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   Feb 07

Do You Hear Me?

Jhn 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me Darren and I tell the kids sometimes that they’re our little sheep, actually we haven’t in a while. I’ve more been telling them that they are a team and need to stay together. Never the less, the principle applies. Jesus […]

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   Jul 20

Diederick Dale: Four Years Old

Deeder’s old enough now to anticipate and enjoy his party. He’s been looking forward to this day since at least May when we celebrated two-years for sister Carly. I don’t think anyone let him down, with the slight exception of Mommy who can’t seem to find the order slip for monarch butterflies. More often then […]

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   Dec 31

New Years Resolutions

I’m with the millions who list “loose weight” but it’s not on the top tippity top. My resolutions kind of evolve as the year goes on as my challenges change. Pretty much over all of it I need to be content, happy, appreciative and patient. Prayer and faith need to continue to be bigger in […]

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   Sep 14

Calling All Angels

Grampa and Gramma Harr have their house filled top to bottom with little breakable animals. Diederick dreams of holding the miniatures. You can see it in his eyes. On Saturday he discovered little candles in the box by the back door. My mother-in-law wasn’t there to tell him whether or not they were O.K. to […]

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   Jul 14

Two On Tuesday

To begin with, I have to say that I can’t believe that I’m mom to a two-year-old. That’s like, almost grown up! We were planning to take him to the petting farm where we went for his first birthday, it would be even more appropriate this year than it was last because now he really […]

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