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Diederick Dale: 22 Months

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Deeder’s been a very good boy this month.

Deeder opening gifts from Lauren!

Sometimes I find our days to be so tiring, other days I look forward to his naps ending so that we can go outside again and resume whatever game we were playing before nap and lunch time.

I know it’s been a challenging month for him. Not with teething or anything. It’s that ever tough and infamous stage commonly known as Terrible Twos in which all things by some force of nature must be questioned by the child. Some days Deeder seems to have an inner battle going on in which he is split between listening to Mom and Dad and shouting “No” and doing the opposite of what we ask. He rarely throws fits noticeable to other people. It seldom goes any further than him having to be asked twice to do something that he’d rather not, like getting out of the flowerbed! He does say no and scowl, in the end though, he does listen.

Deeder’s been expanding his roaming grounds too, very exciting business for him! After the snow melted he was able to run about in the grass rather than just up and down the parking lot pavement watching out for ice. Soon after the melt he decided that he needed even more–i.e, the neighbor’s yards. Thankfully the neighbors who he’s chosen are all welcoming and seem to enjoy his frequent unannounced.

Just over the past few weeks that he’s been visiting the next door neighbor dog Deeder’s become so comfortable over there that he doesn’t even need the neighbors to be home to go over for a visit!

Who couldn’t say yes to such a friendly face?

When Mommy has the energy for a walk Deeder gets to go to the park, which of course he completely enjoys. The climbing rocks his world! He is very cautious when other children come and want to play with him though, so we try to go early in the day when the chance of other kids being there is slim.

Here’s a slide video for your enjoyment:
He sure is brave!

Hope that didn’t make you dizzy! My camera work isn’t the smoothest thing ever!

This month I re-enrolled Deeder in the music class we went to last fall. So far it’s been going well. Deeder doesn’t participate as much as I would like him to, but that’s OK. As a child I wasn’t very outgoing in that way either. He’d prefer to go up afterward to beat on the drum, rather than crowd in with the other half dozen children when it’s time to play drums. His favorites are the songs where he gets to shake maracas and march, although he does have trouble sometimes staying in line with the march–there are days when he’d rather march out the door, rather than around in a circle with the other kids.

Deeder’s favorite toy this month has been his ride on John Deere tractor. He can even drive it through long grass and on bumpy places behind the garage.

Darren’s birthday is this Saturday. Deeder and I are still working hard on thinking of something extra special to do for Daddy as this is a big one! Don’t forget to say happy birthday to him on facebook, email, or maybe even a phone call? I know he really wouldn’t mind being remembered! ;)

Another month gone, they do fly by so quickly. This time next month Deeder will have a new baby sister. It’s hard to believe, and even harder to imagine, but like all things we’ll make the adjustments and not be able to imagine life any other way.

Diederick Dale: 21 Months

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

This picture is great because it has two of Deeder’s loves in one snap. Doggies and art. A few weeks ago we bought him a pack of Crayola markers and a big notebook to draw in. Paintings is such a messy event and he eats crayons like candy so I thought this might be a nice alternative and it’s worked so well. He doesn’t say “color” or “draw” instead, he asks for the markers and coloring paper by pointing to where they’re stored and saying “Boo! boo, Ma!” I assume that “boo” equals “blue” anyway, I really enjoy watching him color. He’s extremely attentive to what he’s doing–each mark to the paper is quite purposeful and when he’s done he stands back and sighs as if saying to him self, “See? You did it again, a wonderful masterpiece!” Then he closes the notebook and puts away the pens. I’d like to be able to tell you that he recaps them, but that isn’t true. He puts the lids in the storage container then the pen. This means that I later fish them out and do the recapping. Oh well. We’ll learn.

This month has been a month of rain and mud, and now in this last week the sunshine has been joined with heavenly warmth that sings the return of spring. It’s so nice to not have to go through the hassle of bundling to go out and constantly worrying about falling on the ice. As you can see though, Deeder still is falling (note the red mark on the side of his face). Now though the falls aren’t from ice, they’re from tripping over his own feet as he often runs faster than he can really handle!
His favorite outdoor play thing is the snow shovel owned by our landlady. I’m looking into buying him a trike, I betcha he’ll still go for the shovel. The thing is, that shovel will probably be stored away soon and he wont have anything. Children are supposed to enjoy trikes, right? He could do that.

Other than the shovel for outdoor play Deeder has discovered last years hanging baskets. Last month they were covered in up to two feet of heavy white coldness, under the deepest of snow drifts. He found them behind the house and with much effort carried them around front to the parking lot where he enjoys digging through them. Why I let him I don’t know, other than that he doesn’t have much else to play with. And that I’m taken back to the days of my youth in which my sibs and I enjoyed digging in the mud. Heh. Yeah.

About a year ago my monthly updates on my little lad would mainly feature what he’d been eating lately, sleep patterns and perhaps new teeth. Now though my world revolves around the stage that is transition between baby and independent boy, something big and tough. It’s called crying-for-no-good-reason. Or at least (at best) a reason hard to reach. Sometimes, too often for my liking, all that pacifies the tears is a snuggle with Teddy and half an hour plugged in to Shrek (or in Deeder language, “Ek”).

With my whole heart I miss the days when Deeder was comforted by a snuggle with Mommy, the days when he’d fall asleep nursing just crawl up into my lap when playing or reading stories had gotten old. He does love me, and we have good times together, but I’m just not everything anymore.

Deeder finally owns some trucks! Daddy’s been wanting to find him some for awhile now. The last time we were in Target they had a great selection of John Deere stuff marked ages “1 1/2 and up” and so we got him something. A 20pc. farm set, complete with tractors, animals and fences. He’s very careful with all the peices and proudly calls them his “Tucks”. He also has a snowplow and dump truck that Daddy found at WalMart. They’re plastic so I let Deeder play with them in the bathtub sometimes, he thinks that’s pretty great. I really do enjoy watching Deeder play with his things, the focus and attention how consumed he is aware of little else around him. Is that a sign that he’ll be an early reader or good at school? I hope so!

In diet and sleep news–since no baby update is complete without it–I’m happy to report that this has been a good month in both areas. My son sleeps from 7:30pm to 7am and generally eats whatever we are having at our family meal times. His favorite breakfast foods have been scrampled eggs on toast (with cheese on top), blueberry muffins, or oatmeal with honey. We also snack a lot between meals too, probably because I’m pregnant and always hungry!
Deeder has woken around 2am quite a few times this month, as if he too is waiting up for Daddy to get home. Once he’s seen Darren and had a little drink he falls right back to sleep.

All in all, a good month, just one marked by a bit of emotional struggles. I’m really realizing that these are there aren’t many days left that it’ll be just Deeder and I. It’s exciting to have Carly on the way but I’m sad too that our special times where it’s just the two of us are nearly done. I’m sad too that I don’t have the strength or energy to go on any special outings. Deeder’s a wonderful kid, aside from little emotional outrages here and there he is content to be flexible with my limitations.

This morning we’re going to Paula’s Playgroup. Of course I’ll bring my camera along! Afterwards we hope to hook up with Abi and Jen for a little play date at the park. Thanks for reading. :)

Diederick Dale: 20 Months

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Do I really need words?? OK, OK.

I’ll add them. He’s fun and full of attitude. The end!

img_3490.jpgHis favorite word is “NO!”
Ever since he’s been old enough to sit when playing with his toys he’s been singing. I don’t know if it’s to his toys, or to himself, or maybe even to whomever is around. But it’s cute, and I completely love how content he is, peaceful and absorbed in song. In the beginning it was, “lalala” “bababa” “mamamama”.

Now it’s “No nuh no no no no no, na na, no nuh no no noooooo. Mmmm muhhh nah nah na no nuh noooo” And over again.
I haven’t asked him about it, I just smile to myself and continue on with whatever I’m doing and I can’t believe he’s already talking like a toddler. As with his singing of past days he’s not looking at me as he sings; I’m pretty sure it’s a lullaby to himself.
The worst bit of “No!” isn’t redirecting him when he’s having a rebellious flash, that’s pretty easy since he really is a mild mannered kid by nature. The worst part is that *everyone* thinks it’s funny to see a short person who toddles and sports a cute baby voice say this word, scowl and stomp his foot. They laugh as if it were something from the top of a childhood hilarity list, perhaps even a trick that I had successfully taught him myself. This is not helpful!
I do realize that it is cute, cute and dangerous. If you’ve had kids, or know some you know potential outcomes on treating this like a joke. :P


Speaking of lullabies, I think a bit of Best News for this months is Deeder’s sleeping! He’s been sleeping like a lamb.

Lambs do sleep well, right? Or is it one of those sayings that are really oxymorons, like “Easy as pie.” I’m 23 and have yet to make a pie perfectly, or even close to resembling one. Not that I’ve tried too many times.

Anyway, today I mean “Sleeps like a lamb” to mean that he’s sleeping beautifully.

Reading got cut from the night time routine because he stopped trusting me to read to him during the day–thinking I suppose that I’d toss him in the crib as soon as I’d finished reading the last paragraph and closed the book. This of course was not good.

After bath Deeder and I go into his bedroom and I hand him his teddy, pick him and Teddy up and we slow dance together around the room with the lights off until I feel the fast energy pitter pat of his heart slow into sleepy time slow…I turn the music box on lay him down. He snuggles close to his blankie and closes his eyes. The dude is (usually) out for 12 hours, cuddled close to that teddy and the cow blanket. It’s a dream just to see–my little lovey.

When he is awake he wants to be outside. So that’s, um…between 7:30am and 2pm, 4pm and 7:30pm!
We aren’t outside all that time, I can manage to distract him with toys, books and other indoor activities for some portions of the day. Thankfully the weather has been warmer in the last few weeks, so going outside is messy not so much dangerous. The road is of course a danger and I do have to keep a pretty good eye on him because he tends to stray that way.

In the picture he’s standing on our landlady’s porch. This is against the rules. Don’t know why. She said she doesn’t want him getting it dirty. Um. Dirty? Yes, that’s what she said.
Rules are rules though.
Standing up there gives him a King of the Castle feeling which I hate to rob him of! Yes, this picture was taken after she’d left. You wont tell, will you?

He does love the mud.
Maybe she plans on pressure washing and restaining her porch and doesn’t want him to get in the habit of stamping childhood all over it.


Deeder continues to be a do it himself-er. This month he’s finally strong enough to lift and carry as he’s always wanted. Dishes are a big favorite, well, playing in the water while I do the dishes. He’s decided that eating in the highchair is for babies which of course he no longer is! We’ve accepted this for the most part and allow him to eat standing on a chair rather than battle him on the issue.


Deeder may appear to be reckless but he isn’t, it’s all a front! Ever since he fell head-first off the table–I don’t think that made it into a blog entry!–he hasn’t been the same. He never stands on the table anymore, just sits to look out the window. And at the top of the stairs he crawls a few paces before standing. He doesn’t stand too close to ledges and holds the railing when he walks down. If he encounters a step that he estimates to be too big for him to handle he calls for help, “Up?”

No complete sentences yet. Seems you can get through life with just a few words properly placed.

Have I given you enough words for the 20 Month update?
Just keep reading every day for more. ;)

“There must be some reason why Daddy does this so much…”


Diederick Dale: 19 Months

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

My baby boy turned 19 months yesterday. :)


I’m just so proud of him for staying sane in these last 30 days. Seriously! It has to be hard on a boy his age to be inside so much. His little legs just want to run and jump. He needs more fresh air in his lungs, and free space to run.
Soon, baby, soon.

This month has been huge for language development. Not only is he giving names to things in his environment, he’s connecting words. This morning, for example, Darren had to leave early for work on a mandate. Deeder didn’t approve at all and hardly would let go of Darren, he insisted, “I come!” Both Darren and I heard it clear as day! The baby knows about 20 words.

Challenging this language growth, hoping to encourage it and see just how far his understanding goes I enjoy sending him on little missions. Maybe I’m also training him to be a big helper boy for when Carly arrives in four months? Socks and shoes are something that he understands well.
Mommy: “Deeder, bring me your shoes, please.”
Deeder: goes over to the shoe rack and picks out a pair, brings it to Mommy.
Mommy: “Where did you leave your socks?”
Deeder: runs over to toy shelf and points to his socks which he’s nicely tucked away inside his Bumbo, points proudly at them and says, “Ock, Mom”
Mommy: “Can you come put them on?”
Deeder: sits by Mommy and wraps his sock around his foot and tries to put on shoe.
Mommy puts Deeder’s socks and shoes on. :P


Diederick is a very caring young man. His love runs deepest for his daddy and mommy, and his playmates. All of his toys are named “Oggie” even though he knows that they aren’t all dogs. In the above picture he’s holding his most favorite stuffed animal in his mouth, this toy is a bear, but of course its name (according to Deeder) is Oggie. This is an ongoing joke between the two of us. He’ll shove it in my face and say, “Mom! Oggie” (grin) to this Mommy replies, “No, it’s a bear. Bears say ROAR!” Deeder always bursts into hysterics when I make my bear noise, he could go back and forth on the Bear, no Oggie business forever and still enjoy the joke equally each time.


Mega blocks continue to be a favorite activity. They’re amazingly versatile: they can serve as an upbeat energy releasing activity or a calming cool down activity, all depends on the time of day and mood. Best $4 I ever spent? Maybe. Right now anyway it’s looking like it was a pretty good investment!

Food. We’re ALWAYS eating.


In this picture he’s busy consuming an all time favorite lunch, peanut butter and jam with cottage cheese on the side. See how he even guards the food from slipping off the tray as he scoops with the spoon? Do I have a genius or what?

This month Deeder’s also been practicing walking down the stairs like a big boy, scary, but exciting too. Watching him I have to try to rise above my mommy fears of him falling and just applaud his success and stand alert for catching him if he should take a tumble.


Life is full of lessons. This month’s lesson for Diederick has been patience.


He highly dislikes some of the limitations in his world, but he copes with frustration pretty well.

A primary frustration is the inability to come and go as he pleases. I wonder if he remembers summer time or if it’s just a crazy desire to be near Daddy who is continually goes outside with Doggie that drives Deeder to want to be outdoors.
He is also bothered by the change in our story times together. Mommy has almost entirely run out of room to hold him on her lap and this is very sad for Deeder. The time will come again soon when I have room for him, as will the days when he can play outside.

We have a silly little game/exercise called High Stepping Baby that we play when I can see a melt down coming on. As his face starts to scrunch up for a good scream I say, “Hey, Deeder! Can you do the high stepping baby move?” His frown goes away and is replaced by a smile. He dances his feet up and down, like a skip and march in place together. Mommy no doubt looks hysterical when she does the High Stepping Baby, but Deeder doesn’t care and together we enjoy the merriment of our silly move.

To this little blurb of what Deeder is doing this month I could add more, much more…


But this is getting to be much too long already!
Allow me just one more Mommy-brag moment, k?

I’ll tell you of the lovely way Deeder picks up the bits of his snack that he’s dropped on the floor. That’s cute! After I take him out of his chair he checks out the surrounding area and collects cheerios, soup crackers or sandwich crusts which were dropped at some point during the meal. He doesn’t eat them, he puts them on the table, assuming that I will clean them up. He will put things in the trash can, but only upon request.

OK. :P

I’m done.

Happy 19 Months, Deeder Bug! Mommy and Daddy love you so much :D


Sometimes Daddy says that it would be so nice if we could just keep you this age forever. You’re so much fun and you’re not embarrassed of us yet!
Part of your beauty though, little boy, is how much you’re growing and learning every day.

Diederick Dale: 18 Months!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I hardly feel that I need to add words to this long series of pictures! I will though, but first I ought to clean up my kitchen. Apologies to those who receive my posts via RSS Feed.


This little handsome man turned 1 1/2 yesterday. Isn’t he beautiful?? Check out those blue eyes. They are getting darker, but still quite clearly blue.


Mommy has recently discovered that the pestering to be picked up while she’s working in the kitchen stops when he’s allowed to climb up on a chair and “help” with the cleaning or cooking! It works wonderfully because he understands, “no” and seeks with all his heart (most of the time) to please. Here he is pretending to take a sip of Daddy’s coffee. The word “hot” has just reverently passed his lips, he darent tip the cup for fear of spilling it’s imaginary contents.


Deeder loves combining his toys in games. In this picture I’ve just kicked him his ball and he’s getting ready to push it around with the toy you see him heading for. It’s really great to see this bit of imagination coming into his games! This way we get more use out of the many things I’ve bought for him on impulse. :P


Recognize this toy? Mommy just HAD to buy it! Recently it was featured in a story I told about one of our trips to WalMart. He loved it so much. And what first time mom can refuse buying something that their child adores? The breaking point was when he headed right for it on a trip there two whole weeks later. I decided that it could be his 18 month birthday gift. That’s fair enough, eh? I paid $10 for the silly thing!

Also, I must mention that he carried it over to me for this picture just because I asked him to. What a wonderful child! I’m making lots of requests like this of him in training for when I’m helpless after Carly’s delivery which, Lord willing, wont be until this summer. This morning he brought me both of my socks which I pointed out to him from all the way across the room, he even attempted putting them on my feet–I thought that was pretty interesting.


Hehe! Mommy lets me eat snack on the table sometimes!! Just when Daddy’s not looking! :P

Actually the idea behind this is for him to soak up all the morning sunshine possible! I find that the more he gets the more apt he is to be cheerful throughout the day. The sun shines between 8am and 1pm when it comes out. After that the cloud cover of gray comes, then 4:15 evening darkness sets in. We’ll live through it! I’m counting down the days until spring time.


See that mouth? I can get anything in there. Maybe he’s going through a growth spurt or maybe it has something to do with his not going through any teething this month! Whatever the case I can tell you that it sure makes my life easier having a kid who will eat anything. Oh and what an appetite! Since I’ve been pregnant (that’s how I measure time now) he’s gained 5 lbs! That’s 5lbs to my 8lbs, wow, huh? Whenever I’m hungry so is he. Carly and I get half a sandwich and he eats the other–it’s SO convenient!

Oh! And Deeder’s learning new words!! Just since my last post on language actually. Today he said “light” and “fan” and yesterday he said “car” and “kitty” and “up”. He’s also doing new signs from his baby sign board book. Mommy is very impressed!


The extensive hours spent with me as his only friend tends to clingy-ness. He often asks to be held–not just when he’s tired. And since I don’t have any pressing engagements I often comply without thinking about it. This isn’t a good thing! To remedy the matter I work on getting him to practice independent play; after I know he’s been fed, taken on a recent trip to the potty and had a reasonable amount of mommy time I close him in his room and go do some cooking or cleaning. First week or so he acted like I was putting him in time out, after a while though he adjusted to the idea of being without Mommy and on most days will continue on with the game that we were playing–I don’t have to close the door anymore.

Why’s this so important to me? When I was working at the YMCA drop in room (where parents leave their kids for up to 2 hours while they work out) I found a totally consistent pattern of behavior with the children of stay-at-home mothers–they had no idea how to play alone and would cry insanely unless they had full attention of an adult. Extremely frustrating because I was the only one who worked there and quite often had 10 kids at a time. I vowed that my child(ren) would NEVER be that way!


Deeder’s getting good use out of the John Deere tractor that I bought him for his 1 year old birthday! He drives it around, carries it (no kidding!) and flips it over for routine mechanic work. :)

Oh and see that whisk in his hand? He ALWAYS has either a whisk, spatula, or wooden spoon in his hand at all times. Sometimes he even insists on it taking a nap with him. At the end of the day it goes through the dishwasher. First thing in the morning he goes over to the dishwasher and asks for it.


Spitting is a favorite past time for Deeder. Why? I’m not quite sure. But I do hope he gets over it!


Checking the weather. Looks good! A nice warm day: warmed all the way up to 30 degrees!! WOW! We had a nice long walk. :) To the bakery that we used to frequent in the summer and home again. Deeder had his glass of milk and I had a mocha, we shared a raspberry apple scone which was absolutely delicious. All in all I spent $4.78–so worth it!


New talent: climbing chairs. Here observe the chair next to the stool. He pushed the chair all the way from the table then got the stool from the computer desk seen above. Together they make the perfect ladder up to the silverware drawer which he’s been dying to get into for the longest time. I had to oblige him just this once simply because I was so impressed with how he premeditated this big time no-no!


Sorry, Mom, I just had to include this picture. I can’t believe he climbed into the drawer! And I promise, I did remove him quite hastily! How would I explain if his weight overcome the drawer??

Mommy better put everything back in order before Daddy gets home. This never happened! You’re all sworn to silence. :) Hey, at least my child isn’t agile enough to climb atop the refrigerator–yet.

I wish I could add a picture of him sleeping. It’s the cutest thing how he sleeps on his belly with his butt up, knees folded in fast to his chest. He holds his teddy bear from Grampa and Grandma H. tightly in his left arm close to his body, with the other arm he holds his cow blankie up against his cheek. If I go in to pick him up before he’s awake I find that he hasn’t moved at all. Comfy position I guess :P

Happy 1 1/2 baby boy. :)
I love you more than anything. Well, maybe you’re equal with Daddy!