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Me again

Friday, December 9th, 2005

I continue to wake up every day, eat, sleep, and read.
My ability to eat a variety of foods is increasing, which is quite a relief indeed. I’m also happy to report that the nausea has eased off a bit.

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see lots of snow on the hill behind our house. Completely beautiful! At 9 o’clock the snowplow hadn’t cleared our driveway so everything was complete untouched. It’s tapered off now, which is good for me as I’m going to have to walk home in it.

Recent good news: Philip has got some interviews at Microsoft! He put his resume online and was contacted by a recruiter who quickly set him up with interviews! Very exciting for him. I believe that he’s in Seattle today having interviews. Hopefully he’ll write about that on his blog soon. :)