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   Sep 22

What we’ve been up to

Darren’s mom and dad left yesterday morning. I thought our visit went really well, I had fun anyway! :) We went on a scenic train ride through the Vermont mountains…pretty groovy! Darren and I would have taken the little girls, would we have known about it. Lyd loves trains and would have had a blast! […]

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   Sep 10

Happy Anniversary

Today’s our anniversary. Last night we went over all the things that have happened in the past year. Moves, jobs, and baby, etc. Where did we anticipate ourselves being a year after the wedding? I guess we really had no idea where we were going. Darren was thinking of taking a permanent job in NY […]

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   Sep 07

As close as I get to medical talk

On the 25th, my eight week check up at the ob, the midwife “warned” me that I may become pregnant again any time. She went on to tell me that I really ought to consider the available birth control methods. When I told her that Darren and I would love to have more kids she […]

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   Sep 05


Lyd posted some pictures on her blog that helped me remember how quickly time passes by people. I guess the same sentiments could be expressed by just about anyone who looks at pictures taken even just a couple years in the past. But for me, at this moment, it was helpful for putting things in […]

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   Sep 02

Get out!

Diederick and I are trying to get out more! We had so much fun while the girls were here that we’ve decided to seek out some friends so that we’ll have some friends to hang with. :) On Wednesday we went to a Mother and Baby group at the hospital. They meet weekly and have […]

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