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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

I’m calling this place home. :-) We moved in on Tuesday and finished getting everything in on Thursday. The landlady is wonderful (i.e, very nice to me!) and the location is so convenient for being near Darren’s work and shopping.

When we first arrived Heidi wasn’t very happy with any of it but she’s finally settled in. I think that perhaps it was just moving so frequently that was upsetting her. Now she’s perfectly happy to lay around all day and be fed. She’s quite a good dog taking her meds and goes out for walks when I ask her to.

My neurologist visit is coming up soon! I’m looking forward to that very much. It’ll also be nice to have a day to spend together (Darren’s day off).

All things considered, I’ve been in pretty good shape. Eating is still a touch and go thing, but I’m stocked up on healthy food and am able to consume a good bit of it each day.

No internet yet. I’m next door using our landlady’s computer. So that’s still something to look forward to…getting online! Once we are connected here in Vermont Darren’s planning to cancel his internet in New York.

I’d better be off now. Darren is off to work in about an hour–I’d better get back to our place. TTFN!


Saturday, November 19th, 2005

It’s about 2:30 here. I’ve had my afternoon nap, finished up the laundry, made a dessert, and done the dishes. The weather is chilly, but the sun’s out so I’m hoping to take Heidi dog for a walk in a bit…we could both use the exercise!

Boy oh boy it’s jazzy having the internet! Darren was able to do his banking yesterday and here I sit chatting with my mama and blogging. :D I’ve also enjoyed catching up on what the LOC ladies are doing as well as reading other blogs! Congratulations, Irene and Tony on your entering into courtship–May God bless you both.

New Life

Friday, November 18th, 2005


Remember when my blog was a wedding planning blog? It seems like ages ago—those months of planning for the big day. Now the festivities are done, my online wedding album has expired, and the excitement of it all is just a happy memory.

These days I stay at home (in Vermont) with our dog. The two of us sleep and eat. When we feel brave enough to venture outside, we go for a walk. What with the weather getting so chilly (we’ve had snow twice already) and it being bear hunting season in the hills where we dwell getting out for a walk isn’t my first idea on the best-ways-to-relax list.

The latest and greatest news: I’m pregnant! Being pregnant isn’t fun at all; I manage to feel sick to my stomach and desperately hungry simultaneously. Whenever I feel in the utmost state of yuck I remind myself that my being sick means that the baby is healthy–and that makes it every bit worth it.

Weekly News Update

Saturday, November 5th, 2005

Hey. :)

Well, I suppose that I’m just blogging weekly.

At our place in Townshend we have no phone, and no Internet. I don’t think that this week I’ve suffered from Internet withdrawal quite like last week. There’s no doubt that I would choose to have Internet if it were that simple. Indeed, I miss reading about your lives and writing about my own.

So what’s news?

Darren continues to enjoy his job. He’s been offered to take a permanent job with The Retreat as head nurse of the junior adolescents unit. That’s exciting news!! He’s searching for permanent living arrangements for us there in Vermont near work. I don’t suppose any of you church folk would like to join us here?? It’ll be great when I’m set up enough to have some of you over!