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The Bed that Belongs

Monday, February 10th, 2014

My baby girl is coming up on TWO YEARS OLD!!!

What should her gift be?

We were thinking of a toddler bed. The other kids get a new carseat at this age, her big girl seat is Cath’s big girl seat. Big sis got a booster chair to replace the seat that her little sister inherited, we’re all safely seated!

Opinions would be great on what a good age is to move children from crib to bed. Or, for us it would be from pack ‘n’ play to toddler bed.

A.J asking to get out of her pack'n'play

A.J asking to get out of her pack’n’play



In the pictures you can easily see how relaxed my baby is in a bigger bed. She is not as miserable as she looks in the pack ‘n’ play. More upset at having her picture taken when she would rather be getting helped out. I am an attachment parent for breastfeeding stage, kids being close is awesome is that’s to be an issue broached. With the way our house is set up, the bedrooms are all crunched together, so even when there are walls between us we’re never far apart.

Which bed belongs? Baby bed or big girl bed? Obviously she’s grown a little.

Last year was my last ever 1st birthday. With each of these moving on to the next thing in my youngest child’s life I look both ways before I cross.

Take notice of my darling A.J’s gorgeous quilt! It is hand crafted and designed by the incredible mother and daughter team of Materpiece Quilts of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lets Try this Again

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

animal adventure 062

Today’s picture taken from Olympic Game Farm, our adventure had for Diederick’s 7th birthday last month. Yes, yes…my boy is seven. Typing “Diederick” and “Seven years old” here is quite the thing, considering that this was really his baby book those years ago. So many pictures of his little face, posts full of cute quotes and fun activities.

Tomorrow is a big day for this guy; it’s his second EEG test to help doctors determine if our little man has a seizure disorder. The last time the test results were negative, bordering on inconclusive under the situation of him having moved around too much during the test. According to the nurse practitioner who we had a consultation with last week in Seattle, the EEG that we had done 4 years ago was actually an adult EEG.

Right now I’m busy trying to keep Deeds awake so that he can be properly sleep deprived for the 1:45pm test. Good luck to Darren on keeping Diederick awake over the 2 hour drive down to Seattle.
EEG =Electroencephalogram

We’re hoping for a yes on him having Absence Seizures. Not that we want him to have a label, but that we see a problem and hope to treat it with a proper diagnosis. Here’s a slideshow with a definition, you know, if you’re interested in learning about it but are tired of reading. It could happen.

Sticky & Sweet

Monday, August 12th, 2013




These pictures. Just because I said that I’d post them! This is a familiar scene around our house; messy kids are happy kids. See crunchy faced Carly? She’s been the one to grab the camera when something silly that ought to be captured is going on. I take it from her and finish up the shoot. Or that’s how it’s supposed to be. There are the times that I find the camera all sticky and out of place only to turn it on and find a hilarious sequence of photos that tell the story of giggles and glee. I’m happy for these times, even when I accidentally miss out on them. Moments that I can never relive in a form of a rewind wish-I-would-have done it better. When life feels too ordinary, look again, each moment truly is magic.

Done with Summer School

Saturday, August 10th, 2013


Diederick finished up summer school on Thursday and today got his report card; really just a description of what he learned and recognition that he had been there all 18 days of class. It ran Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-11:30am. I find myself letting out a breath of relief seeing that according to school standards he’s finally ready for the 1st grade. The summer classes have been excellent for him, there were nine kids total rather than the 28 that he learned amongst during the past school year.

Day after Labor Day Carly will start school, riding the bus along side Diederick. This will be the first year that our school district has had five day a week full day Kindergarten. Koen will be in Preschool two afternoons out of the week. Abegayle will stay home to keep me company and be ready to see anyone off to the bus and be there for them to get off. She loves waving good bye and hello to the children, smiling as if the show is all about her.

My next post: Abegayle, the Ice Cream Addict. All babies are cute with icecream melt smeared across their face; this one is no exception. :)

Them Lily Trees

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013


july'13 112

july'13 107

I mentioned the lilies trees that are right outside my house yesterday, so of course have to share them with you, in so much as is possible. A photo is worth a thousand words, but neither can quite describe the scent, only experience holds that treasure. None the less, they only last a matter of days at best, two weeks. The lilies are gorgeous and taller and thicker every year; this season the kids could push their weight against the lilies stalk without it breaking. Each year the scent is stronger and the resilience greater. Is that true with your happy memories? Mine are, the further in the past happy points are, the more I appreciate them. In saying that I do not intend to imply that life should be lived inside out, looking back rather than forward, rather in my own way I seek to imply that fond recollections can build passion and belief, even in something elusive, stronger to the point that others can share that love and appreciation for a passion that began possibly before they were even born.

Drawing too much out of flowers when I should really be hitting the laundry? Yeah, OK.
These lilies mean a lot to me; when they first open the smell is intoxicating. Just as a candle might be in it’s ability to rekindle a favorite past time held in presence of such an aroma. For me it’s the calling back of high strung nerves, excitement and uncertainty. The biggest day of my life. Yes. The day I forgot to shave my armpits and said, “I do”

Coming up on 8 years, baby.