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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Diederick’s pediatrician said that I should lay Diederick on his belly for a few minutes every day so that he can strengthen his neck muscles. Poor baby! He didn’t like it and kept looking at me as if to say, “Why are you doing this to me?? It’s not comfortable you know!”



Saturday, July 29th, 2006

T, Cadet, and Lyd are coming to stay with us!! They’ll be here August 21 thru August 28th.

That’s just a week, but it’ll be so so cool to see them again. :D :D :D :D How groovy is that?? Way groovy! :)

I’m so excited. :) We’d given up hope back when Dad found out that Cadety and Bidster are too young to travel alone. It works out now though because Teesey is taking time off work to go to California and will be able to leave from San Francisco after the visit with Grandpa and Grandma to come here. This is a perfect time for Cadet and Lyd because it’s right before they start school at the end of August. I don’t remember the exact date when school begins. :P

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the girls again…it’ll be uber cool. :) I think that I might cry when I see them, it’s been forever.

Then in September, around our anniversary, Darren’s mom and dad come from North Dakota to meet little Diederick! It’ll be great to see them again! Hopefully Darren and I can think of some interesting places to show them. Although we really haven’t done much sight-seeing ourselves since moving to Brattleboro so I don’t know if we’d be the greatest tour guides on earth. Oh well, if all else fails…staying home and visiting is nice too.


Friday, July 28th, 2006

The heat bothers Diederick so much that if I don’t keep him in the air conditioned room (our bedroom) he starts wheezing then crying! The books say that infants should spend at least half an hour every day outside…this just isn’t possible for my little guy. He eats, sleeps, plays and all those other baby in one room. Sometimes in the evening, when the temp drops below 80 I take him out into the living room or kitchen with me, not outside though. Poor fellow. I think that it’s mainly the humidity that gets to him.

more by daddy

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Darren wanted me to post more of the pictures that he took during those first 48 hours after Deeder’s birth.

My two youngest sisters have promised to create a scrapbook for Deeder, I hope that they’ll be able to use at least a couple of these.


Diederick on the warmer, just minutes after birth.


Being weighed and measured.6lbs, 13oz.


Diederick and his favorite nurse.


I love how he looks when he sleeps!


Me watching the nurse give Deeder his first bath.


I think his eyes look like Darren’s.


Diederick warming up after his first bath

A bath like that warrants a good long nap!


At the Birthing Center Diederick did nearly as much sleeping as he does at home!

Thank You for Your Help

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Tammy and Hannah came from Albany NY to stay with us this past week.

At first I had a really hard time staying in bed and sleeping during the day as I was told that I ought to do. By Friday I started to relax and was just so tired. That morning my sleep was so deep and it easily drifted into noon then when the shadows grew long I finally woke.

The girls went shopping for me and cooked meals to stock my freezer for a while.

Having them here was a comfort and I had that needed opportunity to spend with Deeder. He and I worked on learning to work as a team in the whole breast feeding venture, at the end of Tammy and Hannah’s stay I found myself feeling pretty confident.

Hannah brought her little boy, Ethan, who is 9 months older than my new little man. Ethan is already learning to walk, I wonder if Deeder’ll be as strong.

Darren got a few pictures of the two boys together, such a size difference. It’s hard to imagine my tiny little boy being the size of Hannah’s nearly toddler.

Thanks again, girls, I enjoyed the fellowship and sure appreciate the help you lent as well.