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Off On Holiday

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Alberta! Ten hour drive but well worth it

I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 4am (Lord willing) with my family for a church gathering. There’ll be all kinds of fun stuff going on. We’ll return home on Monday, I believe.
This is Darren’s weekend off work. He gets Saturday through Wednesday this time. Despite people not being here, he’s decided to come anyway. It’s for his dog that he cometh. Heidi’s so special that Darren’s going to drive from Oregon to Bellingham just to be with her. How sweet, huh?

Yes, I do have a wedding plans update that I could put in, but it’s 10:57pm and I’d rather sleep.


Friday, July 22nd, 2005

I have found that putting a wedding announcement in the paper speaks out to the whole community. In some cases acquaintances who I wouldn’t even remember to invite have given me their warm congratulations. Others, people who I don’t know, stop to congratulate me and tell me how nice the picture was. After a day or two of this I felt like a very special person! The picture was in the paper nearly a week ago.

Yesterday’s Outing

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Thursday we got a few things done…

Sarah and Debra got their hair trimmed (a couple inches off for both of them). They have decided to do a sort of flip through ponytail with the ends done in ringlets and a flower stuck in the back. I’ll get mine cut again just before the wedding. I’m thinking of having it down for the wedding and doing ringlets.

We were advised not to get makeup and hair professionally done. Oh boy. :-/ This is sad news because I don’t do a good job with makeup application or with hair styling.

We decided to get the girls dresses hemmed at the shop that is making alterations to my dress. The bridal shop from whence the dresses come wants to charge us $20 per dress to fix what was their fault.

Found matching shoes for Kayla and Debra at Payless Shoes. Sarah’s decided that she needs to wear heals thus her shoes are different.

This morning when I left for work mom told me that she’d make some, “Wedding calls” today. I’ve been working on that guest list, adding some local friends.

My baby

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Isn’t he beautiful??


My brother in law sent me this picture along with one of Darren as a school boy, probably fourth or fifth grade. The boy had a solemn look on his face, I couldn’t read it at all; perhaps some day he’ll have it again and I’ll be able to link that look with some emotion or state of mind.
Maybe it was as simple as him not wanting to wear the shirt or comb his hair a particular way and someone telling him that he had to, I don’t know. With the straight face there’s a little glint of happiness or maybe a laugh in his eye.


Looking at the baby I see only a young child sitting in the staged photo booth of a 1970’s photographer’s studio. The colors are brown and white, the white darkened with age and the image grainy. The child is leaning to the right and has his eyes open and his hand raised. Is he reaching for something that interests him? Perhaps there’s something being held out to keep him contented for the photo shoot.

This is my husband and as I look at him I feel that I know him. As if looking at this old photograph can take me back all those years before I ever lived.

Why were we born seventeen years and 1335 miles apart?

I feel sad, blessed and full of anticipation. I’m beginning a new journey with this baby, this boy and now the man he is. There’s a lot in this, I have so much to learn and a lifetime to do it.

Don’t Take Anything Good Away

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

My mom and I took my dress in to be altered. This involved putting on my dress at a nice place full of measuring tapes and sewing machines and having a lady bundle up bits of fabric with sewing pins. Then I took it off and gave it over to her. She said that when we come to pick it up she’ll tell us what the pins were for. I had pins in the shoulders all the way down onto the train. The shoulders will be taken in a bit and then kept up by a sort of double sided tape (one of these sides will be attached to my skin!), the zipper is going to be brought in a bit and the train is going to be taken up in gathers. It’ll be all done on August 15.