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It’s Getting Cold Out!

Monday, December 19th, 2005

The weather’s getting pretty chilly. This means no more library visits until it either warms up or I figure out the bus system.

I continue to suffer from what they call “morning sickness”. Sometimes it sure feels like a drag, but then I have to remember that the sicker I feel the better chance I have that my baby is doing well. My tummy is growing at what I consider to be an amazing rate. I’m experiencing the symptoms of someone four months along when I can’t be more than nine weeks along which is sort of curious. Darren likes to joke about us possibly having more than one.

The big news: Philip’s arriving tomorrow at 7pm! Pray for safe travel for him. Today I got the keys to his room and have cleaned up my place so that he wont think that I’m a slob! hehe. It’ll be super great to be able to hang out again. :D Let us hope that I’m feeling well during his visit.