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Another day

Friday, June 30th, 2006

I’ve developed a terrible habit of constantly organizing and straightening. It’s sort of the feeling one can get when packing for a long trip…afraid that something will get forgotten yet not quite sure what it is that would be so detrimental to leave behind. Although he hasn’t said so, I think that this slight case of paranoia which I’ve been experiencing is becoming annoying to Darren but I can’t seem to stop myself.Tomorrow I’m hoping to hop on the bus and spend some time down town window shopping, just to get out of the house for a while.

Today I had a neurologist appointment. The main subject of discussion was what should be done medication wise after the baby’s born. Apparently my levels will go way up and have to be brought down fairly quickly to avoid suffering overdosage which can be dangerous. I was given a prescription for Vitamin K. It’s prescribed to all patients on anti-convulsant medications during the last two to four weeks of pregnancy as some medications are known to cause hemorrhaging for the baby. The nurse practitioner also recommended that I add Zonegran to my Lamictal after Diederick is born. I was on Zonegran before Darren and I got married in September and thought that it was absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, there is no research done on pregnant women taking this medication. There’s only been testing on small rodents–in mice it terminates fetal growth almost immediately! That’s pretty bad. Since I have no idea when I may get pregnant again it seems most prudent to just forget about Zonegran and be content taking just the Lamictal. The benifits are out weighed by the risk, no question.

38 Weeks

Thursday, June 29th, 2006


Two weeks left

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Diederick’s due date is coming up! The days are going by so slowly, it’s unbelievable. Tomorrow is my 38 week mark.

Today at my o.b appointment the midwife said that I continue to do well and that Diederick sounds very healthy. She encouraged me to drink more water and get at least twenty minutes of walking in every day. We also talked about the proper way to push a baby out when the time comes. :P Seems like the difference between the right way and the wrong way is pretty subtle. My mom’s advice was to try to relax through the whole thing and to sleep during the beginning of labor so that I won’t be tired when it’s actually time for the work to start, that sounds good to me.

I continue to work on organizing the house. Seems that as soon as I think that I’ve got it all done I notice something else that could have a better place, or be neater. As far as clothes being organized and furniture in place I think I’m all good.

Humidity is still really high. A person can sit inside all day and hardly move around at all and still pour down sweat. Really crazy! The weather guy keeps saying that temperatures will go down, I’m still waiting for that to actually happen. Even when it’s raining–which it does every other day–it’s still around 80 degrees. We have one air conditioned room and boy am I thankful for it!

Yes, please!

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Early on in our engagement I went with my mom and a couple of sisters to meet with a lady who’d recently had a fabulous success planning a wedding for her daughter. She told us that if anyone offered to help with the wedding or reception never to say no. She claimed that I should have nothing to worry about aside from fitting into my dress and looking happy!

Today when Tammy and Hannah offered to come and stay with us after Diederick’s arrival I was reminded of her advice on accepting help. Ladies, I’d love to have your company!! Darren says that it’s ok, as long as he doesn’t have to share a bathroom with three women. That doesn’t seem that an unreasonable thing to ask. :P Perhaps I can work something out for us to have available the suite above Darren and my apartment, it’d be so much better than trying to find a decent hotel.

Getting Ready

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

On Saturday (yesterday) Darren and I went shopping and bought everything I could think of for Diederick. By the end of the day we’d spent $200 and got a dresser out of UHaul storage to put his new clothes in.

$200 really isn’t half bad for all that we bought (a Graco Pack n Play, a diaper pail, diapers, and the feeding and bathing supplies). I’ll wait until last minute to set up the Pack n Play as it’s going to go where Heidi’s bed currently is. Other than that, the idea is to get all situated this week then spend the following week doing house cleaning. I’m very prone to procrastination and certainly don’t want to fall into that all too common trap with baby preparations. With the wedding I at least had my wonderfully organized Mom to make sure that everything that we wanted to do actually got done. If that was a success, which I really do think it was, all the credit is due mainly in part to her efforts. Thanks, Mom!