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   Nov 29


I’m calling this place home. :-) We moved in on Tuesday and finished getting everything in on Thursday. The landlady is wonderful (i.e, very nice to me!) and the location is so convenient for being near Darren’s work and shopping. When we first arrived Heidi wasn’t very happy with any of it but she’s finally […]

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   Nov 19


It’s about 2:30 here. I’ve had my afternoon nap, finished up the laundry, made a dessert, and done the dishes. The weather is chilly, but the sun’s out so I’m hoping to take Heidi dog for a walk in a bit…we could both use the exercise! Boy oh boy it’s jazzy having the internet! Darren […]

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   Nov 18

New Life

Remember when my blog was a wedding planning blog? It seems like ages ago—those months of planning for the big day. Now the festivities are done, my online wedding album has expired, and the excitement of it all is just a happy memory. These days I stay at home (in Vermont) with our dog. The […]

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   Nov 05

Weekly News Update

Hey. :) Well, I suppose that I’m just blogging weekly. At our place in Townshend we have no phone, and no Internet. I don’t think that this week I’ve suffered from Internet withdrawal quite like last week. There’s no doubt that I would choose to have Internet if it were that simple. Indeed, I miss […]

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