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Sorry So Sloppy

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, knowing what I want to say but not how to say it. I feel like we’re stuck in a decision making rut; we have some very important choices to make now but find nearly equal list of pros and cons on all issues. It’s terrible!

My pregnancy is at a pretty exciting stage. Four days ago I started feeling the baby moving. For about a month or so I’ve been feeling, “baby flutters” but none of those oh-that’s-his-foot-kicking-me sort of thing. I just really still can’t believe it’s me and that I have a little being inside my womb. Sometimes it nearly brings me to tears! Also my appetite has massively increased as have my seizure frequency. This morning I called the nurse practitioner to schedule an appointment to discuss bumping my medication up. When I talked to her on the phone she didn’t have my records on hand and asked how much I am currently on, she said that my level is already high and isn’t sure how much I should add.

One of our priorities right now is to find insurance that will cover my expenses. We would like to find maternity expenses such as ob visits, meetings with the neurologist and her nurse practitioner as well as my lab tests. It really is amazing how things can add up. What’s with that whole, “no pre-existing conditions” phobia that most insurance agencies seem to have?? Don’t people want to buy insurance because they have expensive problems like epilepsy? Today Darren went into work early to have a meeting regarding insurance through his work coving my expenses. Insurance begins for him in July, six days before our baby is due. If they can’t cover me, we might continue doing travel nursing and try to buy my medication through the manufacture. I’m so hoping that the Retreat will give us the insurance that we need! Darren’s contract here through the travel nursing agency is over in April which could mean moving for us if we can’t get what we need here. Although workable, that would be pretty hard on me.

Now if we do stay here, we would need to find a bigger place to live. Our having a dog doesn’t make things easier. Currently the nursing agency is paying for our apartment, which of course will end when Darren gets a permanent job.

What I want is for Darren to enjoy his work and not worry about money. From what he tells me, it sure seems like he does enjoy his work here but taking a permanent position would mean quite a bit of a pay drop. The big question: Is it worth it?

Right now we have to do our research and remember that God is in control. I wish that when Darren comes home tonight and tell me exactly what the right thing to do is and that there will be no question about it working out. But life’s not quite like that. We’ll just have to wait for the answers.

This Year’s Birthday Recap

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

This was my first year without my big, happy, birthday loving family. When Darren left for work the day before (10th) he told me that he might be late because work’s been really busy lately. I said ok, expecting him maybe an hour late. Twenty minutes later he called me to say that he’d been asked to work a double shift and had agreed to do it. Poor guy! Working 3pm to 7am sure seems impossible, but I guess people do.

I woke up at 7:30 to the smell of cooking. Darren made me a birthday meal! :D I was so surprised. He also bought a cake and brought me flowers. My dear Darren is indeed the sweetest. I’m thankful for every day we have together. I’m so excited to live my future with him and thank God for him every day. Thus begins another year.

Subject? Bit of everything.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Keeping a wedding planning blog was a lot easier than keeping a pregnancy blog. With my wedding planning (May – Sept.) all I had to do was write about the errands that I’d been running and the money I’d saved (we did pretty well, don’t ya think??). Now I’m pregnant and all that I have to write about is how I’m feeling.  I find it so boring to write about all my pregnancy ups and downs most of the time and would far rather read about other people’s lives and experiences.

I found out about my pregnancy early in November. The first two weeks after we found out about this new thing I just had completely crazy emotions and was totally exhausted.

The next couple of months I became picky about foods and threw up every morning and some afternoons from the nausea. The tiredness that I experienced in the beginning was gone so I got outside for fresh air every day and began trying pregnancy exercises and stretching more.

Roughly four months along now I’m still sure to do my yoga stretches every day as my muscles tend to get tight far more easily than before. It’s a weird feeling growing a belly. I’m already having trouble picking things up that are on the floor or reaching down to tie my shoes. Darren things it’s funny!

I’m hungry every two hours; hungry like can’t sleep through the night hungry! Thankfully the persnickety eating habits are gone so I can eat just about anything and be happy. Unfortunately, the tiredness is back. I could just sleep all day and actually let myself do that sometimes. Most days I just go ahead and take a couple hour nap and take the day easy. I try to be sure to have the house clean and dinner made for Darren each night. Even though he insists that I don’t have to make dinner or have the house clean I know that he appreciates it. So life goes on.

20 weeks

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006


Next Tuesday I get an ultrasound! Hopefully I’ll get to post some pictures of that on my blog.

I’m 21

Saturday, February 11th, 2006


Today’s the day that I turn 21! Twenty-one doesn’t sound so old as I had thought that it would.I don’t really know what to write, except to say that last year I had no idea that I’d be where I am now.

For my 20th birthday Darren, still living in New York, sent flowers to my work. The bouquet was wonderful! The card said, “To my best friend on her 20th. Darren.” Seven months later we were married. :D Choosing the wedding flowers I tried to recall the bouquet he sent me and incorporate some of the colors the girl at the flower shop had chosen for him.
Happy birthday to Sarah, my twin. She’s, of course, 21 today as well. For her birthday gift she gets to go to her first concert ever! She’s a bit wary of the upcoming event. Hopefully she’ll write a report of the experience on her blog.