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Diederick 17 Months

Saturday, December 15th, 2007


I know I don’t usually start these with unhappy faces.
But this month has been a hard one!
See those red cheeks? I’ve been guessing that they mean teething. And just today when he was having a really good cry I was able to see inside, and yes, teething is what’s going on. TWO new molars popping through very inflamed gums on bottom. Poor baby. Sometimes he cries so hard that all I can do is rock him back and forth and tell him that I love him, praying that nap time will be soon! He sleeps like a bear and wakes up refreshed, refreshed for a little while.


My word to describe Deeder for this month: Sensitive.

He’s egocentric because of the teething…preferring to be held 80% of the time and helped immediately when he wants something. But he’s also developing the ability to feel for other people.
Yesterday, for example, when Darren had to get extra sleep after his double shift Diederick knew to not go bounding into the bedroom and jump on Darren’s head like he does most mornings! Instead Deeder gingerly pushed the door open a little and whispered “Daddy?” so quietly I don’t think it even reached Darren–when Daddy didn’t respond Deeder turned and walked back down the hall to his own room.


This is a good picture, not in quality maybe, but of what he’s doing this month. Deeder loves cookies and is learning to build! :P
OK, not all of you let your kids walk around eating cookies but I do…if it’s the only thing on earth that’ll make my baby happy. Anyway, yeah, he finally can build! It’s so much easier to play with someone who enjoys more than the knock-it-down part of construction. We have a 120pc mega block set and can sit together and enjoy building something using every piece…that’s quite the increase of patience on his part.

Hmm…And since I just posted a picture of him eating, here’s a sippy cup one to go along.


He’s so into drinking from it himself. Of course this results in soaked shirts, and a very surprised Deeder. It’s okay when he’s sitting in his chair and I supervise the drinking because then there isn’t much in the cup and my hand is right there to steady him if he tips it too far. But this kid has incredible reach! When he tiptoes he can get things off the counter that I would guess would be unreachable and that’s when the spills happen.


When I look at Deeder recently I just see such a big boy. His face is less baby and more curious busy toddler. He’s active and loves to run around, sometimes so fast that he can only stop by crashing into the closest wall as if he were on skates!
That’s my boy…fun, crazy, lovable and cute. Sometimes challenging, but so worth every second.

Oh! New word: “Di?” I think it means drink. After saying it he holds his mouth wide open like a baby bird!

Diederick 16 Months

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Today’s his 16 Month bday :)

It’d be nice to be celebrated every month, wouldn’t it?

My one word description for him this month: Organizer.


Since that’s his main entertainment I’ve loosened up on what cupboards he’s allowed in. The one that houses beans and rice and cup a soups often has it’s contents distributed in the tupperware drawer and crockpot/bosch section. In this picture he’s reorganizing the upstairs. He carried off the dvd player remote a couple days ago and we have yet to find it, I keep telling Darren it’ll show up. Thankfully Deeder doesn’t know how to flush the toilet yet! He’s currently working on figuring out how to turn door knobs.


He’s pretty good at zooming around on his John Deere tractor now. Nothing like Uncle Seth though–that crazy kid used to split his big toes open he’d go so fast. Eh hem, OK, I digress. But yeah, I’m glad Deeder’s enjoying the thing because it was his official birthday gift from me! Also pretty cool that his feet finally touch the ground–I was wondering there for a while if he’d ever grow.


Sorry that I don’t know how to make pictures enlarge!

Deeder has big beautiful blue eyes. They’re pretty unique too, according to his doctor anyway. Mommy never noticed! He gets red eye in one and not so much in the other…you can kinda tell in this picture. The pediatrician said it doesn’t mean anything at this point. If he got a hazy looking spot over his retina then we’d have cause for concern.


He loves to explore through touch. It’s not enough to look! And once he sees how something works, such as a Kleenex, he’ll imitate and be quite proud of himself. He’s always been dying to touch my camera, so today I finally let him hold it for the first time. My mommy intuition told me that he was going to try smash it on the ground. Instead, he carefully turned it around in his hands and pressed the view screen up to his face. When he released it he gave me a big grin and laughed. Perhaps he would have said, “See? I can do it just as well as you can. In fact, one day I’m going to amaze you with this photo stuff!”

Here’s a little video clip of him craving the camera–as you can see, he doesn’t respect the lens as he should. Perhaps Mommy shouldn’t have him so near it to begin with! Nor should she bother trying to get him to talk when he’s so obviously busy thinking about something else!

Speech is becoming a part of Deeder’s world and I love it. Yes, his saying “oggie” has yet to be captured on camera, but I promise you it’s totally cute and recognizable beyond belief. Darren was wearing his German Shepard shirt from GrammaMomma today, at one point he was laying on the futon with a comforter over him. Deeder came over and took the blanket away…he bopped Darren on the chest and said “OGGIE!!! ruff ruff.” HEH! Oh boy :)

What else can I say? He eats very well, when he’s well. This month we’ve spent what feels like a long time being under the weather, which totally bites. The sun is back in Deeder’s face so we’re happy for that–he’s a pretty resilient kid.

Diederick, 15 months :)

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Diederick Dale is walking :)
It’s simply glorious.
He continues to have strong acrobatic tendencies and is having to learn what he shouldn’t climb.

Some things that have always worked for him, such as going down the stairs backwards, are now boring and he has to invent a new way. With the stairs he believes that he is big enough to go down forwards–walking holding onto the rail, or scooting down on his bottom. He hasn’t fallen but it scares me so I correct him–that’s how mommies work!
He has also tried laying down on a step, about six down. It’s one of those things that was a cool idea to start out with, but once accomplished is very scary. When in such straights he screams as high pitched as possible which gets me there quick as a flash! :P

Deeder’s imagination is blossoming! This makes me very happy :)
Darren and I love watching him talk on his little phone, he holds the phone in the crook of his neck and speaks clearly and loudly with voice inflections and everything. He’s just caught up in his own world imitating what he sees Mommy and Daddy do. When I ask him who he’s talking to he looks at me in a way that seems to say, “Mom, you have no idea what I’m even doing here!”

Deeder loves to chase and be chased after…he often comes over and pushes me then runs away giggling like he just did something deliciously evil. If I don’t do anything he’ll come back and do it again.

The Bumbo chair has renewed popularity :)
He will tug and pull at it, trying to get it off the shelf where it’s stored. I’m pretty sure he’s afraid of the big bunny rabbit that usually inhabits the chair because he always has me be the one to remove it :) Seeing him sit in it I’m taken back in time to when it was his first feeding chair.
Speaking of feeding…
What a good appetite my little man has had!
He’s been eating complete meals rather than picking and tossing by very exclusive preference. For lunch he had stroganoff over macaroni noodles with applesauce. For dinner he had one blueberry waffle and an easy over egg. For breakfast he had two babysized bowls of oatmeal with orange juice to drink. He’s still nursing. In fact he wont sleep without it, and he gets mad if noon nap isn’t followed by a quick nursing. Hmm. Becoming more dependent?

This is one of Deeder’s favorite look out spots. The view is both of the parking lot and the road. From here he can keep track of the comings and goings of the business’s clients and be on the lookout for birds at his feeder and doggies walking by on the street. Whenever anything interesting comes by he calls me over. “Mum? Mum?”

And everyone needs a cozy place to sit, read and relax…Right?
Yes. But Deeder’s must be tough to get to, kind of like a fort, to be worthwhile. Given the love for climbing and the need to see what’s going on at all times, he’s carefully selected my portable pantry thing, second shelf. He keeps all of his books there and a couple stuffed toys.

I Take Pills

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

(Sarah with pacifier, me in pink dress)

It’s 1985. These two little girls are happy and by all means quite normal indeed. They’re twins, identical, born two weeks late, each weighing in at about six pounds. They have a brother who is eighteen months older than them who will later graduate as a computer science major from WWU and work at Microsoft before age 24.
These little girls have epilepsy, and will struggle in school their whole lives–more or less anyway, not reading until age 9. Their mom will notice that they often seem distracted, sometimes completely vacant. She will notice that their eyes are open but not seeing, only for a millisecond, but hundreds of times throughout the day. Their eyes flutter but it’s a mystery why. They are taken to doctors, no one knows why they flutter or why their heads visibly jerk at random moments.

(Sarah in white, me wearing red)

Age three: Others notice the jerking and fluttering. Is it a “twin thing?” Multiples often have similar habits and a special language shared only between themselves, maybe it’s just something like that.

2001: A new family doctor notices the girls’ eyes rapidly blinking under his florescent lights. Epilepsy. Amazing that he made the connection. Aren’t everyone’s eyes bothered by nearly dead florescent lights? :P
Twin A is sent off for an EEG (Electroencephalography), the results say that she indeed has epilepsy.

The twins go to see a neurologist. That was one of the best days of my life–I now had a name for the problem that had limited my life. I could take a drug that would make me normal–that would give my mind and my body limitless ability to learn. My salvation upon earth.

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and Absence Spells.

Honestly, I (Twin A), didn’t care at all what the official symptoms of either were. All I knew was that I’d spend all the previous years of my life thinking I was the stupid and now there was a solution–there was a name, a medicine and there were OTHER PEOPLE who had the same problem.

Sarah and I were put on 25 mgs of Depakote. Like I said, I expected an immediate cure. Sadly I felt nothing but sadness and hair loss. We both gained weight and decided to get off that medication.

2004: I am on 450 mgs of Lamictal and 50 mgs of Zonegran. I had never felt healthier or happier, my grades (I was in my second year of collage). The prospect of ever being able to drive had been ruled out because our seizures are too small to really count. But since I was feeling so great I decided to count them–if I could go six months without a single one I could learn to drive.

2006: I am engaged to be married. Since not even lab rats can successfully carried young while pumped full of Zonegran I don’t want to take any chances and choose to get off it. Week One of weaning myself off Zonegran: my seizures worsen and I stay home from work for a couple days, I feel depressed and confused over just the smallest details in my life.
I remember then how I planned to completely cut medication out of my life after graduation. How wrong I had been. After cutting that small bit of a medication that had made my life nicer I saw how dependent my body had become on anti-epileptic drugs. Every month $720 of Lamictal goes into my body just so that I can feel OK.
My pregnancy was perfect, well I hated the weight gain–but epilepsy wise it was quite comfortable and surprisingly seizure free.

Just putting this up for you fortunate people to see who weren’t with me for the belly pic days. I can’t believe that was me and I wish I could acquire a baby without ever having to be that big again! Sadly, not the case and really in the long run it’s worth every ounce. :P

2007: Twin A is healthy and safe, so is her sister many many miles away. When they feel stress or are very very tired their eyes flicker still. Perhaps in a moment they stop and stare, just because. That’s just how the girls are, and as far as they know, that’s how they will always be.
At 65 years old, chances are high that they will still have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and Absence Spells despite both of these being described as childhood illnesses.

The doctor doesn’t know why we both have it, or why a genetic disorder like this isn’t seen in either side of our families–it’s just the way it is.

me, Deeder, and Sarah fall 2006

Some days epilepsy feels like a very oppressive handicap, others I forget that it’s with me.

Today was a day when I had it.
Yesterday was busy and I forgot entirely that my frontal lobe isn’t like yours–that I’m unique. This morning I woke up with a huge headache and twitch fingers, my legs were shaking a little and my eyes were heavy. Darren got Deeder up and brought him into our room, through my heavy eyes they were both a blur. It was the baby who helped himself to breakfast and crawled off the bed when he was done! Ever had a whole pot of coffee when you normally drink just one cup–that’s about how I felt, nothing too serious just annoying enough to give me a bad day!

Through music class I could hardly focus–through the day I delicately overdosed on my medication so that the following day I will feel what I call normal. The normal that never will quite be normal, the normal that is me.
Tomorrow’s another day.

Goodness I’m thankful that Darren had today off! Diederick was in a bad mood and Daddy was here to say no and to take care of naps–good stuff. :D

Oh hey, I have to add that while meds haven’t made me all I’d like to be they have done a lot–I feel that I understand the world more: say 1,2,3,4,5 and I hear all your points–I don’t miss 3 and 5 and walk away thinking you’re an idiot! :P And I can only imagine how my seizures would treat my head and my body if I didn’t have Lamictal running through me.
I take pills, and I’m so thankful God has provided us with nice insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. That’s one of our worries with moving away–not knowing if we’ll find insurance that will take me!

Yep, OK, goodnight :)

Diederick, 13 Months

Friday, August 17th, 2007


Diederick turned 13 months on Wednesday. I guess because of all the hubbub with loosing Little One I forgot about Deeder’s 13 month mark!

If I had one sentence to sum up how Deeder’s been this month I’d probably say that he’s been exerting his independence. Not that he’s been bad or anything, he’s just really wanting to do everything himself! If he manages to get over to the fridge when someone has it open he will grab out one of his snacks and pull the lid open, helping himself to it’s contents! Since he doesn’t drink out of a sippy I hold a cup for him to drink, he’s now trying to grab it away and tip the milk into his mouth alone–it hasn’t worked yet. Sometimes I think he tries to dress himself, and of course take off his own diapers.


He climbs up and down the stairs alone, and quicker than you’d believe. If you’re sitting and he wants to get up on the couch and into your lap he wants to climb up your legs–if helped he screeches and insists on being put down!


This month Deeder met his cousin’s daughter, MaKayla. The first couple of days just messed up his schedule, but after that he was in love! I think having her here spired his desire to learn to walk upright rather than traveling on his hands and knees! Thank you, MaKayla! At the park yesterday he walked about a foot with being held only by one hand. He stood up this morning behind his push toy and walked with it the whole of the hall. :) It’ll be awhile before I get video footage of him walking alone, maybe in a month or two?


Thanks to Grampa Harr Deeder had his first Snickers bar! Boy what a mess!!

New adventures: Deeder went to the Boston Aquarium and on a harbor cruise :D He also got to go for a hike at Quechee Gorge safely stowed in his Ergo carrier. (Pictures of this are on Daddy’s digital camera program which I don’t know how to use!)

Oh! Did I mention that Deeder had his first baby sitting experience? Darren’s parents watched him so that Darren and I could go out for a couple hours. As the story goes, he fell right to sleep after playing with grampa and Makayla for about half an hour! Thanks, Dale and Cora!!