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   Dec 28

Good Stuff

I’m so happy! We’ve finally found a baby doctor :) Woohoo! My first appointment is on Tuesday. We’ve also been hoping to find a more local neurologist. At the hospital Darren found in the doctor directory that there is a neurologist right here in Brattleboro. That’s very good news as I’m not a great fan […]

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   Dec 20


To my surprise, Darren woke up four hours earlier than usual and told me he wanted to go shopping before work. Strange indeed! We went to a thrift store, an auto parts store, and BOUGHT ME MATERNITY CLOTHES! Oh, and Darren got a new coat. He’s happy about his new groovy looking coat and I’m […]

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   Dec 19

It’s Getting Cold Out!

The weather’s getting pretty chilly. This means no more library visits until it either warms up or I figure out the bus system. I continue to suffer from what they call “morning sickness”. Sometimes it sure feels like a drag, but then I have to remember that the sicker I feel the better chance I […]

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   Dec 09

Me again

I continue to wake up every day, eat, sleep, and read. My ability to eat a variety of foods is increasing, which is quite a relief indeed. I’m also happy to report that the nausea has eased off a bit. Waking up this morning I was surprised to see lots of snow on the hill […]

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   Dec 01

The Library

How come I didn’t think of this before?? I’m blogging (and checking email) from the library! It’s just a couple miles away from where we live now. I only get half an hour to use it, but that’s better than nothing!! So…what’s on the news? We went grocery shopping last night. I cannot believe how […]

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