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   May 30

Heating Up

It’s really starting to get warm outside! Right now it’s 70 degrees and just 8:30. It actually feels cooler inside than it did last night! Wowie. There are lots of big trees around our house so you’d think that it would be fairly cool in here, but not so…I actually keep the windows open all […]

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   May 29

34 Weeks

These pics were taken by Amanda Quite an a lot better than the pics I take in the mirror, huh?? The baby shower was lovely. Thank you all who came–We so appriciate all of your wonderful gifts and love! Diederick will be well dressed, no doubt about that!!

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   May 26

Keeping Occupied

I’ve been plagued with tiredness lately, and extreme thirst. Our land lady tells me that I should enjoy these few weeks before the baby comes by getting as much rest as I possibly can! I suppose she’s right, even so, it’s a bit bothersome as I am always thinking of all the other things I […]

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   May 22

Lovely Liddy

Check it out! Bidster has done more than I ever could :P This is her official first sewing project–looks like a success to me! Good job :D

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   May 18

Happy Birthday, Darren

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. He says that birthday’s are just another day for him, but I did notice him looking for birthday cards in the mail. :P His mom and dad sent a nice card. My in-laws told us to go out to dinner on them. We went to the best stake house in […]

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