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Good Stuff

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

I’m so happy! We’ve finally found a baby doctor :) Woohoo! My first appointment is on Tuesday.

We’ve also been hoping to find a more local neurologist. At the hospital Darren found in the doctor directory that there is a neurologist right here in Brattleboro. That’s very good news as I’m not a great fan of huge long drives—as would be the case if we keep our neurologist in New Hampshire! I have an appointment for January 23.

Today I walked to work with Darren. Before coming over here to the library I stopped in at the Retreat’s childcare center. The director wasn’t there, but I did get her number and will call sometime soon.

Well that’s my bit of news. :)


Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

To my surprise, Darren woke up four hours earlier than usual and told me he wanted to go shopping before work. Strange indeed!

We went to a thrift store, an auto parts store, and BOUGHT ME MATERNITY CLOTHES! Oh, and Darren got a new coat. He’s happy about his new groovy looking coat and I’m very very happy to have clothes that fit again. :D :D

So today is Tuesday. Do you know what that means? That means my dear Phippo arrives here!! I should be home cleaning up, but I felt like coming to the library for a bit. You know what’s odd…it took me half the time to walk here as it does to walk back. Weird, no?

Good news: the lady at the maternity clothes store told us about a good doctor in Brattleboro. :) I’m excited to check into that as soon as possible.

TTFN! I have to start walking home now.

It’s Getting Cold Out!

Monday, December 19th, 2005

The weather’s getting pretty chilly. This means no more library visits until it either warms up or I figure out the bus system.

I continue to suffer from what they call “morning sickness”. Sometimes it sure feels like a drag, but then I have to remember that the sicker I feel the better chance I have that my baby is doing well. My tummy is growing at what I consider to be an amazing rate. I’m experiencing the symptoms of someone four months along when I can’t be more than nine weeks along which is sort of curious. Darren likes to joke about us possibly having more than one.

The big news: Philip’s arriving tomorrow at 7pm! Pray for safe travel for him. Today I got the keys to his room and have cleaned up my place so that he wont think that I’m a slob! hehe. It’ll be super great to be able to hang out again. :D Let us hope that I’m feeling well during his visit.

Me again

Friday, December 9th, 2005

I continue to wake up every day, eat, sleep, and read.
My ability to eat a variety of foods is increasing, which is quite a relief indeed. I’m also happy to report that the nausea has eased off a bit.

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see lots of snow on the hill behind our house. Completely beautiful! At 9 o’clock the snowplow hadn’t cleared our driveway so everything was complete untouched. It’s tapered off now, which is good for me as I’m going to have to walk home in it.

Recent good news: Philip has got some interviews at Microsoft! He put his resume online and was contacted by a recruiter who quickly set him up with interviews! Very exciting for him. I believe that he’s in Seattle today having interviews. Hopefully he’ll write about that on his blog soon. :)

The Library

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

How come I didn’t think of this before?? I’m blogging (and checking email) from the library! It’s just a couple miles away from where we live now. I only get half an hour to use it, but that’s better than nothing!!

So…what’s on the news? We went grocery shopping last night. I cannot believe how expensive food is. It’s totally outrageous!!! Anyway, we’re well stocked for quite some time, I hope.

Yesterday was also my neurologist appointment. Between getting there, meeting with the doc, and coming back to Brattleboro we had a good portion of the day taken up. Which was ok, but taking that trip every other month and then every month will be quite the chore.

It’s back to New York again tomorrow night. As is becoming my routine, I’ll pack up the car that afternoon with laundry to be done and Heidi’s stuff. Then we’ll unload it all and I’ll spend Saturday doing laundry and have the car all packed up again by Saturday night. It’ll be lovely to see everyone in New York again. Darren’s thinking of making lasagna for fellowship meal.