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   Jul 27

Off On Holiday

Alberta! Ten hour drive but well worth it I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 4am (Lord willing) with my family for a church gathering. There’ll be all kinds of fun stuff going on. We’ll return home on Monday, I believe. This is Darren’s weekend off work. He gets Saturday through Wednesday this time. Despite people not […]

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   Jul 22


I have found that putting a wedding announcement in the paper speaks out to the whole community. In some cases acquaintances who I wouldn’t even remember to invite have given me their warm congratulations. Others, people who I don’t know, stop to congratulate me and tell me how nice the picture was. After a day […]

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   Jul 22

Yesterday’s Outing

Thursday we got a few things done… Sarah and Debra got their hair trimmed (a couple inches off for both of them). They have decided to do a sort of flip through ponytail with the ends done in ringlets and a flower stuck in the back. I’ll get mine cut again just before the wedding. […]

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   Jul 21

My baby

Isn’t he beautiful?? My brother in law sent me this picture along with one of Darren as a school boy, probably fourth or fifth grade. The boy had a solemn look on his face, I couldn’t read it at all; perhaps some day he’ll have it again and I’ll be able to link that look […]

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   Jul 20

Don’t Take Anything Good Away

My mom and I took my dress in to be altered. This involved putting on my dress at a nice place full of measuring tapes and sewing machines and having a lady bundle up bits of fabric with sewing pins. Then I took it off and gave it over to her. She said that when […]

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