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Flowergirl Dress

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

I hope it’s the perfect one for Jessica.

Nothing Much

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

So what’s up? I haven’t really done anything interesting. Lately I’ve just been bugging my dad to go get measured for his tux. That, and counting down the minutes until Darren’s here again. He’ll be here on Friday, maybe even be able to meet me after work. I have Monday off (Happy Birthday, America) which is great because we’ll get to spend a bit more time together than is possible when I’m working. Maybe it’d be groovy to go see the big fireworks out at the bay together. It’s just a bunch of noisy colorful sparks flying up into the sky yet somehow extremely cool.

Little Laura Pictures

Monday, June 27th, 2005


The cutest 80’s toddler ever!


When these pictures were taken my future husband was roughly 1216 miles away being a teenager. Who would ever have guessed that one!

My Dress

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

Came on Thursday…





I like it!

My Precious

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

Since I’ve given my version of our engagement proposal I might give a little typing time to our ring tale!
Most couples find the perfect ring after the proposal has taken place. We defy tradition. We tried on rings before engagement.

After he picked me up from work on Friday we ate lunch and then to the mall we went to try on expensive finger adornment. I said that I didn’t want anything that’d get caught doing laundry or anything like that. Darren said, “Yeah nothing gawky.” Fairly ambiguous statements, but knowing nearly nothing about diamonds, it was the best we could muster.
The fourth ring that I tried on was, what the salesman called, “the perfect ring for you—no doubts”, then he said to Darren that it’s wisest to buy what looks best and forget about the price tag because this is an important purchase. It’d be a great deal no matter the price because this diamond is guaranteed for life, it’s a LEO DIAMOND! That day we didn’t buy a ring. Darren said, “We’ll sleep on it.” We never did come back to that Kay jeweler. The next day, after I said (officially) said that I’d marry Darren, he promised he would find a ring that I’d love and have it on my hand by his next visit. The next week I was a proud wearer of a Leo diamond. He bought it at the store nearby his apartment. It’s awesome. The band is yellow 14K gold and, when the engagement ring and wedding band are put together they form a row of three diamonds (not that I care about that sort of thing!). Sometimes I think of going into the jeweler at my local Kays at telling him that we bought the ring.

Finding the perfect ring for Darren wasn’t easy. Very nice selections in each place that I visited but not one had his ring size. I could select one of their styles and have it custom resized, given a few weeks advance notice before the wedding. No fair! I wanted to know what it looked like in size 12 ½ before I gave them my money! Quickly I learned that, to save time, the smart thing to do was not ask to see the men’s ring selection. The smart thing was to get to the point and ask if the place had any in the particular size for which I was shopping. If they didn’t I would leave. Then I found it. He hasn’t taken the ring off since I bought it and says it’d be silly to wait until the wedding to wear it. Successful? Yep, I hope so.