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What we’ve been up to

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Darren’s mom and dad left yesterday morning. I thought our visit went really well, I had fun anyway! :) We went on a scenic train ride through the Vermont mountains…pretty groovy! Darren and I would have taken the little girls, would we have known about it. Lyd loves trains and would have had a blast!

Diederick could have been more social. He gave a few of his cute smiles and some of those baby “ah goo” sounds, but wouldn’t let anyone hold him for very long. Maybe next time he won’t mind being passed around, it’s probably just a baby thing.

Later on yesterday I took Diederick to his two month pediatrician visit. Guess how much he weighs! He’s doubled in birth weight and is in the 75% for his age. That’s my boy!

I really do think Diederick’s been more content lately, far less fussing time. He’s happy as long as he can see me, which is quite an improvement from requiring me to hold him all of the time. How are our night? On and off. The pediatrician said that he’s doing amazingly well considering his age. He’s got the day and nights figured out she said and just has to figure out how he likes to sleep and how frequently he wants to eat. She said that having him sleep in bed with me, while much easier than having him sleep in his own bed, is not acceptable. Bummer!

PS I’ll post pictures from the visit with Darren’s mom and dad soon.

Happy Anniversary

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Today’s our anniversary.

Last night we went over all the things that have happened in the past year. Moves, jobs, and baby, etc. Where did we anticipate ourselves being a year after the wedding? I guess we really had no idea where we were going. Darren was thinking of taking a permanent job in NY but still interested in doing travel nursing as he had in Oregon. We still haven’t decided where we want to be! All that mattered at the time is that we were in love and that we were together. Time’s flown, it really has, and being together is still all that matters.

I remember joking about how crazy it would be if we had a baby right away. And here we are, with a baby. :) We live in Vermont, in a town called Brattleboro. Who knew?

All in all God has blessed us, guided us, and provided for us. I hope we have many more happy years together

As close as I get to medical talk

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

On the 25th, my eight week check up at the ob, the midwife “warned” me that I may become pregnant again any time. She went on to tell me that I really ought to consider the available birth control methods. When I told her that Darren and I would love to have more kids she looked at me as if I were speaking as some kind of exceptionally uninformed and rather stupid person, “Are you aware that research shows that a woman’s body isn’t able to conceive again earlier than six months postpartum? I certainly hope that your neurologist will back up my recommendation that you begin taking The Pill.”

It’s actually tomorrow that we go to the neurologist. Well, not the neurologist, we’re going to see the neurologist’s nurse practitioner. Come to think of it, we’ve only met the neurologist once. Anyway, this is a special visit…I get to have an EEG. I’m rather looking forward to it! (more…)


Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Lyd posted some pictures on her blog that helped me remember how quickly time passes by people. I guess the same sentiments could be expressed by just about anyone who looks at pictures taken even just a couple years in the past. But for me, at this moment, it was helpful for putting things in perspective with my struggles with Diederick.

Each day when I wake up I wonder if it’ll be a good day or a bad day.

A good day is one where he cries only when he’s dirty or hungry then either plays happily or sleeps after his needs are met. On those days I can enjoy him during the day, and sleep at night. On those days he looks at me with his bright wide eyes and smiles (his latest new thing! :) ) I even imagine him laughing his smiles are so happy. :D

A bad day is when he is fussy and wants nothing more than to be held. On these days he sometimes cries all day. Whatever it is that’s making him so unhappy extends beyond having his tummy full and his diaper empty. Today was one of those bad days. Deeder woke up peacefully enough but after his first nursing he wet through his outfit and that was the beginning of his unhappiness! Of course I put something clean on him. But neither that nor anything else I tried to do for him throughout the day mattered at all. By the time for Darren to arrive home came around (11:30pm) I realized that I couldn’t remember what or when I ate last…no wonder my head felt swimmy and my hands were shaky!

I just wish I could eliminate the bad days! Boy that’d make life easier. Wouldn’t it be great if he were happy all the time? YES! Still life goes on, one day at a time. Eventually, good day or bad, he falls asleep and I ask God for tomorrow to be another day…one that Diederick and I can both enjoy.

I’m going to bed now. The “today” I’ve been talking about in this post was actually yesterday. Diederick is actually just now asleep in his own bed.

Get out!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

Diederick and I are trying to get out more! We had so much fun while the girls were here that we’ve decided to seek out some friends so that we’ll have some friends to hang with. :)

On Wednesday we went to a Mother and Baby group at the hospital. They meet weekly and have different guest speakers…sounds good to me! This week a lady came and taught us some songs to sing to/with our kids. Deeder slept through the whole thing, but I enjoyed it! There were about a dozen moms with babies from 18 months down to 4 weeks. Anyway, I’m glad that something like this is available and that it’s at a time of the day that Darren can take Diederick and I.