, or how to act so I watched the other girls with their babies, hoping that they knew old people and might do the right thing. If I were old I think I’d get annoyed with the way people talk loud and slowly as if you’re lost in lala land and just can’t come into reality where English is spoken, even though you’ve been there for 80+ years. At the hairdressers we met a lovely woman named Edith. She said that she didn’t like how they do “old lady” hair. Carly and I sat and talked to her for twenty minutes, I think that was longer than we were supposed to because someone nudged me and said “Move along” in a whisper so we said good bye.

Edith had told Carly that she was beautiful and stroked her hair just about a million times as if she’d forgotten that she’d already said it. I thought she was beautiful and tried to imagine her young, once Edith had been as small as Carly–one day Carly may be as small as Edith is. Small in a different way, they’re so different.

I thought about how both Carly and Edith are fragile and little, dependant on others for love and support. The difference between them is that one is at the beginning of life, and the other is drawing near the end. Neither is strong enough to choose to fly or fall, that’s in the hands of those who do or don’t love them. I didn’t want to go, I just wanted to sit there forever and look back and forth between my baby and this woman who had eyes that had seen history unfold. Their eyes were the same color. That deep blue that makes you look again. Edith held Carly as if she too wanted this moment to last just a moment longer.

The halls had that feeling of old that makes you shiver and I imagined that if I were there I would want to hold youth too.

We regrouped at the conference room and talked about next week’s meeting which would be held at the usual place. There would be a guest speaker who would address the subject of sleep. You know, that thing you’re supposed to do at night. Babies, as nearly all of us know, tend to sleep during the day and be awake all night. I remember when Deeder was the baby who brought me here I thought it was funny that the speaker had puffy eyes and a tired face. Haha. Sleep, huh?

Anyway, after the official end of class time there was half an hour where we all had an opportunity to ask the nurse in charge questions. When it was my turn I asked about what I could do to help Deeder adjust to Carly. I knew she was there more for diaper and spit up and feeding questions, but I already asked those last time and thought I’d try something else this time.

She suggested teaching him the meaning of gentle by saying it kindly during “bonding” moments when it was just the two of us, like at bedtime story time. I was supposed to teach this by holding him and stroking his arm. I couldn’t think of any explanation for the arm stroking other than it having something to do with his hand being what hits and his arm having attachment to his hand. Hmm. It must be something more than that! Why not just stroke his hand? Oh well.

There was free coffee so I had a cup before leaving.

On the bus ride home Carly fell asleep and didn’t even wake when I removed her from the carseat and put her in the swing. Since she was sleeping I took Doggie out and called Darren.

He said that Deeder did wonderfully on the plane and though he didn’t sleep well after they’d arrived Deeder was having an absolutely glorious time exploring.

Heidi dog didn’t do much despite my keeping her out for a whole twenty minutes. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Carly alone for more than that.

Carly was crying when I came in the house but after a feeding and diaper change she went back to slumberland. I took these pictures after she’d zonked out.

I learned three things today:

ONE: I talk WAY too much. I don’t even care if the people (other New Moms) are complete strangers, nor do I care if they are listening, just if they are living and can hear me.

TWO: Taking pictures of myself with Carly in hand is far harder than those My Big Belly pictures that I did for 40 weeks when I was pregnant with her. Now I have to arrange her and look like I’m not looking at the camera and try to not appear entirely exhausted.
Really though, I look worse than I feel!

THREE: It’s notably easier to blog with a baby laying on your chest than it is to concoct a blog post in your mind and hold it there until your toddler is sleeping. Of course in the end, the sacrifice is equal. If you try to remember your brilliance until later you usually loose half of it, and with that half lost you loose precious moments of sleep since it takes you a while to try and remember the brilliance.
If you blog holding a sleeping baby you’re completely missing out on time when you too could be asleep in preparation for the night when you may not get any.

This is why new moms often take a BLOGGING BREAK.

Oh hey, my mom has said she will try to post pictures on Darren and Deeder’s visit. I so hope she’ll have time! If you’re interested in joining me on checking every ten seconds, click here.

Thanks, Mom! While I am totally hoping you put up pictures, I really would rather you spend time with son-in-law and grandson! Afterall, I am getting both back soon (Lord willing) so you have full permission to spend every waking moment with them before shipping them back my way.

recording life

Friday, April 18th, 2008

I was getting some snaps of what’s growing outdoors this evening while Deeder was busying himself with digging in the dirt alongside the sidewalk.

Boy and dirt

Future bush leafy greens

Hen and chicks?

Zero idea what this is.


Deeder telling the snow to go away. :)

New T-shirt and birds

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Gramma Momma sent this cute T-shirt, it arrived on Saturday. :)

I had a hard time getting these pictures because Deeder wanted to see each the instant I took it–he’s absolutely in love with the shirt and fascinated by the camera. He can now say Camera and it’s just so sweet. He says, “Mra”

He’s been doing much better these past couple of days on managing melt downs, and I’m so thankful for it! This morning when I wouldn’t let him have the camera he cried a little but was willingly redirected to playing with his blocks. Excuse the messy bedroom! We actually do clean up quite a bit, it’s just that making a mess is so easy–and by his judgement so much fun! And why not? Toys are meant for playing with.

And birds…

Darren says they’re mourning doves. I’d never seen one before. They came to our yard just yesterday and have been making themselves at home–bravely visiting the bird feeder and walking along the parking lot pavement. Deeder tries catching them like a little kid at the beach chasing after seagulls.
They have the most beautiful call, you can’t hear them in this little clip because I took it from inside the house…perhaps I’ll do better another day.

In other news, both Deeder and I seem to have come down with a cold. Part of life I guess. He’s congested and sneezing, the occasional cough too. My eyes are all runny (yick) and I have a sore throat. Fun stuff. Weird that we’d get sick just as warmer weather is finally coming.
It’s noon now and both my boys are sleeping. Darren got home from work three hours late and Deeder’s extra tired because his stuffy nose kept him up last night.
I have an easy lunch planned–I’ll get that together as soon as Darren’s up. For now I think I’ll go lay down for a few minutes.

I hope all of you are having a good Monday so far. :)

High Time for Spring

Friday, March 28th, 2008


I dressed little dude in his sweatshirt, jacket, hat and mittens and put him in the stroller this afternoon. We packed snacks and the camera and headed down the road for downtown hoping to find some pictures for this week’s Photohunter. The theme is “High” and I couldn’t find anything other than the ND cement oversized mammals in my photo archives. Those have already been in a recent bloggy post so I thought it’d be nice to find something different.

With the temperature at 47F and the wind hardly bothersome the walk was refreshing and although the day was overcast, we did get some snaps that I was pleased with.

It’s about a mile to downtown. The route we take passes the park where Deeder and I spent many a happy evening last summer. I couldn’t help but bring out my camera from it’s case to snap a couple pictures of how the play equipment is looking this March. Very inviting, don’t you think? More snow in the weather report for this weekend.


Our favorite park: Closed for the season


While half frozen, the lawn is already calling Deeder…


Each day we spend more and more time outdoors. I’m so happy that the “lawn” in reappearing and thus expanding his room to play. We’re no longer limited to the parking lot. Now think how glorious it will be when there is lush greenness for him to walk in!!

For the time being he’ll occupy himself with digging up lost bits of rubbish! :P


While he cleans up, I take pictures of the ground. We love earth!


The moss is green, that must be good…someone loves the moisture.


More daffodils!

The walk was nice, and I did get some useable pictures. I think I’ll put up the ones of the old Baptist church, it’s such a beautiful building. It’s one of those places that looks like it should be turned into some kind of museum.


Carly didn’t enjoy the walk as much as Deeder and I did. Or that’s how I interpretted her reaction anyway! She gave me a fierce kicking work over–summersaults, elbow and knee jabs and a top off of heavy duty hiccups! After arriving home I drank lots of water and lay down, my cure for all ills. She slowed down on the action and I think even had a little nap in there. She doesn’t seem to sleep very often, not half as much as Deeder did but I can tell she does take a break now and then. Daddy proudly says that she’s “a feisty little thing” he further claims that this is a sign that she’s “taking after Mommy.” Heh! Whatever the case, I can hardly wait to meet the little girl. Excited has officially set in, OK, it did a while ago…but each day anticipation growns.

Anyway, I’d better get off the computer now and clean up breakfast mess, get dressed and all that.
Today Daddy says we might go to Yankee Candle. That’d be fun. A good inside activity!
I hope we do.

PS: Thanks for all the feedback yesterday on my first Thursday’s Thirteen. You’re all so nice. Yes, Tater’s Mom (sorry that I’m so behind on your blog)! You may quote me any day! hehe! I can promise you though, nothing I say can possibly be too original…with my tired brain I’m sure everything is just a collective bit of something that I’ve heard. I leave genius up to people who get enough sleep! :D