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Someone’s Making Healthy Choices.

Friday, March 21st, 2008


OK, these things are vurtually void of nutrition of any kind. But still, being attracted to rice cakes is good, right. Better than Mommy’s recent food selections anyway. :)
Never mind that though, Mommy’s pregnant and at this point she’s saying it’s OK. At least she’s drinking plenty of water and still moving around the house a little.

Back to Deeder, he’s very determined to eat these rice snacks which are supposed to be reserved snacking on at church, in those moments when only food will keep him quiet!

Perhaps I’ll have to find a more hidden place to keep them.

Check this out…

Baby scoots chair from table to counter then reaches up with two hands and grabs box that is equal in size to himself:


Climbs off chair; one hand on box, one hand steadying self:


Successful landing:


Carry the box over to Mommy who can’t help but open a bag, he deserves it. Just don’t tell Daddy. These are supposed to be saved for special. ;)


Yesterday we went out to eat at the best Chinese place in town–it won an award two years running for the good food they serve. We had a very hard time finding a parking spot and had to wait twenty minutes to be seated.

The dinner was for the people from his work who had March birthdays, two ladies that I’d never met before. Anyway, Deeder completely loved the food. I was a bit surprised since he’s never shown much of an interest in Chinese the couple of times we’ve taken him out for it.
His favorite was the sweet and sour sesame chicken. He also had a good sized serving of rice and even some tea. I ordered the garlic shrimp with rice and won ton soup which turned out to be pretty yummy too.
I thought that Daddy’s bringing Deeder and I along was very nice. I’m not sure if he was supposed to, no one else brought their spouse of kid. We did try to behave very well and I’m sure no one minded us being there!
Deeder loved the busy buzz sound of the crowded dinner hall, his socialization needs were completely covered for the entire day–he even took two long naps.

Weather update:


Wednesday’s rain continued into Thursday, with the addition of cold winds. It didn’t blow my blues away but it did manage to whisk away some of the snow, and melt even more.
This morning the rain is still coming leaving streams of mud rushing down the sides of the road and trickling through now visible bits of lawn.
Deeder and I got a few snaps of the two squirls that have been venturing out of their hiding places. Sorry for the blur–they do move so quickly. We enjoy watching them scurry across the telephone wires high above the street.
We have yet to get an On the Wire picture, that’d be a pretty cool capture! Yet to be had.

Baby Boy loves to help me with pictures…he leans on my arm and peers over my shoulder to see the LCD screen. If I try to move him away he has a melt down, not worth it…so we just take the nature pictures together.


Poor guy–not much for food selection. Perhaps the best around though?


Half Full of It

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

When you start taking pictures of the bottom of water bottles you know you’re bored. My other pictures are of branches, bare ones, and raindrops. And snowplows and dump trucks.

Our days activities were just to keep our circulation going. That’s how I felt anyway…
Tired, bored, and just “blah.” Thankfully my dull feelings didn’t manage to make any intrusions on Deeder’s happy spirit.

Instead of sitting by the window and saying, “Bored, bored, bored, bored” all day long as I may have if Deeder weren’t there I made an effort to keep the show going. I read to Deeder, danced him around the house, played hide-and-go-seek a million times, built towers with his building blocks and kept the CD player busy playing all of our children’s silly songs. Oh, and he wore a sticker on his forehead all day, that gave him crazy giggles…wasn’t a problem until I tried to take it off at bedtime!

Mommy tried hard to stay away from the computer. Reading blogs and incessantly checking email while Deeder’s awake is just plain rude. What am I expecting to receive in my email anyway? Just blog comments and notices from the library saying that I have books due, maybe Netflixs telling me that my movies were recieved–new ones coming the end of the week.


the local snow removal system

We would have been outside but the rain was too heavy and the temp never got much higher than two degrees above freezing which wouldn’t allow us much time outside.

We would have gone to the park and played for hours but the snow is still hogging the slide, from top to bottom and icicles are hanging from the monkey bars. No one has challenged them yet–such bullies.


Daddy worked a double on Tuesday so sleep kept him away from Deeder and I the entire Wednesday. He didn’t sleep all day, he just wasn’t up to an outing. Not going out was OK because we don’t need any groceries, we’re alive.

So I’m half full of it. Need for spring and trying to stay happy. In the meanwhile I’m bubbling over with all kinds of pregnancy emotions. It’s a little hard to remember that this rain is helping spring come, it’s not just keeping Deeder and I inside and Mommy on the brink of insanity.

Rain is good.

This is Thursday. It’s another day, a warmer one than Wednesday maybe.


Maybe the snowplow dump truck team did a good job clearing the roadsides and we’ll be able to go out. So far it doesn’t look like we’ll be going out, and I’m not sure where we would go if we could.

There’s Open Gym, we could do that I suppose. Hmm, yeah maybe.

I hope something interesting happens to you today! Maybe if it does you could leave a comment and tell me about it. If you have a blog of your own perhaps you could post some spring pictures to help brighten me up a little! I see spring in my mind, I sort of remember what it is like! In Washington we had lovely spring time each year, so complete and wonderful.

I leave you with a picture of my son’s hand. I’m really into hands lately.

It’s fun to watch his hands–they’re learning so much. How to manipulate objects such as forks and spoons, how to stack and balance things, learning to draw and paint–it’s pretty amazing.


Weird Weather

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

img_3412.jpg After temperatures as high as mid 40F’s we woke up to snow this Saturday morning.
We had so much melt that the fallen branches next to the tree by the driveway were showing–they fell back in November during a wind storm and haven’t been visible since the first big snow dump in early December.

It’s not a lot of snow that has fallen this morning, and by late noon the temp is supposed to be back up to the low 40’s. Even so, isn’t this crazy? The trees in our yard have a light coating of while sitting atop the bare naked limbs.

The business name sign by our front walk way is visible after all the melt but now sports a thin layer of white saying, “It’s December. Your calendar is lying.”


But then, Atlanta had a tornato downtown leaving people in the hospital and flattening buildings; Texas and New Mexico had wildfires that left lots of damage. I have nothing to complain about! We’re all safe here in Vermont, just sharing high levels of annoyance!

Thanks for all the Dust Bunnies comments. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who partially gives up on this battle. Well, I already knew that–it’s cool that others admit it! Um, and that they read my blog. :P



Yes I realize that I’m skipping this week’s Photo Hunter. The theme for this Saturday is “I Spy: Take a Picture of Something Hidden for Us to Find” Hmm. Don’t have anything like that. However, I will be checking up on all of you who do pull this one off!
Next week is “Metal” I’ll be thinking of that and maybe come out with something!

I leave you with a snap of my favorite kid ever:


I can so hardly wait for his sister to be born! She is such a powerful kicker! Goodness. Seventy eight days on the countdown. Come soon June.

morning bloggers hiccup

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Has anyone noticed that this Mommy manages to do a blog posting first thing in the morning?

good-morning.jpg I hope someone has! Because I feel pretty accomplished doing it. :)

I’m still writing at night, as I almost always have but one day I wrote three posts in advance and just saved them. When a new day would come I’d hit publish then thus aquiring the next days timestamp and not having to worry about missing a day on Blog 365. Yes, I’m that crazy!

It’s really quite nice.
Posting something written the night before then closing my computer program and then loading up my email in the next evening and happily reading the comments from my faithful friends.

So an update on Monday.

Deeder and I were all dressed and breakfasted in time to leave for the OB/GYN visit, we even got there a wee bit early which can be unusual for me–even before I was Mommy.

The doctor was on time too and was done with me in half an hour. It was good to see him again and talk over Deeder’s delivery a bit, that’s important to me…to kind of feel like we’re on the same page. He said he’s sure that I’ll be OK after Carly’s born, that my ride with Deeder really wasn’t all that rough considering. Maybe just a guy thing to say?

Darren’s friend Jen from his work called to tell him about how work had gone on Darren’s weekend off–they work opposite weekends. She nicely reminded him that today was Open Gym (which I’d forgotten!) so off we went to that after my doctor visit.
He told me that I ought to take Jen out to eat as a thank you for remembering us. Speaking of being nice, she said that she’d still pick me up to go places when I have two carseats to lug around! If that’s not generous I don’t know what is!

I thought that going out to eat after Open Gym was a great idea so Deeder and I asked her where she and Sophie (23 month old) would like to go. They felt like Pizza Hut. That’s more than a walk away for me so I called Darren to ask if he’d bring the carseat. He said OK and then decided that he’d like pizza too.
Fun to do something spontaneous.
After Pizza Hut Darren, Deeder and I went home and had a nap. Darren left for work and Deeder and I proceeded to pass through one of our usual stay-at-home-mommy-and-baby days where we fill our hours with random games and tiny meals.

Deeder was in bed at 8:30, I think he’s still day light savings time adjusting.

One of my sisters called just as I was about to take the dog out. She hadn’t called in a long time and we ended up talking for 4 1/2 hours. I’m pretty sure it’s been more than a year since I was on the phone that long. Dude, how silly of me! Oh well. I’m sure the dog lived. And my exercise video was OK to skip for one night, and the laundry did get folded this morning so I’m fine.

My blogging that I like to put up first thing in the morning didn’t happen. According to SiteMeter no one has checked so it’s no big deal. Even if you had, you’ll probably come back. Right?

So here I am.

My little boy is awake and I’m sitting on the computer instead of playing with him.

Know where he is? On the computer desk, sitting next to the monitor. I know he’s not supposed to, but like spending four hours on the phone last night…maybe it’s OK, just this once.

When I started writing this he was upstairs in his room reading an I Spy book–a new fave. Shortly though he came down, innately aware that I wasn’t busy with some activity that directly revolved around him.

At the moments when he becomes too disruptive sitting right here at my elbow I play a quick game of Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes with him before returning to the keyboard. It works! He laughs then resumes sitting and quietly watching. Good boy.

Um, I think that’s old now.
Now he’s climbed over on the couch where he often sits to watch the birds. He’s saying, “No, Mom! NO! MOMMY! No!” while swatting at the air in my direction.

Happy Tuesday, people. :)


Thought I’d add a picture of the view from out my front window.


Oops. Forgot to resize. Oh well. You don’t care, right? :P

Cold has come back to town. Deeder and I woke to 8F temp outside, feeling about 50F inside. We headed back upstairs and put on sweatshirts and heavy socks. Oh sigh. Surprise, huh? All the slush in ice and the melted snow has returned to a state of solid. It may be months until we see grass.

yesterday’s snow pictures

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


This first one I took as the snow was just starting–it’s melt from the day before revealing a dirty layer of snow underneath. Kinda cool.
The next two I also took that morning, notice the deep grey sky? The snow was so thick at times that it looked like a good heavy rainfall–white rain.




Hmm…now I’m having trouble resizing things…
I’m going to put the rest of these up tiny and make them clickable. It’s not worth messing around with tonight trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong! Perhaps Darren can instruct me tomorrow. :)

Here are the pics from after the snow stopped.





When I figure out resizing pictures I’ll put up some pics of my Deeder boy. I got some cute ones of him showing off his new shoes. He’s very proud of them! This morning he insisted on wearing them even though he knew we weren’t going outside. He enjoyed stomping and tromping around until naptime. :)