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Heating Up

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

It’s really starting to get warm outside! Right now it’s 70 degrees and just 8:30. It actually feels cooler inside than it did last night! Wowie. There are lots of big trees around our house so you’d think that it would be fairly cool in here, but not so…I actually keep the windows open all of the time (hoping for a bit of breeze) and the doors open as well during the day. I bet before long I’ll be laughing at myself for saying that this is warm!

Just for comparison I checked the weather in Washington and found that it’s around 45 degrees now, that’s more like it! Darren thinks I’m silly for thinking that it’s way hot here, so I also checked North Dakota weather to see what it’s doing over there…a bit warmer than WA but not quite Brattleboro weather, 58 in Jamestown.

And that concludes my morning weather report! :D

Did everyone have a good Memorial Day? Mine was on the boring side…I wanted to go shopping but of course nothing was open!!

34 Weeks

Monday, May 29th, 2006

These pics were taken by Amanda

34 Weeks.JPG



Quite an a lot better than the pics I take in the mirror, huh??

The baby shower was lovely. Thank you all who came–We so appriciate all of your wonderful gifts and love! Diederick will be well dressed, no doubt about that!!

Keeping Occupied

Friday, May 26th, 2006

I’ve been plagued with tiredness lately, and extreme thirst. Our land lady tells me that I should enjoy these few weeks before the baby comes by getting as much rest as I possibly can! I suppose she’s right, even so, it’s a bit bothersome as I am always thinking of all the other things I could be doing. :(

My average day goes something like this…

Wake up at 5:30 to make Darren coffee. Go back to bed until 9. Wake up, have a cup of coffee and a bowl of grits. Around this time I do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, straighten up the living room and bedroom, vacuum, take Doggie for a walk, and decide what I want to make for dinner. Next I do my homework for the online class I’m taking. By this time I’m usually ready for a nap. Time usually goes by fairly quickly. Darren comes home between 3:30 and 4:30pm. I start dinner prep while Darren has his official relaxing time. Every other Wednesday I go to the OB and do laundry.

This week my OB visit went visit went really well. The nurse congratulated me on my moderate weight gain. :P I went up by four pounds since last visit, I guess that must be a good thing. The baby’s heart beat still sounds perfect and seems to be growing at a healthy rate (judging from the size of my belly). Other than that, the midwife gave me a hand out that she’d written on understanding labor and preparing for birthing. Next time we’re going to talk about writing up a birth plan and go over her suggestions for what I should be doing in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m officially 34 weeks now.

This is Darren’s weekend off. We’re planning to leave for Albany early tomorrow morning and stay over at a hotel that night so that we don’t have to do all the driving over again on Sunday.

Lovely Liddy

Monday, May 22nd, 2006


Check it out! Bidster has done more than I ever could :P This is her official first sewing project–looks like a success to me! Good job :D

Happy Birthday, Darren

Thursday, May 18th, 2006


Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. He says that birthday’s are just another day for him, but I did notice him looking for birthday cards in the mail. :P His mom and dad sent a nice card. My in-laws told us to go out to dinner on them. We went to the best stake house in town. Thank you, Dale and Cora! :D